Friday, July 8, 2011

Organizing Rescue Me series excerpts in order

If you want to follow (in order) excerpts from my two August releases in the RESCUE ME series, here's a handy-dandy way (with links!). NOTE: Some of these scenes have been slightly revised to keep up with the latest versions of the manuscripts! As I begin final edits, I'll try to keep the latest manuscript versions posted in these excerpts (because they just keep getting better and better)! Enjoy!

From MASTERS AT ARMS (prequel to RESCUE ME series):
Adam and Karla's first meet (9 years before their romance)--guest blog
New Scene: Karla sees Adam without his shirt for the first time NEW!
Six-Sentence Sunday: Karla's Declaration NEW!
Six-Sentence Sunday: Savannah's Despair (WARNING: Very dark) NEW!
Damian to the Rescue (Contest at Review site: comment below the excerpt to win!) NEW!
Hot Teenaged Sex on the Beach (Damian and Savannah's story)
Ah, Shit. Not Again (Master Marc has an unwelcome visitor from the past) NEW!
Masters at Arms Published & Six Sunday (Master Marc "tortures" unwelcome visitor) NEW!
Master Marco? Oh, shit! (Master Marc gets a surprise night before joining Navy) NEW!
Capt. Montague (Master Adam) tells it like it is (Adam pulls Damian back from brink)
Cover Art for Masters at Arms (Karla and Damian meet during her audition)
Six-Sentence Sunday (Adam finds Karla auditioning in his sex club)

From NOBODY'S ANGEL (first novel in RESCUE ME trilogy):
Snippet from Prologue of Nobody's Angel (Marc and Angelina's first meet) revised!
Six-Sentence Sunday from prologue of Nobody's Angel (continuation of above snippet)
Luke gets back into the game (first menage scene for Luke-Angelina-Master Marc)
Luke, the reluctant hero (Luke-Angelina-Master Marc on drive to Denver)

Bookmark this page and check back later to keep up with revisions and new excerpts!

MASTERS AT ARMS is in final edits and on schedule to be released by the second week of August.

NOBODY'S ANGEL will be released in mid to late August. (It's at the editor's now and depends on how extensive the revisions will be!)

Kallypso Masters is working on a four-book series with MASTERS AT ARMS in early August 2011, NOBODY'S ANGEL in mid to late August 2011, NOBODY'S HERO in November 2011, and NOBODY'S PERFECT in February 2012. 
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  1. Wonderful Kally, love it. I am so excited to read your books.

  2. Kally now that is what will keep you warm on a cold night! I can't wait to read it thoroughly! All my best Kymberlee

  3. Thanks, Lisa and Kymberlee! Putting the finishing touches on it. Should be available within the week if the publishing sites are on the ball!