Friday, November 29, 2013

Cover Reveal, Virtual Signing Starts Today, and NOOK Giveaway!

UPDATE FROM AMAZON (Dec. 1)! The new 99-cent Masters at Arms & Nobody's Angel combo (books 1 and 2) and Nobody's Perfect (book 4) are back up with scaled down description. (Apparently words like rape, incest, and whipping are no-no's now. Nobody's Perfect's cover is STILL a problem because I've been slapped with the adult label. I'm going to remove the whip and see if that gets me past the censors. If not, then I'll add the skimpiest bra onto her back (or maybe a halter so as not to hide that beautiful back). But if that doesn't work, then I'm not going to move his hand off her butt. Sorry. That alone will sell books for anyone whose search engine can find them. 

See below for the "safe for Amazon and Kobo" cover that will be on the Kindle edition. Just added it below the cover that will go up everywhere else.

Here's the link to the 99-cent book at Amazon. Readers still can find the 99-cent combo with the first two books (as well as my other books) in mobi (Kindle), epub, and PDF versions at Smashwords and All Romance eBooks. I also just uploaded the combo to Apple yesterday for those using the Kindle app on the Apple devices, but it might be a week or more before it's live. At this time, Kobo hasn't approved the book there (even though I uploaded it last week).

Back to Kally's Originally Planned Blog 
(with some adjustments)

I know we just celebrated Thanksgiving here in the States, but I think Christmas came early for some good boys and girls around the world. Okay, maybe the Big Guy figured you all had better get something nice now because you've all been too naughty this year to expect much later. (It's always more fun being naughty--how can we resist?) 

Keep reading because this blog has FOUR major announcements you won't want to miss.

1. Somebody's Angel 
Cover Reveal 
(Except for Amazon & Kobo*)

HERE IT IS! Don't you just love my latest cover? Linda Lynn, my cover artist (who doesn't do covers for anyone but Kally!) really went all out on this one. She even recreated Nonna's Italian iron bed! (You know, the one used in the honor bondage scene in Nobody's Angel where she has to hold onto the headboard--or suffer the consequences.) 

You may recognize this couple as the same one used on the new "combo" e-book (and updated paperback) of Masters at Arms & Nobody's Angel. (See my Nov. 26 blog if you did miss it--more about that in a minute! Of course, see the news flash below, because I now have to change ALL of my Kindle covers on sale at Amazon.) But I will keep them on the versions sold everywhere but Amazon, because I love the way this couple gives continuity in covers for Marc and Angelina as they continue their  journey toward happily ever after (HEA). 

I really wanted to go with a plus-sized model, but stock photo places have so few of them and when I saw this pose from Jimmy Thomas's Romance Novel Covers site, I knew it set the tone I wanted for the book. But I had this problem before when I did Nobody's Angel, so in both books I talk more about her large breasts and big hips, which are hidden on both by sheets. (And this scene is in Angelina's little bungalow in Aspen Corners, but the cover on Nobody's Angel is in the playroom at Marc's house. Linda even changed the colors of the sheets on this one from white to red--and the sheer curtains on the other to red drapes! But seeing that bed come to life is the best!)

* This is the version going up on the Amazon and Kobo sites (to hopefully avoid adult filtering and censorship). But if you prefer the above one, you'll need to purchase the book in mobi formatt at All Romance eBooks or Smashwords, OR at Apple (for the Kindle app).

2. Upload Date 
for Somebody's Angel

Can you feel the upload date getting closer and closer? I CAN--provably because I still have a lot of changes to make to the story before I will let you see it! But my team and I are going to make every effort to get this book uploaded to Amazon's Kindle store and Barnes & Noble NOOK between Dec. 17 and Dec. 22. It may take a little while for them to finish their review and make it available given the holidays, but it will then go to the UK, AU, CA, and other stores as soon as Amazon sends it to them.

As most of you should know by now, I'm an indie author, so not only have I no control over release dates (meaning when the booksellers release it to you), but I also choose NOT to hold books up while I do marketing campaigns or send out ARCs to bloggers for early reviews. I rely on YOU ALL to spread the word about my books for me (and you always do!) and to post those early reviews, especially at Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads!  

Uploads to All Romance eBooks (ARe) and Smashwords are immediate and will be there by Christmas. I can't control how long it will take Apple and Kobo to approve them there, though. (Kobo still hasn't made live my new combo (uploaded a week ago). 

While Smashwords and All Romance eBooks will have the book available immediately and in all formats, most of you know it's my dream to make the New York Times list and under my own steam. Only sales at Amazon and B&N count toward that list so I'd like the books to be available there the first week. (After what happened at Amazon, though, I might change my mind.)   

Just don't expect any early surprises. This already is going to be a killer deadline to meet. But I still hold to the promise that Somebody's Angel will be available somewhere BY CHRISTMAS!

3. Virtual Signing of the 
My 3 Paperbacks Starts TODAY!

Because so many of you have asked for signed books for your own Christmas/holiday presents or to give to friends and family, I am doing a limited-time "virtual" signing. A virtual signing means you place your order for the book or books you want, tell us what name to sign each one to (and NAME ONLY, I will choose the inscriptions), and then I sign and Charlotte sends the book to you or to the place you want it to go. 

This one will be different than the one I did in February mainly because I'll have my personal assistant, Charlotte, handling all the orders and getting the books prepped (labeled with stickies as to whom to sign them to!) so that all I have to do is swoop in with my Ka-thunk pen in hand and SIGN. Leagh (who did a great job setting up the order form) was a huge help on handling orders last time, but the beauty of having Charlotte living nearby is that she'll also take care of mailing them! This means Kally won't lose writing time (because Cassie is already telling me I'd better be ready to write ASAP at least far enough into Nobody's Dream to get that man out of her cabin NOW).

I can't guarantee Christmas/holiday delivery (it ultimately will be up to the Post Office!), but those placing international and domestic orders by Dec. 1, I promise to do my best! If I have to order more books because demand was higher than anticipated, I will be signing in the order payment was received. (Please note that there are NO new paperback books with this signing since February--but they have new covers and will be in a matte finish from now on, which I think looks much more attractive. I do have some glossy first editions of Nobody's Perfect left, though, if you want one of those, just specify in the comments section of the order form. (While supplies last only!)

I'll accept orders through midnight (your time) Sunday, Dec. 15

And if you'd like any book or books to be gift wrapped in festive holiday paper with a simple to/from sticker label, please indicate so in the appropriate comment box on the form. (If you request gift wrapping, the To/From sticker will be "from" your first name and "to" the first name of the person the book was signed to, unless your comment box on the form indicates otherwise.)

Please use a separate order form/payment (all payments via PayPal) for EACH shipping destination. If you have questions, please contact Charlotte ( Thanks!

Each order shipped to a unique address will receive a FREE Kally Swag bag (two pens, a Masters Brat button/pin, bookmark, and trading cards).

4. NOOK Giveaway & 
Scavenger Hunt Questions

My thanks for Mayas Sanders for organizing an awesome 15-stop blog tour for me Tuesday and Wednesday of this week to announce the new 99-cent special combo e-book for Masters at Arms & Nobody's Angel (with an awesome new cover--although it seems to have gotten the book pulled at Amazon for being too hot).

The "How it Began" blog tour included excerpts with Marc and Angelina on their journey to Somebody's Angel (a refresher for those who don't have time to do a complete series re-read)!

As promised at each of those 15 stops, you'll find the answer to one question posed in the Rafflecopter below. ONE lucky winner (open to international entries--with the hope the NOOK translates to your country if it ships outside the US!) will be receiving the new NOOK GlowLight (the model just released a few weeks ago) as the grand prize. The grand prize winner, as well as EVERYONE who gets all 15 answers correct will be receiving a swag bag (pens, Masters Brat button, bookmarks, trading cards, and other goodies) and a hand fan. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, everyone, and thanks for participating in the scavenger hunt! Be sure to follow the blogs you visit and support them for helping me spread the word about my series and many other books! If any still have their contests open, sign up to win a free e-book in the Rescue Me series and some cool swag, including the above items at each stop!


  1. I love the cover Kally!! I can't wait till the new book comes out. I think i will pull out the first 4 (3) and reread (again) so my memory will be fresh for the new book. Thanks Kally for placing your brain on paper for us to look at!!!

  2. Thank you Kally for all the amazing stories! Look forward to decades more from you!! Good Luck Ladies!!

  3. Kally, the new cover is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful couple of course, and I love all the details, especially the heart design in the bed - so sweet!

    I don't know what Amazon's problem is. I've seen books with covers far racier than yours, and they're still for sale. I hate that I'll have to buy Somebody's Angel with a "safe" cover - so unfair!

    Anyway, I know I've said it before, but thanks so much for your wonderful writing and for bringing these fantastic characters to life for us!

  4. Love this contest, that was a lot of fun!

  5. It is a beautiful cover Kally. I just wish Amazon would get.there heads out of there butts and let us enjoy them. Thank you for your wonderful books and a fun scavenger hunt it was so much fun reading the senes you picked out.

  6. Thank you, I have lived reading your little snippets each day and I am going to go back and read all the book so I am ready for the new one. Thank you for your wonderful writing it does bring love and romance to so many.

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  10. The cover is beautiful! I purchased from B & N so I could have the cover.

  11. Amazing cover! Can't wait to discover more of Marc's secrets!

  12. Thanks, all! I've just updated the opening paragraph of the blog. Amazon got back to me and they're objecting to the DESCRIPTIONS of those two books, NOT the covers. No clue what words are problematic, but working on it! So, looks like the same cover will be available at ALL locations!



    1. But I'm still going to go "safe" with Amazon and Kobo and give them a different cover. I just posted the safe version below the version that goes everywhere else.

  13. Thank you for the scavenger hunt! I knew all but two answers without going to look but double checked them anyway! Love your books! They are my favorite series!

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    Great giveaway / contest.
    I hope I can have similar giveaway like this too.
    Hope everyone enjoy it. Good luck.


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  18. That is a beautiful cover of Marc and Angelina, Kally. This book has been worth the wait!

  19. Kally-- I wish you didn't have to deal with this mess with Amazon and your beautiful covers!

  20. Kally, I just noticed that Nobody's Perfect is back up on Amazon. I don't know what changed, but I'm glad it's back!

    1. Yes, it went up again late last night. Unfortunately, it has the adult filter on it, so I'm going to have to change the cover. I'll remove the whip. If that doesn't work, I'll put a skimpy bra on her. But I WILL NOT MOVE HIS HAND! That's the best part of the cover! If that's what it comes down to, then I'll go back with the original elements and say screw it. I'll just have to market harder to get the book in front of new readers.

  21. Even though I *think* my cover would get past the filter, I just can't take the chance. So I'm going with a "safe" version for Somebody's Angel with Amazon and Kobo. I just posted the safe version below the version that goes everywhere else. I think it's close enough that readers won't be confused. And unless something changes, I plan to put the original cover on my print books.


  22. At least it's still the same image. I was afraid we'd get stuck with some totally different image, something clean and safe and sanitized for our protection. I'm a little puzzled that the sheet covering Angelina, which was a brilliant and vibrant red before, now just seems to be empty black space...

  23. Cylver, it's black for contrast. The sheets are the same red as the "dress." lol So we made the dress black. (red and black are two of my favorite combinations, but I could have made the dress another dark color. Not white, tho, because of the white words.

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