Thursday, June 30, 2011

Luke, the reluctant hero in Nobody's Angel

I have been remiss in introducing you to one of the heroes in my upcoming release, Nobody's Angel. You've met Master Marc and Angelina in previous blog posts. but things are going to be a little more complicated. Master Marc's little subbie-in-training will be pursuing his Search-and-Rescue partner, Luke Denton.

Luke's wife was killed in an avalanche seven years earlier. Angelina doesn't know it yet, but her father died trying to rescue Luke's wife. Luke knows he and his wife shouldn't have been hiking where they were and is riddled with guilt. Once he learns whose daughter she is, Luke tries to shut down his attraction to her. 

My inspiration for Luke was Gerard Butler (but with a Texas accent).Despite the leather pants in this photo, Luke is not into the BDSM lifestyle Marc loves.

In this scene, the three are heading to Denver, where Luke and Marc live. (I don't want to put a spoiler in here, but she needs to get away from home for a while without her family finding out what has happened--and they have a very strong alpha-male need to protect  her.)

You are reading Marc's thoughts here:

He looked down at her, watching her breasts jiggle in the opening of her blouse as the SUV bounced along. They were entering the metro limits, so she’d have to wake up soon anyway. He reached over and began stroking her thigh. She moaned in her sleep. His pene hardened.
“Mmmmmm” Angelina spread her thighs apart and let her head roll against the back of the seat. Her eyes remained closed. She appeared to be sleeping, but he’d guess she was faking. He knew one thing she couldn’t fake. His fingers glided along her velvety skin until he reached the curls covering her pussy.
Very good, pet. No panties.
Marc slid his middle finger between the folds and into her wet opening. She gasped as he entered her without hesitation. Dio, she was so wet for him. He withdrew his finger and encircled her clit. Her breathing grew more shallow and rapid.
“Who is touching you?”
“Marc.” Her eyes remained closed.
“Who?” His finger stopped its motion.
She grimaced in frustration. Her eyes opened and her sleepy gaze met his. “Sir.”
“Better. Tell me what you want, bella.”
“More what?”
“Marc, please.” Her frustration grew.
“What did you say?”
“Sir! You know what I need.”
“Of course, but I asked you to tell me, cara.”
Her groan tore at him, but she needed to learn to respond to his questions. He couldn’t read her mind—well, not all of the time.
“Touch me, Sir. Faster.”
“Touch you where, Amato.”
“My clit!”
He'd work on respect later. His finger resumed his ministrations, increasing the speed he massaged her clit. Her breathless panting and gattino mewling told him she approached the crest. She leaned back against the seat and tilted her pelvis upward to give him easier access. He slid two fingers inside her, positioning his thumb over her engorged clit. 
This seemed as good a time as any to spell out a few more house rules for exactly what he expected of Angelina this week.
“Ask permission to come, pet.”
She opened her eyes, which held the glazed look of a woman about to reach an orgasm. Confused, she asked, “What?”
“Beginning now, you will ask and receive permission to come, or you will be punished. Ask.”
“You’re kidding, right?”
“Wrong question.” He halted the motion of his fingers and thumb. “I assure you that I would never joke about something as important as my pet’s orgasms.”
She shrugged. “Okay. Sir, can I come?” 
He’d definitely have to work on her attitude. And her grammar. Why was it Americans slaughtered their own language? “May I come?” he corrected her.
“What!?” His finger remained still. She tried to move against him.
“Remain still.”
She surrendered with a sigh. “May I come?”
She looked over at Luke as if he would rescue her. Luke shrugged. “Sorry darlin'. That stuff’s between you two.”
She looked back at Marc and groaned, her frustration evident. “Sir, may I come? Now!”
“Are you asking sweetly or demanding?”
“Begging, actually. Dammit, Sir Marc, LET ME COME!!!”
Yes, she had a lot to learn about how to speak respectfully to him. “You’ll be punished for speaking to your dom in that tone.” Marc felt her vaginal muscles spasm around his fingers. He smiled. The thought of being disciplined aroused her, whether she fully accepted her nature as a submissive or not.
“Sir, please. I need to come! Please don’t bring me this close and leave me hanging.”
“You two are making it damned hard for me to keep this vehicle on the road,” Luke complained, his knuckles white as he held onto the steering wheel with a death grip.
Marc laughed, but his focus quickly returned to Angelina's training.
“When you obey, you’ll find your experience will be much more pleasurable.” Her request to come was far from where he wanted it. His fingers remained still.
She bit her lower lip, taking slow, deep breaths. He watched her breasts rise and fall. Lovely.
“Please, Sir, may I come?” she pleaded.
He smiled. Much better. With his free hand, he reached over and pinched her right nipple—hard. His fingers resumed pumping in and out of her vagina as his thumb rubbed her erect clit.
“Oh, yes!” She reached out to grab his and Luke’s shirt sleeves and hung on for dear life. Her pelvis bucked against his hand as she crested and then tumbled over the peak. “Yesssss! Mio Dio! I’m coming!”
Of course you are. I permitted it. He smiled as she flew apart for him.
When her quivering vagina settled down to sporadic spasms, she looked over at Marc and smiled. “Thank you, Sir.” After a short pause, she added, “May I have another?”
Mio Dio was right. Absolutely enchanting. Marc grinned, then leaned over and kissed her.

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  1. I liked this very much. I could see it play out behind my eyes and it was in colour. I look forward to the entire story in August. Keep up the good writing.


  2. I'll see if I can comment as anonymous.

    I loved this scene! And you wrote this scene in such a small intimate setting for them to be playing around while others are so close. I can imagine the scent of arousal drifting in the car. So sexy!

    Good job!

    Lani Rhea

  3. Wow way hot! great excerpt Kally!

  4. Whew! That is one well-written scene.

  5. tease! Love this and the waiting is, well....*Bows head and get's into submissive positon* more please and soon! ;-)

  6. Thanks, everyone! I smile every time I read that one. And Luke's frustration just makes me LOL.

    Lisa, it's off to the editor on Monday! I expect you'll have it in your hot little hands no later than mid August. But Masters at Arms should be out by early August--just to increase the teasing a little bit more. :)

  7. Holy hell girl. Good thing I'm in public! :) Love it!

  8. Thanks, Tami! Um, I probably should post a warning NOT to read certain excerpts in public places, shouldn't I?

    Nah. I think that makes them even more delicious. What it someone next to you can see what you're reading? Oh, my! Then there are the expressions on your face as you read. Yeah, reading erotic romance in public is definitely a GOOD thing!