Sunday, December 22, 2013

Somebody's Angel is LIVE on Amazon and Barnes & Noble NOOK! $500 GC Giveaway Contest Continues!

Christmas Came Early!!!

Somebody's Angel
is available NOW!!

Yes, I've already shed some tears after hearing that news tonight! 

It's like having a baby, I'm TELLIN' ya!

This is the same wording as the newsletter I sent earlier today, 

but didn't want to miss anyone who doesn't subscribe!

These stores have the book available now (UPDATE: Just added ARe on Christmas Eve):

Barnes & Noble NOOK:

All Romance eBooks:

Here's the B&N and ARe cover:

Look for this cover at Amazon Stores 

(but the sexy one will be in the back of the book in a special section!)!

Please note that in order to avoid ANY issues with Amazon marking my book with an "adult" filter, I went with a "safe" version of the cover. Those who buy the book from Amazon, though, you can find ALL of my sexy covers in the back of your book in a special new gallery (including the original of Nobody's Perfect where Damian still has his whip)!

Amazon UK

Amazon Canada:

Amazon Australia:

And at ALL other Amazon stores!

Coming the week of Dec. 29 to:
Libiro (a new seller of indie books only)

Important Info for Apple Purchasers and iPads users!!!
There are some problems with the NOOK and Kindle apps on the iPad. The Kindle one removes all of the italics. Trust me, you do NOT want to try and read this or ANY Kallypso Masters book without italics to show flashbacks, foreign phrases, and more!!! And the NOOK app messes up the links within the document.

SO, for the best experience on an Apple device,

For those wanting to PURCHASE from Apple iTunes, it might not be there until mid to late January at best. I can't predict when Apple will approve it for sale because they have a SLOWWWWW review process. If this is any indication, I uploaded the 99-cent version of Masters at Arms & Nobody's Angel--the new "combo" version that eventually will replace Nobody's Angel as a single $3.99 book--on the US Thanksgiving Day Nov. 28 and it's STILL in review. AND Apple iTunes is closed for uploading until Dec. 28, so I can't even get the process started until then!)

So, I suggest that my Apple iTunes purchasers who can't wait a month or two use one of the other booksellers and e-mail/load it to your iBooks account. All Romance eBooks offers it in mobi, epub, and PDF. The new bookseller Libiro has epub and PDF. See above publication dates for those.

Will Somebody's Angel Be
My First New York Times Bestseller?

It's Up to YOU now!

As many of you know, it's a long-time dream of mine to make the NYT list. I had given up on it for this book when I was trying to get it out mid-week last week, but when things all conspired against me for meeting that deadline and it became clear Sunday was the earliest we could upload, the hope revived. ONLY sales at Amazon and at B&N NOOK will count toward my reaching the numbers needed to achieve this lofty goal. I fell short with Nobody's Perfect (although with that one, I made the USA Today list for the first time, so I was thrilled anyway)!

Thank you, readers, for all your support and patience! If you know you'll be downloading this book some day soon, I'd appreciate it if you'd purchase this week so I can totally shoot up that list--or at the very least MAKE the list!

I'll report back in January! (They will be counting sales from Dec. 22 to Dec. 28!)

$500 Gift Card Giveaway Dec. 31!
If you haven't checked out the Somebody's Angel Blog Tour yet (with 23 unique blog postings where Kally reveals secets about herself and her books) go to this site and follow the 23 links BY DEC. 30 to be safe. Postings were made from Dec. 11-23 and not only are we giving away $5 GCs at each blog stop, but your entries also put you in the drawing for the Grand Prize of a $500 GC! The more entries you have (look for the Rafflecopter for how to get entries), the better your chance to win!

Watch for an announcement about a New Year's Eve party (Events)
on Facebook where we will announce the winners of the prizes (and talk about Somebody's Angel)! 

Now Gramma Kally is off to get ready for Christmas and love on her grandson some more! Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope it's a joyous season with family and friends! 

And I'll begin working on
Nobody's Dream (Luke and Cassie's story) 
before 2013 is over! Cassie insists I get
that man off her mountain NOW! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Countdown to Somebody's Angel Upload--Blog Tour Begins!

Let the Somebody's Angel blog tour begin—now through Dec. 23! Book upload target looks to be between Dec. 18-22. Fighting hard to get it ready as early as possible, but you know how perfect I want it to be for you!

Since this is #5 in the Rescue Me series, I thought I ought to give prizes using the #5. So, at EACH blog stop, I'm giving away a $5 GC AND the GRAND PRIZE WILL BE A $500 GIFT CARD to be given away on New Year's Eve! As with ALL of my prizes, they are open internationally.

We'll make 23 stops in 13 days. Thanks to my assistants, Leagh Christensen and Charlotte Oliver for all their hard work--and to all the blogs who are hosting me, a HUGE thank you to you, as well!

We're working on having some fun and "different" types of blogs as the tour progresses, so try not to miss any! You'll get excerpts, too! Just link back to the Romance Novel Promotions link here every day for up to two stops each day! And follow instructions to be entered to win all the great prizes! I also love to read the comments you all leave (even if I don't have time to respond), so please let me know you stopped by by leaving a comment (even tho that doesn't get you entered into the contest).

Now back to revising the ending of the book so that it's perfect! SOOOO close! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you'll get the Amazon and Barnes & Noble buy links as soon as they are available there! Should also be available at All Romance eBooks (ARe), Libiro, and Kobo soon after. Apple might take a little longer. (This one won't be available at Smashwords. Sorry--but ARe offers books in multiple formats and Libiro will have it in epub and PDF.)