Saturday, July 23, 2011

Making Room for Karla (MASTERS AT ARMS)

This Six Sentence Sunday excerpt is a little later in the MASTERS AT ARMS prequel and follows two other scenes I have excerpted earlier in my blog. (First was this one during the audition, then this one.)

Master Adam (who looks just like Mark Harmon!) is disturbed to be feeling a sexual attraction to the "girl" he remembers as a 16-year-old runaway at the beginning of the MASTERS AT ARMS. But she's 25 now and has come to Denver to find him.

Damian has lived with Adam for several years and is a partner in the club. The two have formed a father-and-son bond while dealing with Damian's PTSD and his amputee rehab. But Damian has always called his former Marine captain "sir," until this inopportune moment.

In this scene, Karla just told Adam what's happened to bring her back to his life and has fallen asleep from exhaustion. Master Adam is carrying the sleeping Karla upstairs. You may recall, Damian was attracted to Karla, too, in the first excerpt above, but has backed off after finding out Adam has some kind of history with her. But he's not above teasing Adam about the attraction.

“Go back upstairs and move her things to the room next to mine.” Damián’s grin widened. His son thought he knew the reason for moving her so close to him when he’d intended originally for her to be as far away as possible.
“I need to keep an eye on her.”
“Sure. Let me know if I can help…Dad.”
Why had Damián chosen now of all times to remind him he was so fucking old?

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  1. Excellent six. I really love your work and the way you manage to make me want more every Sunday. This is going to be a super hot story.

    Love it.

  2. The plot thickens....can't wait to know more!

  3. Fantastic six and I want to read more!! lol


  4. sounds like things may get a bit twisted. Love it!

  5. You have such drama built into these scenes. Excellent.

  6. Damn Damian! Come on man. lol I loved it, Kally! Great six! I love your work as usual. Hugs!!! I can't wait to see next weeks six!

  7. Cheeky young'un. You needa put him in his place, Sir.

  8. Haha! Don't you just hate it when you kid knows you're horny? lol!

  9. Life is about to get even more complicated it seems...
    Love your six. But I have to say, my eyes kept wandering to the photos.

  10. I love older men. Nothing wrong with that! Ha!

  11. Sounds like there might be a few twists and turns coming

  12. I'm dying to know what will happen next. Great Six Piece.

  13. He may be getting older but he's not dead! Can't wait to see what happens to these characters next.

  14. Older is ALWAYS better, IMHO. They know where everything is and how it works. Unfortunately, Adam's conscience is gonna get in the way. But he won't be able to withstand the woman who loves him and isn't about to take no for an answer! (Their romance is actually in Nobody's Hero in November, though. This is just a little set-up in the prequel, Masters at Arms.)

    And Vivien, just wait till he sees Damian with Karla in one of the playrooms. He'll put him in his place, all right! "Mine!"