Saturday, July 2, 2011

Commercials that would be banned in the US

This morning, a Facebook friend posted a banned commercial video on her wall and it led me to look for others. It's amazing how hot commercials are outside the puritanical United States. I think you'll get a kick out of all of them, too (or you probably wouldn't be on my blog!).

What's a little strip poker among friends?

(For a really hot read about a card game with highly erotic stakes, check out Cassandre Dayne's blog and her excerpt for Spankdown!)

What would you do if you woke up handcuffed to a woman’s bed?

Workout anyone?

One-upman/upwomanship at a sports bar.

Now for a commercial that's legal in the US--if you're 18 and older. Check out the Grand Opening celebration at the Naughty Romance Writers’ new Web site. Lots of great prizes! Sign up and you may win one of the many prizes being offered! Also check out more than 25 authors who are members of the group!

Don't miss tomorrow's Six-Sentence Sunday here, too! Wait until you hear what Master Adam says to snap Damian out of his post-Iraq depression. Master Adam does NOT mince words!


  1. These are fantastic. The one with the guy handcuffed to the bed is a riot! Love them all.

    You're right though -- they would never be aired in the US.

  2. Great blog Kally- love how you lead into the NRW blog- The viagara one always makes me chuckle
    Dawne P

  3. The Centrum commercial hit a little too close to home :-( Is that me writing my next sex scene?
    Love your blog BTW. This is my first visit.

  4. Thanks everyone! Welcome, Sondra! Hope you like some of the hot excerpts I've posted. Wait till you see tomorrow's! (Not for sex, but humor--although there is an erection involved.)

    Yeah, I'm a tease from way back!


  5. OMG - that's so wrong. I love it! You know my humor!

  6. I think these are great! Not sure why they were banned.... there's far racier stuff than that on the tube these days.