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Nobody's Perfect Blog Tour Winners

I have the winners of the 
Nobody's Perfect Blog Tour!!!

Day 1~ RomFan
$10 Gift Card

Angela L

Day 2 ~ Salacious Reader
$10 Gift Card


Day 3 ~ Delighted Reader
$10 Gift Card

Susan W

Day 4~ My Reading Obsession
$10 Gift Card

Kim L

Day 5 ~ Herding Cats and Burning Soup
$10 Gift Card


Day 6 ~ Guilty Indulgence
$10 Gift Card


Grand Prize!
$200 Gift Card

Marika W

All winners have been notified via email. If you haven't gotten an email or have any questions please let me know at

Thank you to everyone who followed the tour!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kally is a New Gramma! (And not getting much work done!)

Meet Erik, Kally's Grandson (born Sept. 22)

My first grandchild, Erik, was a very good boy and waited for Gramma to get at least the first version of HER baby out before he made his appearance into the world Saturday morning. (Yes, there will be lots of hugs and kisses as his reward--as if I needed a reason to reward him.)

Here he is looking up at Gramma. I don't know if the communication is as clear in the still photo, but I can assure you he said, "I love you, Gramma," with his expressive eyes. :)

I just got home from visiting him again at the hospital (although Gramma has gotten herself worn down and has a sinus infection, so I couldn't hold him). But here he is with my son holding his son.

Cleaned-Up Version of Nobody's Perfect--Delayed

As you can imagine, I'm not going to get the cleaned-up version of Nobody's Perfect uploaded this weekend. That also means a delay for the All Romance eBooks and Kobo versions and in sending out review copies. The positive side of being banished from holding Erik, though, is that I'll probably get a little more done in the next couple days while I down lots of OJ and echinacea Ricola.

At the EARLIEST, the new version will be available Wednesday, but I'll be sure to post an announcement here and on Facebook and Twitter when the new files go live at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They'll be on Smashwords first, of course, just as soon as I finish making revisions. I'll include directions for getting new versions at each place in that announcement.

At this point in the editing, the Prologue has been improved (more active voice), but the action remains the same. The biggest changed I'm aware of needing is to a scene in Chapter 12 that will be made safer by using a St. Andrew's cross and a posture collar. (I changed something I shouldn't have and led to a safety issue, and some readers noticed a couple of the editing issues with that scene, as well.)

Buy Links for Nobody's Perfect

The buy links won't change. For the currently available original version of Nobody's Perfect,  as well as the revised one later this week, go to AmazonSmashwords, and Barnes & Noble

Thanks for your ongoing patience, everyone! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blog Tour for Nobody's Perfect! (Thanks, Leagh!)

Buy Links for Nobody's Perfect

Nobody's Perfect is now available at AmazonSmashwords, and Barnes & Noble. We are working on fixing the typos that are always in the early editions and will upload cleaner copies on about the 22nd. At that time, we'll also publish it to Kobo and All Romance eBooks AND send out blogger review complimentary copies. Thanks for your patience, everyone! (The photo below makes me think of Savannah at the beginning of her new life.)

Perfect Blog Tour (Sept. 17-22)

My awesome assistant, Leagh (see my tribute below) organized a fabulous blog tour (on top of last Friday's amazing Release Weekend party). The Perfect Blog Tour (Sept. 17-22) is under way already and will make stops at the SIX  erotic locations below

The kickoff blog post at RomFan was written by Ekatarina "Saya" Sayanova, a submissive who shared a very personal story about her experience reading the scene I'm sharing in the five excerpts that follow. You'll want to read them in order (just like the books in my series!)!

Here is the lineup--and prizes for each blog will drawn the day AFTER the blog is posted at that site, so don't dally too long. Get those entries in fast!

Sept 17 ~ RomFan
Sept 18 ~ Salacious Reads
Sept 19 ~ Delighted Reader
Sept 20 ~ My Reading Obsession
Sept 21 ~ Herding Cats and Burning Soup
Sept 22 ~ Guilty Indulgence 

There also will be some great daily giveaways EACH day of the tour (Sept. 17-22). Winners will get my swag items (purple Kallypso pen, trading cards for first three books, two bookmarks, and an autographed "Eyes on Me" hand fan. (Leagh, I promise to send those this week!) AND there will be a $10 Gift Card to the online bookseller of your choice (selected from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance eBooks). In addition to that, there will be another a $200 Gift Card grand prize to one of the above-mentioned booksellers at the end of the tour. 

HUGE thank you to Leagh!

I just want to take a moment to thank Leagh, my assistant. OMG, when she told me she was planning a party for the release weekend, I had NO IDEA what she had in mind. Then she wanted to do another Perfect Book Tour. (You may remember the Imperfect Book Tour in June, which Leagh planned before I announced that the book wasn't going to be released at the end of it. I must provide an incredible amount of stress for this woman!) 

Leagh is a powerhouse and does she ever know this business. I am so blessed that she found me. (I posted this plea on Facebook earlier this year: "I NEED AN ASSISTANT!" She and several other readers and personal assistants sent me offers to help, but I was so overwhelmed with my sister's hospitalization/surgery and trying to keep afloat with family, promo, and writing that I didn't have time to even look at anyone's credentials, services, and fees. 

Over the next couple of months, I noticed Leagh popping up on my Facebook wall--cheering me on, sharing my photos/links, and being supportive. When I learned that being a personal assistant was her dream job, that sealed the deal. I love being a part of someone reaching their dreams. 

So, in early March, I sent her a message that probably just said "You're hired!" I hadn't looked at anything she'd ever done before (she'd done a lot as a volunteer, as she learned the business) and she started proposing this and that--street team, newsletter, web site--I hadn't had time to do any of those things in my first 7-8 months of publication. If you weren't on Facebook, you probably didn't find me. I just said, "Do it." And boy, did she ever! Within that first month, she also helped get my trading cards, business cards, and bookmarks ordered so I'd be ready for Romantic Times in early April.

I know how exhausting the past week has been for her (and I'm not her only client now after talking her up to all my author friends), so I hope she gets some down time soon. 

Leagh, I'm so glad you decided to pursue your dream AND that you found me!

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Release Weekend Party Winners!!!


Giveway #1
Rescue Me Book by Kallypso Masters, Swag, and $10 Gift Card

Lindsay A

Giveaway #2
Joey W Hill Book


Givaway #3
Copy of Breaking Through by Teresa Reasor

Stacy L
Shannon O
Lisa O
Taryn R
June M

Giveaway #4
Ebook by Lexi Blake

Stacey P

Giveaway #5
Countermeasure Set by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey

Mayas S

Giveaway #6
Ebook by Eliza Gayle

Mariah O

Submissive Beauty Swag Pack

Annette C

Giveaway #7
Ebook by Bianca Sommerland

Kristal S

Giveaway #8
One of the two Virgin books by Shayla Black or any other book on backlist\


Giveaway #9
Copy of Reaction Time by Alannah Lynne

Shelley G
Lisa W

Copy of Last Call by Alannah Lynne

Nicole W
Heather E

Giveaway #10
Any Rescue Me Book, swag, $25 Gift Card, Evil Stick

Kimberly H

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us! All winners have been notified by email. If you have not received an email please email me at

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Release Weekend Party ~ Giveaway #10 ~ Final Chance to Win!!!

UPDATE Sept. 17 (8:45 p.m. EDT): Nobody's Perfect is now available at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. We are working on fixing the typos that are always in the early editions and will upload cleaner copies on about the 20th. At that time, we'll also publish it to Kobo and All Romance eBooks AND send out blogger review complimentary copies. Thanks for your patience, everyone! 

Wow! I've only had time to take a glance at all the postings today, but just WOW! I'm sure you are all off trying to catch up on all the great books you've discovered at my party. (Surely there are SOME you haven't read yet.) So, that should keep you satisfied for a couple days while I continue to clean up my baby, Nobody's Perfect.

I so can't wait to come back next week (when I can breathe, I hope) and read all the comments. I can't believe how many there are--thanks for showing my guests such hospitality while I was away! Well, yes, I can, because the notifications have been filling my e-mail box, as well.

And I'm sure the comments you've left for me will warm my heart and probably even make me cry a few tears. (Joey Hill mentioned one who said she just wanted to make sure she stayed ALIVE until Nobody's Perfect came out. Wow!!! HANG ON, HON! Hopefully long AFTER it's released. Oh, did you all see that Master Adam did a drive-by in the comment I posted on Joey Hill's blog post. Go back and check it out. Typical Master Adam.) 

Remember, everyone, to enter any or all of today's giveaways, YOU HAVE TO FILL OUT THE RAFFLECOPTER FORM AT EACH POSTING. (Sorry for the shouts, but I'm afraid some will just comment and think they're entered. I think all of us authors LOVE your comments, but I don't want you to miss out. You have until 1 a.m. EDT Sunday to enter each Rafflecopter contest--including all the additional ways to get more entries, so don't miss out!

So, you think the Release Party ends now? Hell, no! My lovely assistant, Leagh (who is amazing, is she not?), is sending me off on a  Perfect Blog Tour next week (Sept. 17-22) to SIX  erotic (no, that isn't a typo) locations. We'll keep this post available to you, and will put the specific blog post URLs in the list below when available, but these links will get you to the main pages of each of the blogs, and then you'll just have a look around to find where I'm hanging out.

The kickoff blog post is one by Ekatarina "Saya" Sayanova, the submissive I told you about in my #1 Giveaway welcome blog today. Saya will share a very personal experience that resulted from her experience reading the scene I'll be sharing in the five excerpts that follow her blog in the blog tour. 

And there also will be some great daily giveaways. In addition to my swag
 (purple Kallypso pen, trading cards, bookmarks, and an autographed "Eyes on Me" hand fan--as soon as I sign and send more to Leagh), for each day of the tour (Sept. 17-22), there also will be a $10 Gift Card to the online bookseller of your choice (selected from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance eBooks). In addition to that, as I did on the ImPerfect Blog Tour in June (you remember, the one that didn't actually end with a book being released--big miscalculation), there is a $200 Gift Card grand prize to one of the above-mentioned booksellers for one commenter throughout the tour. 

Here is the lineup--and prizes for each blog will drawn the day AFTER the blog is posted at that site, so don't dally too long. Get those entries in fast!

Sept 17 ~ RomFan
Sept 18 ~ Salacious Reads
Sept 19 ~ Delighted Reader
Sept 20 ~ My Reading Obsession
Sept 21 ~ Herding Cats and Burning Soup
Sept 22 ~ Guilty Indulgence 

With all the books you learned about today, you're going to need the gift certificates! (NOTE: The Rafflecopter form below is NOT for the Blog Tour giveaways, but for the one described below. 


For your first chance to win, fill out the Rafflecopter below. (You will need to fill out a new form at EACH of the posts today for all chances to win.)

(While I *love* to read comments and welcome them--THE WINNER WILL ONLY BE CHOSEN FROM ENTRIES TO THE FORM!)

To end things today I have a special gift package for one of my readers. I am offering one randomly drawn winner a copy of any Rescue Me book (including this one or a future one), swag (pen, trading cards, bookmarks, and an autographed hand fan), and a $25 Gift Certificate for a bookseller of your choice (chosen from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance eBooks).

Oh, and one more special prize--one of these titanium rod and wood "evil sticks." It has a purple heart at the end. Master Damian will be using it in Nobody's Perfect, so you'll find out how it's used properly. It was made by Toymaker on FetLife who has been a major help to me in bringing the healing BDSM scenes in this book to you with much more realism. (Warning--he teared up reading at least one of them, so stock up on tissues!) Now, his sub uses her sticks to poke Doms at play parties. But she's a brat like that. :)

To enter, please fill out the Rafflecopter below. THIS drawing is open internationally. (Please watch for details in each specific drawing, especially those involving prizes other than e-books, to see if international entries are included.)

Thank you to everyone who is celebrating with me!

Note from Leagh:

I wanted to personally thank each and every one of you who have helped make this day extra special for Kally and I. This party feels like my baby and I am so happy that you all had a good time. I know I did. So....THANK YOU!!!

Be sure to head back through if you missed any posts today, all giveaways are open until midnight CST tomorrow night. I will be contacting winners next week. 


Release Weekend Party ~ Alannah Lynne ~ Giveaway #9

Next we have Alannah Lynne here with an excerpt from her upcoming release LAST CALL.Welcome Alannah!

Gavin McLeod is a man who has it all. His corporate climb has positioned him as the next CEO at Holden Enterprises. He’s financially stable, allowing him to provide for the grandfather who raised him, and his successful seduction of the sexy bartender last night proves his private life is also on fire. Until the alluring woman in his arms turns out to be a serious road-block to his future. One that could bring everything he's worked for crashing down around him. 

Sunny Black has spent her entire life tending to the needs of others, caring for her younger brother since she was ten, and serving bar patrons night after night. For the first time in years, she thinks of herself and gives in to her body’s demands, taking a trip to the wild side with a customer whose raw sexuality is too strong to deny. The next morning, however, she learns that in addition to rocking her world, the stranger might cause it to crumble. 

A game of sexual seduction and corporate chess ensues, with neither Gavin nor Sunny realizing the ending could come in the form of a permanent check-mate.


Gavin took a step closer, then paused, gauging her reaction. When Sunny didn’t back away, he took another step. And another. Caught in the grips of his simmering stare, her skin tingled, her panties dampened, and her breasts grew heavy.

The warmth of his body and the spicy scent of his aftershave pulled her to him like a magnet. When she was close enough to see the individual whiskers of his five o’clock shadow, she realized how far forward she’d swayed. She tensed, forcing the forward momentum to halt, then stepped back until she bumped the counter with her butt.

His sapphire eyes turned to midnight as the pupils dilated. His throat worked, and his nostrils flared. He closed the distance between them and rested his palms against the counter at her sides, boxing her in. Even though he wasn’t touching her, his body heat mixed with hers, and the temperature in the room rose twenty degrees. Her palms grew sweaty and perspiration popped out on her neck and forehead.

Could anything be more unattractive? She reached under his arm and slid the top of the beer cooler open. As a rush of cool air swept over her, she sighed with relief.

She could tell from his grin and the glint in his eyes that she amused him, but that only lasted for a moment. The humor quickly slipped away, and the sultry heat returned. He dipped his head and drew in a deep breath. “You smell good. Like strawberries.” He nuzzled her neck, then nibbled her ear.

The awkward nervousness she’d been feeling gave way to hammering excitement. She’d always wanted a wild ride with a man like him, or what she suspected he might be like. Her body recognized this was her chance, and it responded with a resounding all systems go.

As adrenaline and excitement rippled through her body, she started to tremble. She tightened her muscles so the shaking wouldn’t be obvious, but he noticed anyway and pushed back to give her space.

He studied her face, then looked down at her breasts. As hard and painful as her nipples were, they had to be visible through the fabric of her halter-top, and she fought the urge to cross her arms to cover herself. He made a soft, appreciative sound before flipping his gaze to her face.

“For a minute I thought I’d frightened you.” His voice was low and husky. “But you’re not scared, are you?”

She pressed her hand against the side of his face and stroked the sharp ridge of his cheekbone with her thumb. “No. If anything, I’m afraid of my strong reaction to you.”

But she sure as hell wasn’t going to let a little fear stop her from getting on this ride. Slowly, suggestively, she tilted her head to the side, giving Gavin access to her neck.

He didn’t move any closer, or press himself against her, but his arms tightened and his body tensed. She heard him swallow; then warm breath and soft lips brushed her neck. His touch sent cold chills racing down her spine, and her internal temperature soared.

He nipped her ear, then kissed a trail down her neck and across her collar bone. His teeth scraped the nipple necklace, sending a vibration rippling along the chain to her nipples. “This thing is hot as hell.”

Another nip and a slight tug had her breath coming in short, shallow gasps and her body arching forward.

“Do you have to fight men off every night?” He pulled back and studied her face while waiting for her response. She didn’t understand why, but her answer seemed more important to him than if they were just making preforeplay small talk.

She was tempted to straight up lie because the truth was so embarrassing. But rather than making up a wild tale, she held his gaze and shook her head. “No. I haven’t been with anyone in over three years.”

He blinked once. Twice. A third time. “Why the hell not?”

He sounded outraged on her behalf, and she couldn’t help but laugh. “Between work and raising Robby, I haven’t had time.”

His eyebrows pulled tight and the muscle in his jaw twitched. Curiosity shimmered in his eyes, and he didn’t seem to be breathing. “Why make time for me?”

Snared in his gaze, she didn’t even think about lying this time. “I don’t know. Something about you is different.” She lifted a shoulder and smiled. “I decided I deserved a one-night fling.”

For a split second, his mouth pulled tight; then it relaxed and he smiled. “I’ll take that as a compliment.” He edged closer and, with his mouth hovering over hers, said, “And a huge responsibility. I’ll do everything in my power to make it worth your time. Especially since I only get one shot.”

Alannah has generously offered up an amazing giveaway. Make sure to fill out the Rafflecopter below to be entered. 

Release Weekend Party ~ Shayla Black ~ Giveaway #8

Next we have NY Times Best Selling Author Shayla Black! Welcome Shayla and thank you so much for being here today.

“Happy Release Day Kallypso! Thank you so much for inviting me here to celebrate with you! Your books are so wonderful and I am thrilled to be here to help you see “Nobody’s Perfect” off to a fabulous start! It was a fabulous all day party here with everyone else! As you know, Lexi Blake and I released the third “Master’s of Menage” book earlier this week, “Their Virgin Concubine” and since we know how much you and your readers love hot Dominant Alpha males, the kind with good toys, I thought I would bring you a special sneak peek at one of our Sheikh and his Concubine in the playroom!


Every word that came from his mouth was a promise of dark pleasures. She was a little afraid, but refused to walk away. “I want to try this, Talib.”

“There is no trying. Yes or no.”

Piper drew in a shaky breath, hoping she could handle him. But really, she had no choice. Deep down, she trusted that he would never truly harm her physically. Knowing that, she could put her body in his hands and hope that his heart followed. “Yes.”

“Then take off your clothing. You aren’t allowed to be dressed in my dungeon. You will fold your clothing, come back, and present yourself to me. Slave pose, but with your arms locked behind your back.”

Piper stood, feeling awkward and ungainly. It wasn’t easy to get up. Tal’s hand came out to steady her. “Thank you, Sir.”

His face was like perfectly sculpted granite. “I expect you to practice. You will practice every day until you can rise with exquisite grace. Your grace speaks much about your Master.”

She flushed, embarrassment flooding her. “I’m klutzy.”

“But capable of learning, Piper. Now remove your clothing and present yourself to me.”

Her shaking fingers went to the buttons on her blouse. He watched her every move with dark eyes that missed nothing. She was caught between apprehension and anticipation as she carefully folded the blouse, then pushed the skirt to her hips.

“Slowly. This is a show for your Master. It is a delicious reveal of what you’re offering me, and I can either accept or reject it.”

It. He was talking about her body. He was talking about her heart.

She slowed, her hands skimming down her body as pushed the light skirt past her hips. The minute he forced her to slow her movements, she became aware of what she really was doing—and her effect on him. This was a dance for her Master. Maybe she didn’t have to be good at it yet. She only had to show him all she offered.

She turned to him, letting him see her body. It wasn’t something to hide. Her body was his. It didn’t matter what he felt now. Maybe he was only looking for sex. Piper suddenly realized that she couldn’t control Tal’s heart. She could only do this, offer him everything she had. She loved him. She admitted to herself that she’d probably loved him even when he was just a name on a computer screen. Those months of computer exchanges had bonded her to him. Deep inside him, that man existed, and she couldn’t let him go without a fight. But the only heart she controlled was her own.

Tears pricked her eyes. Deep inside her soul, she could hear Rafe and Kade whispering to her as they did when they had made love. They’d promised her they loved her. They told her she was lovely. Her heart was a worthwhile gift, and Tal was a worthwhile man. The whole sheikh thing, she’d decided, wasn’t everything it was cracked up to be. She’d watched as Talib gave and gave to the people around him while they just asked for more. He might have everything money could buy…except life’s treasures that were free but priceless, like moments of pure respite with a woman who would give all to him whenever he wished.

She folded her skirt, grateful for once that she was wearing the frilly underwear Rafe had bought for her. The white lace clung to her curves, and she could practically feel Tal’s eyes rake her as she bent over. She slipped off her sandals and added them to the neat pile.

“Next time you will wear heels. I know my brother bought you some. He has perfect taste. He knows what will look good on you when you wear nothing but the shoes.” Tal’s voice had gone deep. “Your answer is always, ‘yes, Sir.’”

“Yes, Sir.” She couldn’t help but see that he’d relaxed. He might not even realize it, but his shoulders had softened and his eyes were filled with that languid darkness she now associated with Tal and pleasure.

“Finish the job I gave you.” He leaned against one of the dark columns that dominated the room, just waiting for her to take off the rest of her clothes. “Show me.”

The bra had a front clasp. She was grateful for that. Rafe had made it very easy for her to unsnap it, but she let her hand trail down first, breathing softly, allowing his eyes take it all in. She cupped her breasts, thinking about the way Kade would palm her, rubbing his thumb over her nipple, getting it hard and ripe for his mouth. She let the pads of her fingers gently skim her nipples before finding the clasp. The lacy bra came undone and her breasts bounced free.

She’d always thought she was a little too chunky, but she felt different with Talib’s eyes on her.

“The underwear now. Your pussy belongs to me. I don’t like you hiding it. I know my brothers have a thing for silky lingerie, but when you’re with me, you will not wear it. That pussy will be bare, ready for my use whenever I wish it. I will be able to raise your skirts and fuck you anytime, anywhere. Do you understand me?”

She knew the answer he expected. “Yes, Sir.”

Hooking her fingers under the waistband of her undies, she slid them down.

She placed them on the pile and stood, waiting for his approval.

Tal stared for a moment, then he straightened, closing the space between them. “You seem to have picked up a few tricks, Pandora. You’re not as charmingly graceless as you seemed just days before.” He stopped mere inches from her. “Turn around. Place your hands on the seat of the spanking bench. I want your ass high in the air. Arch your back.”

She did as he asked, leaning over and trying to find a good position.

“Spread your legs wider. Never try to keep me out.”

He was behind her, his feet between her legs, forcing them farther apart. Her legs were spread wide, leaving her pussy on full display. She could feel cool air on her hot flesh. Tal’s hand traced the line of her spine.

“This is how you present yourself to me. When I ask you to greet me, you sink into your slave pose. When you present yourself to me, you will find the nearest flat surface and take this position.”

Piper closed her eyes. She knew what she must look like to him. Wanton. Ready. Her pussy was begging to be filled with cock. His.

“Are you wet for me, concubine?” His hand was close. He was right at the base of her spine. Any minute he would find the valley of her ass and his fingers would go past it, straight to her pussy. She wanted more there than just a few fingers, but she was aching. She would take anything.

A loud smack cracked through the room and the skin of her backside exploded with a sweet heat. She couldn’t help but gasp at the sensation of his hand spanking her ass.

“Answer me.”

“Yes, Sir.” Days ago she would have been too embarrassed, but now she understood. There was no place for shame in a loving relationship. Her pussy was sopping, desperate for his touch. She could admit everything to him. “I’m so wet.”

Another smack, this one to the other cheek, spreading out the erotic pain. “Don’t ever lie to me in this room. This is my room. No one but the two of us exists in this room. I might share you with my brothers everywhere else, but here you belong only to me. Now get on your knees. Greet me. Show me what you’ve learned.”

She pushed herself off the bench and turned. Every nerve ending under her skin was alive. She sank to her knees, the cold marble hitting her flesh. She remembered what she’d seen and spread her legs wide. There were several variations of the slave pose. Tal had asked her to place her hands behind her back, thrusting her breasts out. Threading her fingers together, she spread her knees wide so her pussy was on display.

Tal stood before her. She stared at his ridiculously expensive shoes. She could feel the heat of his body, but for a moment, he didn’t move. Then his hand cupped her head, fingers sinking in. “I want to feel your mouth, concubine. Take me deep. Swallow me down.”

His hands went to the fly of his trousers, working rapidly to unleash his cock. He pushed them down, the slacks hitting the floor. He wasn’t wearing briefs. His cock bobbed, the large plum-shaped head pointing toward her.

She didn’t bother to bring her hands to him. She was pretty sure that would get her spanked, and she wanted to taste Talib. His hands pulled her head forward.

“I will to teach you how to suck my cock. Lick the head. Run your tongue all over it.” He took his cock in hand and pointed it toward her. It teased her lips, his salty masculine flavor hinting at what was to come.

She peeked her tongue out, licking at the tiny slit. A pearl of fluid pooled there. Lapping it up, she swallowed, glorying in the deep groan that erupted from his chest. She’d done that to him. Before he’d been angry, every muscle in his body a study in tension. Now he was tense, but for another reason altogether, and she was pretty sure he wasn’t thinking about business or his kingdom. He was focused on her.

Primal instinct took over, leading her to suck the entire head of his cock into her mouth. Even that bit filled her.

“Yes. Good. You’ll have to practice.” He moved his hips. Little thrusts that gained ground with each twist. “Your sweet mouth is very small, but before long you’ll take every inch of my cock. Oh, my concubine, I’m going to fill every fucking hole you have. Your mouth, your pussy, your ass. In this room, they are all mine. When you enter this space, you’re my slave. Take more.”

He pressed in, forcing her jaw open. Her lips curled around the thick stalk. Her tongue played around the ridge where the head gave way to his long shaft. Smooth. The skin covering his cock was like warm velvet, her tongue moving over the rock-hard flesh underneath. She was lost in the sensation, smooth against hard, submission yielding to dominance. It was a sexy little game Tal liked to play. She was the one on her knees, following his commands, but she’d never felt more in control. This was her choice, to give him exactly what he needed.

He pulled out of her mouth abruptly. “I don’t wish to come yet. That hot mouth of yours won’t win this time. Stay in position. You want to be my slave, you’ll have to dress the part.”

His feet echoed across the marble floors as he kicked off his pants and shoes, discarded his shirt and made for the jewelry case she’d been looking at before. Piper turned, watching his muscled backside. He hadn’t bothered folding his own clothes, tossing them aside while hers were neatly arranged. He moved briskly, opening drawers and pulling out items.

Abruptly, he turned, meeting her curious gaze with a censuring stare. A frown crossed his face. “I told you not to move.”

Yikes. She’d wanted to watch him. She’d been mesmerized by the way he moved, and she’d forgotten he’d given her a very direct order. A flush of embarrassment went through her and she turned back around, taking up her previous position, eyes on the floor.

“It won’t work. Present yourself for punishment.” His voice was a low growl that managed to both scare her and arouse her.

She got to her feet, her muscles shaking. He was right. She would have to practice. After only a few minutes in slave pose, she was sore and a bit stiff. She was almost relieved to move back to the spanking bench. Leaning over, she made sure her backside was high in the air, her legs spread wide. This was what Tal wanted, and she was surprised to find herself sinking into the role. He needed this to take him away from the stresses of his life, but she was finding respite, too. Suddenly she wasn’t worried about what might happen tomorrow or the day after. She simply felt, allowing herself to drift whichever way Talib took her.

“Do you know what happens to bad slaves?” Tal asked, his hand on her cheek, cupping her softly.

“They get punished.”

“No. They get tortured.” His hand landed on her ass, but she was ready for it. She knew it would hurt at first before the pain sank in and throbbed its way to pleasure. She gripped the plush leather of the bench under her as Tal slapped her ass. Once, twice, three times he spanked, moving his hand all over her flesh, spreading out the pain and heat. Again and again until he’d reached twenty and tears pricked her eyes.

“Stay in position, Piper. What do you say to me now? Do you want to leave? Do you want to run to my brothers and their tender care? They will cosset you, treat you with the gentlest of touches while I will always want this. What do you say now?”

This was her test. He’d pushed her, thinking she would break, would run right back to Rafe and Kade, and then he would have exactly what he wanted. She wasn’t stupid. He wanted her in a nice safe box where he could have sex with her, but he never had to really give anything of himself. She had no doubt he would come to her bed, but without this core piece of his soul, anything between them would be a simple, friendly exchange. Piper wanted—needed—more.

Rafe and Kade gave her acceptance and affection, taught her things about herself, about love and sex and intimacy. They were tender yet manly in their own ways. But she was rapidly discovering she wanted the sheer dominance only Talib could provide.

“I love you, Talib al Mussad. In this room, I belong only to you, my sheikh, my Master.”

To add to the “Nobody’s Perfect” birthday party I would be thrilled to give away to a winner of your choosing one of the first two Virgin books, or any other book in my backlist of their choosing! Just fill out the Rafflecopter below to be entered. Happy release Day again Kally! ~Hugs~ Shayla

Release Weekend Party ~ Bianca Sommerland ~ Giveaway #7

Now we have Bianca Sommerland. Bianca is here today with a little advice and she has included a rated 18+ excerpt from her upcoming release BREAKAWAY. 

Welcome Bianca!

I’d like to start off right away with a HAPPY RELEASE WEEKEND, Kally! Thank you so much for inviting me to be part of your special day. And yes, I brought booze! ;)

My post today is brought to you by the color grey. It’s in this year, ya know! <g> I won’t go much into any specific book. But I will give you a few tips on:

What not to read if . . . 

This was going to be a spiel about what books you should avoid if Fifty Shades of Grey was a bit too much for you—or what books to snatch up if it wasn’t nearly enough—but then I got to thinking. It’s all about taste, right? So I figured I’d share my opinion of what books might not be a good fit for people with certain tastes. Kinda like telling someone who hates garlic to avoid the Tzatziki. 

So here are 5 books that might not suit you:

5. Let’s start off with something simple. If you don’t like cowboys, dirty talking, and raunchy, panty-drip inducing sex, you should probably avoid Lorelei James’ Rough Rider series. Those books won’t get you squirming, and the thrilling rodeo scenes will bore you to tears. Keep away!

4. Rock stars creep you out. Seriously, if you ever caught one eying you with that hot I-want-to-use-my-KISS-length-tongue-on-you-all-night-long look, you’d scream and reach for the pepper spray. The idea of a man writing songs for you ranks right up there with pap smears in allure. I would say The Sinners on Tour by Oliviav Cunning is not for you.

3. Sure, it’s fiction, but reading about a man kidnapping you, tying you up, and spending days stripping you down emotionally makes you dry up so much even if the bastard was really hot, he might as well be sticking his dick in a tube lined with sandpaper. Enjoy that, you sick freak! Non-con, as far as your concerned, has as much appeal as being in a threesome with Shrek and Donkey. Avoid anything by Kitty Thomas or you’ll be scarred for life. **note** And PLEASE do not read my Deadly Captive books!

2. Strong, dominant men, and private clubs, and toys and tools and erotic torture . . . if you’re already cringing, and don’t know who Cherise Sinclair is, keep it that way. I should issue a very strong warning with this one. Once she pulls you in, you won’t get away. Many have tried. And failed.

And the number one spot—since it’s her special day—goes to our very own Kallypso Masters’ books in the Rescue Me series. Military men with a special bond and a knack for all kinds of kink. Women who’ve lived through hell and maintain the strength to teach emotional wounded soldiers how to love again. None of that interests you? Well then . . .

Are you lost?

Hope you enjoyed the post and got enough info to steer clear of books that may traumatize you!

And for a little treat, here’s a book, coming out soon, that you should avoid if you don’t like hockey players and man-love. Seriously. Step away from the screen!

Exclusive Excerpt from BREAKAWAY 
(The Dartmouth Cobras #3) 
*Rated 18+

Sebastian used his fingertips to explore Luke's face, the golden stubble on his jaw uneven in a way that made him seem a wild thing. The soft, barely there curls on his chest showing how young he still was. He grazed his teeth over Luke's ribs. Power surged through him as Luke hissed in a breath and bucked his hips. He flipped Luke over and pressed down between his shoulder blades to stop him from twisting around.

"How is your back?" He braced one hand between Luke's shoulder blades and rose up enough to feel the tight muscles, spotted with dark bruises where Luke had been hit. "I expect you to tell me if the pain becomes unpleasant."

Luke groaned and buried his face in the pillows as Sebastian carefully massaged around the worst of the bruises. "Ugh, that feels good. Don't hurt much anymore. Can't be half as bad as your ribs. Did you get them checked?"

"Your concern is touching." Sebastian kissed the nape of Luke's neck, slowly breathing in the clean scent of soap, a hint of musk and sweat. He stroked down Luke's side, over his hip, then up again. Worked his fingers into muscles wrought with tension. Going slow while relaxing his hold. Giving Luke a chance to adjust to being touched by him. Waiting for him to become aware that he wasn't being forced to accept the attentions of another man. A dominant man. To understand that he had finally submitted.

A shudder went through the solid body beneath him and he could practically taste Luke's fear as a fine sheen of cold sweat covered his skin. He rose up as Luke panted and rolled him onto his back. "Stretch your arms over your head. I don't want them in my way."

Luke swallowed and nodded. He lifted his arms and squeezed his eyes shut.

"No. You will look at me." Sebastian waited until Luke opened his eyes. Stared into them as he moved down. "Don't pretend you are with someone else. Someone who it is not wrong to let do these things to you. I am the one touching you. Tasting you. I am the only one who will until you understand that you belong to me."

"Fuck." Luke trembled and made a rough sound in his throat. "Fuck, Sebastian, what are you doing to me? I still can't believe—"

"Believe it." Sebastian let his breath tease the swollen head of Luke's cock and smiled. "As for what I am doing? Whatever I please, semental. And you've no desire to stop me."


His fingers bit into Luke's thighs as he took his throbbing dick between his lips and arched his neck so the feverishly hot head hit the back of his throat.

"No!" Luke arched his back and groaned. "I should—"

"I will tell you what you should do." Sebastian held Luke down as he teased the pulsing veins along his length with his tongue. "Don't think about what is right or wrong. Feel what I am doing to you. You have no choice but to accept it."

"I already have." Luke tossed his head. His back bowed and he moaned as Sebastian sucked his length between his lips once again. "I had a choice though. And I made it."

"Good." Sebastian cupped Luke's balls, enjoying the weight of them in his hand, all too aware of what it meant for Luke to allow him to handle the most vulnerable parts of him. Not only physically, but mentally. Emotionally. He fisted his hand around the base of Luke's cock, increasing the pressure as he ran his tongue over the bead of precum at the tip. "I was willing to let you go, but not anymore."

"Don't ever make decisions like that for me again, Sebastian. God!" Luke let out a sound half between a roar and a scream, like an animal in exquisite pain. He came deep in Sebastian's throat, trembling with each hot spurt. And then he went still and turned his head, staring at the wall. "Don't fucking give up on me. I know I'll give you plenty of reasons to, but just . . . just don't, okay?"

Sebastian nodded slowly as he stretched out on the bed behind Luke, pulling him tight against his chest. He spoke softly, barely a whisper, his lips brushing against Luke's throat. "I won't give up on you. I will be here as long as you need me."

Luke nodded and settled into his arms, likely exhausted from the game as well as what had taken place between them. Sebastian knew very well most of what he'd said came from a pleasure induced haze, but he wouldn't worry about that now. He would hold on to tonight, and hope not too much changed in the morning. Or in the days to come.

Anything more was beyond his control.

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Release Weekend Party ~ Eliza Gayle ~ Giveaway #6

Welcome to Eliza Gayle!

First I need to give a huge congrats to Kally for finishing this latest book in her exciting series. I follow her on facebook and feel like, through her posts, I’ve experienced everything she has gone through as she wrote this book. So big HUGE crazy big congrats on your new release.

I too am under some very strict writing deadlines at the moment as well as some personal life stress so my time has been limited on social media. While working on one project a little birdie (i.e. some super supportive author friends) got me to thinking about a different project with a twist. Wasn’t that as clear as mud? Hehe That’s right I have been working on a super sexy secret project that has to get done in a matter of weeks. Without giving too much away I’ll give you a hint. We’re all going back to Purgatory and not in the way you think. ;)

And speaking of Purgatory…

One of my very favorite Purgatory scenes doesn’t actually take place in the Purgatory series. It’s in Power Play, which is technically the Pleasure Playground series. Okay that sentence just made me laugh. Leave it to me to link nearly every single BDSM romance I’ve written to the Purgatory Club.

Ready for a taste of my favorite Purgatory scene? Enjoy this snippet from Power Play and then come visit me on facebook at or my website at, where I hope to keep everyone informed about what’s happening with the new book. (Cover reveal is coming very soon)


Jennifer gulped for air. She’d never intended for things to get this far when she’d left the building after work today without letting him know. Her original idea had been to go home, have a really strong drink and then stare at the television until she got her head on straight. Instead, she’d started to analyze everything Daegan had ever said to her. Looking for clues to his deceit. She’d needed to find a reason not to trust him. When she’d gotten to the point she wanted to pull her hair out and scream in frustration, she’d grabbed her keys and purse and headed out for a drive.

Instead of the open road she’d thought of, she’d found herself in the crowded parking lot of Purgatory. Immediately the lure of the sights and smells of leather and sweat flashed through her memories, leaving her helpless to resist the call of pain. Like an endorphin junkie, she’d convinced herself in minutes that one little session on the cross wouldn’t hurt. She didn’t even have to take off her clothes. There was nothing wrong with that. It wasn’t even a sexual thing.

Oh how she’d lied out her ass.

Cool air brushed across her heated skin, bringing her thoughts back to the situation at hand. Her pussy throbbed in anticipation. Until she remembered the look in his eyes. The disappointment he’d shown her despite the anger laced in his words.

“Why are you here, Jennifer?” he asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Lie.” A sharp smack landed on her ass. Bright pain bloomed across her backside. Tears sprang to her eyes. That wasn’t a flogger. He had a crop.

“Why are you here?” he repeated.

“I—I—needed some time to think.”

Another smack landed on her right cheek. “That’s not why you are here. Why are you here in the club, strapped to a cross?”

She started to process.

“Don’t embarrass yourself with another lie. You don’t have to come to a club to think. Why are you here?”

She swallowed, her hands tightening on her restraints. He was going to force her to admit everything in front of an audience. “I was looking for a brief escape. I thought about the pain…”

She jerked and went up on her toes when his evil crop landed on her left cheek. Another slap of leather, and her ass began to feel like it was on fire.

“The last I checked, you and I were in the midst of an agreement. Is that incorrect?”

“Yes. I mean no. It’s not incorrect,” she admitted.

“And you assumed coming to a club unescorted and without permission would be permissible?”

“I—It wasn’t—”

Another sharp, fiery sensation streaked across her buttocks.

“Answer the question.”

“No, Sir,” she whispered.

“Much better.” He rubbed the fiery stripes on her ass with the rough palm of his hand. “I’d call that act of defiance one of extreme disrespect, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes, Sir.” Several blows landed on her backside. She whimpered and cried out for each strike. It hurt like fucking hell, but with each touch of that little piece of leather, something loosened inside her. He was disciplining her. All she had to do to make it stop was say her safe word. She trusted Daegan to stop immediately if she did. She never came close to uttering it. Instead, each swat made her feel better. This was what he wanted from her at the moment, and she needed to submit to it. Something dark and heavy inside her unraveled and began to fade. The further she slipped under his will, the easier the pain became.

“This discipline is what you came for isn’t it? You didn’t think you could get what you needed from me so you came here.” The deep tone of his voice unnerved her.

“I didn’t know,” she cried.

“And that, my love, is called topping from the bottom.” He threw the crop against the wall, and she watched it bounce and land on the floor.

I hope you enjoyed the snippet. Eliza has generously offered two prizes so be sure to fill out the Rfflecopter below to enter.

Release Weekend Party ~ Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey ~ Giveaway #5

Here to talk about Music are Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey  Authors of the Countermeasure Series. 

Music Takes You Higher

While running through Kally’s Facebook page, we noticed readers and fans posting music—a song, an album—that reminded them of a person or an event that took place in her stories. We, too, experience similar discussions and posts with our readers and seeing that interaction brought to light an important part of the creative process. 
To us, music is not just entertainment. Music carries a strong influence on our writing. Sometimes, listening to a song can bring to surface entire sequences of events to mind. For example, a song flowed out of the speakers one morning while Cecilia was driving to work and caught her attention. The words, the emotions it evoked flashed an entire scene into her mind. As soon as she could get to her computer, she laid down the draft and later that day we discussed it, improved on the original idea born from that song. That scene became a critical fight scene in Countermeasure.
We have playlists for every story as well as each character we create. We use that as a tool to get us “in the mood” and under the character’s skin. Each type of scene requires a different mood and corresponding soundtrack. Each playlist has the exact emotional match for our plot lines so that it emphasizes characteristics and thoughts of a character or pace of the scene itself. If we are struggling with getting a scene just right, listening to a song gives us a flash of inspiration, a direction.
Cecilia and I are both audiophiles and collect music of all genres. Aside from using music as productivity tool, we also use the playlists to differentiate the medium in which we write. Being role players means we switch characters from time to time. We might be writing storylines for a paranormal character one day and for our contemporary techno thriller the next. In order not to confuse them, we have specific playlists for each set of characters which helps us stay in character and not mix them up.
As you can see, as with readers, music plays a very important part in our writing, one we have embraced and made work in our advantage. The result is clearly experienced through the many scenes inspired by those songs and we hope to continue the trend on our future releases in 2012 and 2013.
Chris & Cecilia

Writing had touched Chris Almeida’s and Cecilia Aubrey’s lives in different ways through the years but had never taken flight. It was in 2010, when Chris and Cecilia met and began role-playing online as a hobby, that writing placed itself front and center in their lives.
Chris and Cecilia have since chosen to release all their titles independently. They have several short stories and two novels published under their own label, Éire Publishing, and are vocal supporters of independent publishing done right. They are currently working on the third novel in their series. Through all the chaos and laughter, they still hold true to their roots, bringing their favorite role-play characters and stories to life.
You can find out more about them on their author and series websites:



In the second novel of the COUNTERMEASURE SERIES, Trevor and Cassandra Bauer are starting a new life across the pond where they continue their search for Trevor's parent while he still works as an NSA consultant. When George Miller, his best friend, comes across what looks to be a new piece of information on his parents' case, they embark on a new adventure following a digital trail to Saint Petersburg.
They are encumbered with the task of infiltrating a Russia Mafia's stronghold and recovering stolen files in exchange for that new clue. As they dive in the job, Trevor becomes bound to a Russian mafia crime lord. What started as a simple data file recovery turns into a dangerous game of cat and mouse deep in a world of betrayal, hidden identities, and secret agendas.
Cassandra will do anything to keep Trevor safe. When everything goes FUBAR and she finds herself on the run, her sole focus is finding Trevor even it if means she has to depend on those who might not have their best interests at heart.
Stephan Connelan, Brennan Enterprises' CEO and Trevor's Parents' friend, has fought his desire for Jessica Forrester since the day they met at Trevor and Cassandra's wedding. Events in his past stop him from giving in to temptation, a temptation that would cause them both regret and hurt. But how long can he resist something so powerful as his attraction for the little vixen who has crowded his thoughts for months.
Jessica knows what she wants. Their age difference won't stop her from having the man of her dreams. She is determined to find a way to reach the heart he has locked away behind high walls. Little does she know that her greatest obstacle is Stephan himself.

Chapter 19 - Excerpt:
As each camera was set and turned on, their images began displaying on the screen and the feeds were automatically saved to their external hard drive. They were also motion activated, transmitting data only when activity was detected. That meant they could run the surveillance for hours on end without running out of disk space.

Cassandra became lost in the flow of activity and jumped slightly when she heard Trevor's devious chuckle ripple through the connection. "Damn it, Trevor. I know that laugh. What the hell are you up to?!"

"What?! Can't a guy have a little bit of fun on the job?" His voice held a rasp of excitement.

"Why is it that when you say 'fun' I hear 'trouble'?"

His voice held a hurtful tone. "No faith, whatsoever, in my skills."

She guffawed. "Yeah, yeah."

"Okay. About to set last camera."

Trevor checked to be sure that the coast was clear before he left the cover of the trees and sprinted for the sidewalk across from the park. He hugged the wall as he pulled the last camera from his pack. Staying out of view of the security camera he'd spied earlier atop the gate's side pillar, he used the intricate design of the wrought iron gate as a ladder to reach the camera. Its location was ideal to record the faces and license plates of cars arriving at the gates, and its angle prevented any peripheral activity from being recorded. Eejits made it too easy.

At the top, he swung a leg over the rounded edge of the gate, balancing himself to keep from falling on his face as he reached from behind for the encased camera with both hands. He carefully attached their micro-camera and battery pack to the top front edge of the casing.

His voice was hushed and cartoonish: "Oh, grandmother, what big eyes you have! The better to see you with...."

Cassandra's snort of laughter traveled over the audio link.

"Oh, you liked that, didn't you?"

"Just because I laugh at your jokes, doesn't mean they're good, you know." Her voice oozed disdain and he could picture her rolling her eyes.

He kept tabs on the surrounding area as he adjusted the position of the micro-camera. He switched it on and gave Cassandra the last signal.

 "Let me know if this one has a good angle."

After a few moments, her voice exploded over the link. 

"What the hell?! That is from pretty high up. Really good view, but really high up! How the hell did you accomplish that one, Trevor? Hold on a second. Where are you right now?!"

"Setting the cameras?" He feigned innocence.

"Get your ass out of there on the double!" Anxiety bled through her words.

Her fear beat at him. He sobered immediately. 

"I'm on my way down; I'll be out of here in no time, Cassie."

Trevor swung his leg back over the gate. Suddenly a deep growl blasted his ears and a heavy weight slammed against the fence, knocking him from his perch. 

"Umpf!" he exclaimed as he hit the sidewalk. Pain seared through his entire body. His vision dimmed and ears grew muffled as he exhaled in shallow breaths to ease the radiating agony. The low menacing growls and barks from at least two dogs penetrated his haze. Move your arse, man! he grimaced to himself, rolling instinctively up against the wall into the cover of shadows. Sucking in a deep shaky breath, he held his position and tried to regroup.

"Trevor! Report!" Cassie's frantic voice demanded in his ear.

Winded, he couldn't squeeze out the words to comfort her. A commotion inside the gate forced him to press tighter against the wall, hoping his dark clothing would help as additional camouflage.

"Trevor! Report. Now!"

"Here!" he gasped out with a groan.

A voice behind the wall yelled. Trevor smirked. The guard blamed the dogs' barking on a stray cat.
Someone else cursed at the dogs to shut up.

"I would like that, too, thank you very much!" Trevor mumbled to himself as he completed an internal assessment. The pain was fading and, although nothing seemed to be broken, he had landed on his back and on the small toolkit box in his backpack. That's going to smart in the morning. Confident he hadn't blown his cover since he wasn't kissing shoes or facing gun muzzles, he finally responded to Cassie's frantic requests.

"I'm okay. Just sore. All cameras placed. I'm heading back."

"If you think you can just scare the crap out of me and walk home like nothing happened you are very wrong, mister." Cassie's voice, although steady, was now seething with anger. "What the hell happened out there, Trevor!?"

Trevor checked his surroundings, crawled closer to the gate, and popped his head around the corner of the wall to check the house. Again, loud growls echoed in his ears and the gate shook under the weight of a body butting up against it. The dogs were right in his face, doing what they were trained to do—guard the property.

"Dogs, Cassie...big dogs happened."He pushed to his feet and leaned back against the wall. Concern worried at his heart and, to avoid leading a possible tail directly to Cassandra, he decided to take the longest route back.

He headed in the opposite direction from which he had arrived. "ETA, seventeen minutes."

Cassandra immediately picked up on the change of plans. "Why seventeen? Why not the twelve it took on the original route?"
She was like one of the freaking dogs behind the gate chasing him for answers. He sighed. 

"It's all okay, Cassie. Just taking a different route back. I will explain when I get there."

Cassandra continued to badger him. 

"Oh, damn straight you will! What the hell were you thinking, climbing the fence to plant the camera up there?" She interjected, "Mind you, it was truly brilliant, but that's not the point! You can't let yourself get carried away and lose perspective of the goal here, Trevor!" Her implication left an ache in his chest.

"It was just the perfect location to get the shots we need of both the people and license plates of cars arriving at the mansion," he commented quietly as he briskly walked around the block and to the street that would lead him to the bridge and back to Cassandra. The risk had been great, but Trevor didn't regret a minute of it. It was a necessary one to get what they needed. Still smarting from the fall, he limped, listening to the concern and anxiety coloring Cassandra's voice as she ranted about how reckless he had been and how she was going to kick his ass when he got there.

The connection had gone quiet as he approached the building and he wondered what it would take to get back on her good side and out of the doghouse. Entering the code, he limped up the stairs and entered the apartment. Cassandra stood right at the door, her flushed cheeks a clear sign of her anger toward him at the moment.

"What the fuck, Trevor?"

As those words hung in the air, his thoughts narrowed to her, her flushed face, the anxiety in her tone, and the pulse beating out of control at the base of her throat. Without a word, he kicked the door shut, dropped the pack to the floor, and roughly hauled her into his arms, seizing her mouth in a hot, searing kiss.

Cassandra's stomach churned. Her throat was so tight she could barely breathe, let alone speak. Her anger was directed both at Trevor for taking risks and at herself for knowing the risks—handling the risks—and still dying inside each time he did. How had she ever let him have so much control over her heart? It was as if he'd chipped away the ice and nursed the flames that now engulfed it.

A part of her wanted to grab him and hold on tight, happy he was back in one piece. But the part of her ruled by anger twisted in his arms, trying to push him away, unwilling to set aside the emotions that ate at her. Her efforts were thwarted by his tight hold, the press of his body against hers, and his relentless kiss determined to conquer her anger.

Under his assault, her struggles subsided and she sagged with a sigh of relief at having him back safe in her arms. Soon, it was washed away in a flood of desperation fed by the last couple of hours filled with pent-up worry and an overwhelming need to feel every inch of Trevor's body against hers.

Cassandra returned his demanding kiss with one of her own, pulling at his jacket and searching for the zipper until her groping fingers landed on metal. She quickly unzipped it and pushed it open, desperate to touch him. 

She groaned at the feel of his heat beneath her hands before sliding them up and pushing the jacket off his shoulders. Trevor held the kiss, sucking at her lips and tongue while shrugging the jacket off.
Their tongues continued to dance as her hands pulled the turtleneck from Trevor's waistband and slid underneath it, brushing up along his chest, loving the feel of his skin hard and quivering under her touch.

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