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Purchase NOBODY'S LOST (Rescue Me Saga #5) NOW via Amazon, Apple iBOOKS, Barnes & Noble NOOK, or Kobo at the buy links below. (Coming on Dec. 15 to All Romance eBooks and Google Play. Print version will be published in a couple of months.)

URGENT! If you preordered or downloaded NOBODY'S LOST from Amazon and opened it to find only the cover for LOST and then the entire content of NOBODY'S HERO, this obviously was an error. Please follow these instructions to update to the correct book! My apologies for the mixup!

UPDATE: PROBLEM HAS BEEN CORRECTED, but the fix isn't automatic.
THIS IS FOR AMAZON SHOPPERS ONLY--both those who pre-ordered and anyone who bought the book when it goes live.
If your e-copy of NOBODY’S LOST was actually filled with NOBODY’S HERO content, the UPDATE IS NOW AVAILABLE! Please contact Amazon athttps://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/contact-us via Live Chat or Phone and let them know you want the updated version. Thanks so much for your patience!

A standalone novel about two characters with very minor mentions in the earlier books. 
Ryder Wilson returned from serving multiple deployments but can't leave the hell of combat behind him. Frustrated and ashamed of his inability to function in the world as well as the veterans he served with, he retreated, choosing to engage only with those he trusted. When retired Master Sergeant Adam Montague sends him on a mission to protect his sister from some unknown danger, Ryder's days of hiding out may be over. Can he fulfill his mission without failing again? 

Megan Gallagher has two big-brother Marines bent on protecting her from the evils of the world, but she's tougher than they think. When her older brother sends Ryder, one of his recon Marines, to her doorstep in the wee hours one night following a break-in, she realizes he needs rescuing more than she does. A friendship forms quickly, but unexpected passions run hot and complicate her resolve never to have a romantic relationship, much less marriage. So why are her body and her heart betraying her every time he comes near? 

Can these two wounded people lower their defenses long enough to allow love to grow?

Buy today at:

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kally is Cancer Free and Charging Full Steam Ahead!

I know my diehard fans have been keeping up with my postings on my Facebook timeline during this whirlwind last four weeks. For those who aren't on Facebook (and for those reading this via Goodreads), it's been two weeks since my surgery and I just wanted to report that I am cancer free and recovering slowly. 

To update those not aware of the situation, over the summer, I noticed some irregular spotting. I've been in menopause for several years and learned there is NO reason to be spotting at this point in life, so I hightailed it to my gynecologist in August. She ordered an ultrasound the same day which showed abnormalities in the size of the lining of my uterus and scheduled me for the D&C, which was done Sept. 4. On Sept. 13, I got the news that it was uterine cancer and I was sent to the state's research hospital to meet my gynecological oncologist Sept. 17.

I had hoped to postpone surgery until after KallypsoCon (Oct. 10-12 in the Seattle area), but my surgeon and my hubby decided that was too long a wait. When the poor surgeon came back in the examination room to find me in tears, he offered to do the surgery the next day if he could get an operating room, then I would have three full weeks to recover before KallypsoCon. He told me I'd be sore, but that it was do-able as long as I followed his orders (basically walking up and down the aisle of the plane and taking my nightly anti-blood-clotting shots.) I think he also could see my healing would be faster if I wasn't depressed about missing my first KallypsoCon! 

Tomorrow (Oct. 3), we will give final counts to the hotel for the meals. If you want to join us in Everett (it's about 45 minutes from downtown Seattle) for this special weekend, here's the info page: KallypsoCon 2014. (NOTE: We are now serving two dinners and two breakfasts instead of what was listed as meals on the Web site originally. I figured I'm already in the hole, so why pay the hotel for ballroom/meeting fees when we can get some nice meals for that money instead <g>).

Today it has been two full weeks since my total abdominal hysterectomy. Still sore. Still tired. Situation normal, I am told. I'm thrilled to know that all of the cancer that attacked my body is now gone. I truly am blessed and urge you all to PAY ATTENTION to your body's signs and to your intuition. It was a combination of those factors that saved me from having to undergo more extensive treatments than having a hysterectomy. My cancer was contained in my uterus and the surgeon said it hadn't traveled from anywhere else. (Oncologists have ways of determining that. I just trust them.) So, I can truly say I am a Uterine Cancer Survivor!

Tonight I'm going to book flights for my hubby and me so that we will be in Everett, Wash., a couple days before the conference is scheduled to begin. I'm so fortunate to have an awesome personal assistant, Charlotte Oliver, handling almost everything for me regarding this conference (among other things). I also chose some really awesome authors to be there with me (Lexi Blake / Sophie Oak, Eliza Gayle, Annabel Joseph, Kennedy Layne, Red Phoenix, and Cherise Sinclair). They and their entourages will also be a great help to make sure all goes smoothly so that I can disappear for naps when needed and to make sure I don't life more than 10 pounds, per surgeon's orders. 

Even if you don't want to do the full weekend, consider coming to the public signing 2-5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 11, at the Holiday Inn Downtown Everett. Lots of cool swag to give away, as well as some door prizes. If you're on Facebook, you can RSVP at this event site. Otherwise, just comment below and we'll be watching for you!

My husband, who will accompany me at KallypsoCon--only to be there for me. He REALLY doesn't want to be around for BDSM demos and such. But I think the Dom who will be doing the demos will do such a fabulous job. Luckily, that's only one evening out of the whole weekend, so mostly it will be book talk, games, a book signing, and just readers and authors hanging out and enjoying each other's company. 

I've been home about 9 days now and have just been lazing around, popping pain killers, watching TV (I discovered Once Upon a Time!), and reading both for fun and to learn some new tricks for marketing.

Now for an update on Nobody's Dream (Luke & Cassie's story). Book five in the Rescue Me Saga was in the hands of beta readers and five of my editors these past two weeks (while I was incapacitated physically and mentally) but the files have been coming back and Charlotte has been putting beta suggestions into a master file for me that I plan to open up tomorrow. Then I'll start going through my editor's files. Not sure how this will go. I get tired very easily still, but I'm anxious to get back to work. As long as I don't overdo it, I think it can't hurt anything. 

I still have some unwritten chapters and scenes to do, too. That will be harder than incorporating minor changes. While I had a target publication date in mind before all of this cancer stuff, that date seems daunting right now. So I am just going to take it one day at a time and see how quickly I can get the book into line edits and then proofreading. I still want to do a preorder for it, as well. I am still expecting a fall release date, just not as early as once anticipated maybe. To make sure you don't miss out on announcements, you can sign up for my newsletter OR my phone text alert (US cell phones only):

Newsletters will be used to impart much more news than the text alerts. The latter will be used to announce preorder status, then the actual release when it goes live, but nothing else. 

Before I go take a nap, I just want to thank everyone who sent prayers, healing thoughts/energy, and virtual hugs to me while I went through this unexpected ordeal. I know I had it easier than most cancer survivors (surgery alone and my fucking cancer was gone). My thoughts and prayers are with all who are still in the trenches kicking their own cancer's ass.

Friday, May 2, 2014

"The Artist's Way" Rescues Me Again

Just wanted to say how much I adore Julia Cameron for writing and sharing "The Artist's Way." I've never actually read and done the whole program (I always got stuck about Chapter Four), but twice she's saved my creative life. The first time was when I quit my job (three years ago April 15). In fact, this book helped me make the decision to leave my job. I had attended a weekend workshop on The Artist's Way and realized my job was a Crazymaker in my life and I was a Shadow Artist. (Go to Julia's web site to learn more about the terms in the book and this blog post. You can find The Artist's Way in any used bookstore.

Crazymaker and Shadow Artist are two of the buzz words used in the original "The Artist's Way," but it became clear to me in that workshop that my purpose in life wasn't to be a part-time editor on a technical publication (college catalog). The Universe, God, or Whomever keeps things going had been very clear when I was about to graduate from college back in 2001 that I was supposed "to give a voice to the voiceless." I was so far off my life's purpose that I had become stressed and depressed and hadn't written a word in two years. (Looking back, I've discovered that I always get depressed when I'm not going in the direction I should be. You'd think I'd figure this out more quickly, but usually not.)

The day after that weekend workshop ended, I turned in my resignation with three weeks' notice and then kept writing my Morning Pages faithfully every morning. You'll learn more in online sites (there are tons of them if you don't want to find the books!), but these are three stream-of-consciousness pages, handwritten in a notebook, journal, scraps of paper (I suggest something bound, tho, that you can flip back through later when looking for inspiration) where you just write the first thing that comes to mind. Don't type them. There is something about that connection of pen and paper that makes them even more powerful.

Most of my early entries were anything but creative. I hadn't written a creative thing for two years, too stressed out with my Crazymaker job. So it became a diary at first. What I did yesterday. What I planned to do today. A list of to-do items.

I left my job thinking I would find a new job, but in retrospect, I realize I was just applying for more jobs that turn into new Shadow Artist ones. I knew from hanging out with members of the Romance Writers of America that making a living as a novelist would take years, though, and I didn't have that much savings to hang out that long. But my husband agreed to give me a year off to regroup and figure out what I want to do in life. I went into super-homemaker mode a while (still no creativity) and tried to find ways to cut costs so we wouldn't deplete our savings.

And every morning, I wrote three pages of this random stuff in my journal.

About two weeks after the end of the day job, characters began showing up on the page. I'd written Nobody's Angel two years before (to the month) and Marc, Luke, and Angelina were among the characters who popped in. I'd learned at my Kentucky RWA chapter meeting that erotic romance was popular and authors in that genre actually were making a living at writing. So I had written another book, enjoyed the writing of erotic romance, and then wrote Angel. Then the job exploded and I didn't do anything with it, even though Samhain had asked me to send it to them. (I had submitted the first ER novella to them for an anthology it wasn't right for, but apparently they saw something they liked in my style.)

And then life exploded (three years ago this weekend). My sister's cancer metastasized and I was at the oncology visit with her when she got the devastating news. When I came home that night, I was drained and the thought of writing anything escaped me, but my friends in the Naughty Romance Writers secret group on Facebook told me I should write to express my emotion about it. So, sitting at my dining room table, with NCIS on the TV in the next room (it's almost always on in the next room <g>), I decided to write a scene that would put all the worst that could happen into it so that then I could get that fear out and would be more helpful to my sister as she fought the fight of her life.

Enter Adam. Sitting at a bus station in Chicago, devastated that his wife of 20 years had lost her battle with cancer. Not wanting to continue his own life. Not knowing how to go back to Camp Pendleton to be there for his Marines when he didn't know whether he wanted to dive into the bottle again or pull the trigger. With NCIS on, his voice and face were very much Leroy Jethro Gibbs's. <g> I can't tell you if Karla showed up that night or not. I doubt I really got that far. But this scene, with all it's back-story telling, becomes the opening scene of my free introduction, Masters at Arms. (See book list and reading order for the Rescue Me Saga here.)

The next morning, I pulled out my notebook again and wrote my mandatory three Morning Pages. I tried to figure out how to save this man from himself. Now enters Karla. Working with Phil Gigante as he interprets that scene for the audiobook version opened my eyes to some things that hadn't occurred to me. Adam's very voice changes in that scene as he is slowly pulled back to life by the young, vibrant Karla. He goes from a gruff, surly, near-dead man to the reluctant hero to someone who can laugh again for the first time in...well, forever.

I'm convinced that doing my Morning Pages for the five weeks preceding that event is what opened up my creativity again and made writing that scene possible. Now fast forward three years. I'm working on book five in the series (Nobody's Dream, due out later this year if I can finish it by then). But connecting with the characters this spring has become a daily chore. They just aren't speaking to me the way they did when I wrote the first 60,000 words of the book (mostly in the first half of the book).

In one of those moments of clarity, yesterday it occurred to me that these two are very private loners. They just aren't as open to sharing their story as say Adam and Karla or Damian and Savannah. Marc, on the other hand, is much like Luke and Cassie and I remembered that my Morning Pages had helped me connect with him and take him from the cardboard-character stud he was in the original draft of Nobody's Angel to the more fleshed-out character he was when that book finally was published in September 2011 after two MAJOR rewrites (including gutting all but 35,000 words at one point and adding 85,000 new ones).

When it came time to further delve into Marc's psyche in the writing of Somebody's Angel (Rescue Me Saga #4), the MPs helped me free him.

Once again, I made the decision that I needed to do Morning Pages. But it was late in the afternoon--as I posted on my Facebook Author Page--and I am impulsive and impatient, so I took a nap. I didn't want to wait until morning to start! I woke up three hours later and wrote my first three pages in the remnants of a notebook from my college years 13 years ago with homework assignments and notes ripped out. Had to find something quick! No time to go buy a shiny new one at the store (but I can see I need to hit the school supply sales this summer to stock up because I need to keep doing these!).

In my entry last night, I spelled out to the Universe what I was struggling with in the story. I didn't find any answers, although I did make some notes about how to tweak some existing scenes. I just asked what I needed to do to help these two find their happiness together. I threw in a few to-do items, as well. When you write Morning Pages, the point is to declutter your mind from extraneous information and worries as much as it is to tap into your muse or creativity. So I got those out of the way and wrote in the margins "Do--Bus" (for to-do and business) and then kept writing.

After a two-hour phone call with a reader turned friend who made it clear that my writing these stories isn't about achieving fame and fortune, but meeting my purpose in life--to give a voice to the voiceless. I wrote a couple hundred more words last night (well, early this morning), and then went back to bed. Six hours later, I got up, picked up the notebook (even before my bagel, but with my Diet Coke with Lime at my side), and wrote my second batch of three pages.

Holy shit! Not only did I get answers to where Luke & Cassie needed to go in Nobody's Dream, but Adam & Karla and Marc & Angelina, as well! There are multiple scenes I can write, so I am now going to dive into writing again--and I'm going to kick some serious word-count ass today! Hopefully that means not a lot of Facebook time, but I wrote this blog to inform my readers of my whereabouts (just where they want me to be--butt planted in chair and writing)--and to help other writers who might benefit from the miracle of the Morning Pages!

To learn more, I just found this companion booklet at Amazon for only $2.99. (It's not an e-book.) Probably also available at Apple and Barnes & Noble Nook. It's called The Miracle of the Morning Pages--and the author answers frequently asked questions about the MPs. I firmly believe MPs do bring miracles to our writing! 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Virtual Signing Ends Soon--and a Peek at One of the New Rescue Me Saga Covers

SOMEBODY'S ANGEL (the newest paperback in this saga) looks fabulous! It's 508 pages long and includes some noticeable changes from the original e-book, so it's time for a re-read! (See below for info on ordering updates--don't pay for updated ebooks of the books you have purchased.)

You still have a few more days to place your order for all four paperbacks with THESE covers (the originals) at Romance Novel Promotions's Virtual Signing Page before I switch over to the new covers in mid May! The ones with these kinky/sexy covers will be guaranteed available if you order by April 30 (and they may continue to be ordered until the cut-off in May, but I don't know what date that will be)! Each book will be signed and personalized as you indicate in your order form.

If you can't pay until May, just e-mail Charlotte@kallypsomasters.com and she'll invoice you. The main thing is that we need to be sure to order and hold your copies with these covers while we can.

Books with both the old and the new covers will have new bonus material that was added in April--a playlist for the first three couples in the saga, and a unique cast of characters and glossary of terms for each of the first four books. But the stories haven't changed substantially since they were first released in paperback (December 2012 through Nobody's Hero and January 2013 for Nobody's Perfect). Of course, I'm always tweaking here and there, but mostly minor word choice. Once a book comes out in paperback, there are no more substantial changes. 

Even if you don't want paperbacks, be sure to get your e-books updated. NEVER PAY FOR AN UPDATE! Work with customer service at Amazon, or ask Charlotte (e-mail above) how to get updates where you bought the book originally. If you ask here how to do it, I'm sure people will know. At Amazon, where most of you bought or receive them, just contact Customer Service. DO NOT WAIT for them to tell you there's an update. That can take months (if it ever happens). These books haven't been added to Amazon's update list, so don't wait, especially if you want your copy to have these covers. (And if you don't want to have them automatically update to the new covers when it happens, be sure to turn off automatic updates.)

And if you want to see what the new covers are going to look like, here's a peek at the first of the new ones. (We're still working on fine-tuning the others!) I've decided to go with this more romantic look in part to make the books appeal to a larger reading audience, because many readers do still judge a book by its cover. While I started out thinking I would be writing erotic romance, it seems that my characters have had other ideas in the last couple books (and the one I'm working on), so these covers are much more in keeping with the overall series. While there will always be hot sex scenes and the use of erotic terms, I just don't provide enough of those to label the books as erotic romance (not since Nobody's Hero, anyway). They always have been much more focused on the romance and life issues than the kink. So the new covers will appeal to readers of other Romance genres, and possibly even mainstream fiction. But the stories within will not change! 

Here's what the audiobook cover for book one (Masters at Arms & Nobody's Angel) looks like. I absolutely LOVE the new covers (I've seen drafts of all but Somebody's Angel so far) and hope you will love them, too! 

And sometime this summer, I'll be revealing the latest--NOBODY'S DREAM, which will be only available in the new style (because it's much more a steamy/sweet Romance than a kinky one about halfway through the first draft).

Again, you can order signed, personalized copies directly from me athttp://romancenovelpromotions.blogspot.com/p/authors-virtual-signings.html and I will sign them to you or whomever you ask me to if you want to give gifts! Thanks!

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Change in a Romance Series--Good, Bad, or Thrilling?

What happens when the series you are writing or reading changes in unexpected ways? As a reader, do you stop reading that series or author because it no longer meets your expectations of what should have happened? Or perhaps you continue to follow the stories of the author a little longer to see if perhaps you are being nudged in a new direction that isn't as bad as you once thought, only different than what you thought you wanted?

Authors, do you stick to telling the stories the way the characters bring them to you, or do you try to force them to conform to the plot or style of the way things used to be? Do you wrap up the series abruptly and start a new one in the style you want to write in and hope to find a new audience?

I know these questions are worded to my particular bias, although I would welcome other responses to the initial question about change in a series of books you've enjoyed reading--up until the author surprises you in ways you didn't want to be surprised.

Yes, you know where I'm going to come out on this debate because I've written five books to date, none of which is the same as any other one in the series. Hell, I write about very different characters period, so how can any two stories be expected to be the same? That's the greatest beauty of being an independent (self-published) author. My stories don't have to conform to the dictates of a publishing house. For instance, I can have vastly different levels of heat in them. Nobody's Hero is probably my highest heat level overall--Adam was humping like a teenager most of the book. But that doesn't mean every other couple in the series will be that sexually active (and given the direction that couple's story has taken in this saga, maybe Adam knew something I didn't back then).

Sex and even BDSM won't take place in every chapter in a Kallypso Masters epic-length novel. In one of my books, the main couple doesn't have a sexual encounter (not intercourse even) until the last chapter. In the latest, Somebody's Angel, there are a number of sex and BDSM scenes (some of them kinkier than anything I've written before--Marc and Angelina are my more sexually adventure couple), but reviewers looking for erotic reads seem not to have even noticed there was sex in the book.

In the beginning when I wrote Nobody's Angel, I planned to make this a BDSM series with lots of sex--heck, I even tried for menage, but then I wrote Masters at Arms and realized that just isn't what this series was going to be about. It's about wounded characters seeking a familial connection that was missing in their lives, whether because of combat, abuse, or some emotional disconnect. I've since stopped referring to it strictly as a BDSM series, although each book does have some degree of BDSM in it. But each couple approaches BDSM in a vastly different way from the other couples. They're all very individualistic and realistic--human, if you will. (They're certainly real to me!)

I love my readers dearly. I will go out of my way to spend time with them virtually or in person, but I can't compromise my writing to please them. Even though my last book sold far fewer copies than the one before, which sold fewer than the one before that, I'm never going to be a hack. I can't spit out formulaic books in rapid succession because my writing process isn't linear and I don't plot. I have to wait for inspiration and for the characters to tell me their stories.

And the story Luke and Cassie are telling me for the next installment in my saga borders on a sweet romance at the point I am in the writing. I'm sure that will change, but what if it didn't? What if Cassie just isn't ready to have an intimate relationship with Luke yet? I suppose I could postpone the book until they were ready, but I absolutely love where they are going with this relationship and plan to see it through to the end--which, of course, isn't the end at all in a Kallypso Masters book. You all know they will be back in other books because all of my characters are family and they just have to have that connection. I can't write a one-couple romance and leave everyone else at arm's length, even if they'd let me.

I used to be the Queen of Tease, but I think I'm becoming the Queen of the Slow Burn since Nobody's Perfect and Somebody's Angel were written. I don't write the wildly dramatic openings and then drift off. Masters at Arms's opening should have made that very evident. (While listening to the first 15 minutes of audio, I thanked God Phil Gigante was narrating, otherwise, I'd put you to sleep with all of Adam's introspection and backstory in the opening pages of that book in the bus station.)

I'm working on having new covers designed for when I hit the convention circuit this summer and am rebranding myself to be more than a pigeon-holed author who writes only one type of story. The heat level will be more realistic on the covers--altho I have no intension of changing the previous stories. I write about Marines and when they have sex, they're going to use erotic terms, not romantic fluffery.

Perhaps so many other authors (especially traditional ones) write separate series in multiple genres, so they don't trounce on reader expectations. Well, readers of indie authors need to be aware that we don't play by the rules. We don't have a marketing department telling us they can't publish our awesome story because they don't know where to shelve it. Maybe some authors want to be "shelved," but I'd much rather be read--and by readers who appreciate indie voices.

As much as I love my readers and hate the thought of any of them refusing to read further in this series, I can't compromise my writing to please readers. I write for myself and to tell the stories my characters demand. Some of the complaints I've heard about Somebody's Angel make it clear that a number of readers aren't going to have their expectations met with Nobody's Dream either. I hopeI will be able to attract an audience of readers that is open-minded (in more than just BDSM and sex) and willing to see where this saga will go as it progresses. I know I have tens of thousands of fans who will be there with me for every book I release and that they will welcome the detours and surprises--and I just want you to know I love you for letting me explore my talent as a writer and to try new things rather than become stale by giving you what you THINK you want. You are the audience I have sought from the very beginning.

One of the things I love about the way I've chosen to share these stories is that you don't lose the other characters just because they reached their happy ending. They come back--some of them come back with a vengeance, like Marc and Angelina, and need an entire new book. Lately it's become clear to me that Adam is harboring all kinds of things from his past that I didn't even know about until that scene in Somebody's Angel made it clear to me that I need to dig deeper. So I'm planning to follow Nobody's Dream with Somebody's Hero so that I can explore the depths of that man's soul. (Of course, I knew at the ending of Nobody's Hero that he hadn't really dealt with the issues of his childhood. I knew he'd have to deal with that and expected to do it in a subplot. But I've learned that when there are issues as deep as Adam's--and the man was in the Marine Corps for 25 years and in many areas of Marine responsibility, so you can bet there are things he's experienced that have only been hinted at in the past books. As his life evolves, triggers we never even imagined before are going to explode and he's going to have a hard time keeping it together for himself and Karla, much less his extended family. But he's not the only one who will have to face the past in that book. Marc, Damian, probably even Luke and Savannah all have similar issues that need to be looked at more closely. So, like Somebody's Angel, I see Somebody's Hero being a bit of a roundup of the usual characters--but taking them to places you will find anything but unusual. Readers only wanting to explore new couples in every book are going to be left in the dust, I'm afraid, because that's not where this saga is going.

I also want to point out that I am writing the "Rescue Me" series (although many readers refer to it as the "Masters at Arms" series). The series is first and foremost about wounded people in need of emotional, physical, or psychological rescue--and sometimes all three. I refuse to put bandaids on their issues and pronounce them cured before their happily ever after. I prefer to write from a realistic approach to past traumas and I speak from experience when I tell you that the romances you've read where that happens are fairy tales--and not like the realistic fairy tale I told in Nobody's Perfect, either.

Some of my characters will choose to find answers and healing in BDSM, but I'm not longer even calling it a BDSM series, because I don't see that as the major focus of this saga. I have chosen to tell the stories that fit my characters. Luke, for instance, is dabbling in rope work and throwing butterfly kisses with a single-tail whip--but Cassie is far from being where she would let him anywhere near her with rope or a whip. I refuse to force her go there just to meet reader expectations for a hot BDSM scene. Of course, Luke can be patient and powerfully persuasive at the same time, so he may break down those defenses and they might very well have a light BDSM relationship. The thing is, at only 48,005 words into the manuscript, I have not effing clue where their relationship will go. I get surprised just the same as you do--and just ask my editors how I agonized over Somebody's Angel and where it took readers. Not what any of us expected, I assure you! But they told me to listen to my characters and that they would lead me where the story needs to go. I did just that, even knowing some readers wouldn't be happy about it.

I write about a "family" of imperfect, human characters. Never a dull moment, I assure you! If you'd like to read something a little different now and then, I invite you to take a chance on my books and see what you think. Just keep your expectations out of the equation and see where the Rescue Me saga takes us both!

If you are new to my books, you can download Masters at Arms, the introduction, for FREE or splurge and get the combo with the introduction and first book for only 99 cents. Buy links are on this page of my blog.

The reading order for the rest of the saga to date is:

1. Masters at Arms & Nobody's Angel (these are permanently combined for only 99 cents)
2. Nobody's Hero
3. Nobody's Perfect
4. Somebody's Angel

And with luck and inspiration, Nobody's Dream will be the next book in the saga and (with even more hope) released later this year. (I told you I don't rush the books!)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love is in the Air Blog Hop and Giveaway

Love is in the Air Blog Hop & Giveaway

“Kallypso delves into their minds deeper than ever before and I loved how much like REAL people her characters are. They are complex. They mess up. Sometimes they don't make sense, just like true human beings. I love how that, as an Indie author, Kallypso strives to give us as near-perfect a story as possible. And she succeeds!” (from one of hundreds of 5-star Amazon reviews for Somebody’s Angel)

Welcome to all who are following the annual Love is in the Air blog hop at Under the Covers. I’m Kallypso Masters and I write the Rescue Me series, an ongoing saga about a family of choice consisting primarily military men and women and their friends struggling to overcome deep wounds from both combat and life. In a saga, characters never really resolve all their issues and will come back as secondary characters in a subplot in another book to work on their issues, even long after their Happily Ever After.

That’s what happened with the couple from Nobody’s Angel (book 2). It took an epic-sized novel—Somebody’s Angel (book 5)—and the entire Masters at Arms Club family to get at what has been buried beneath the surface for Marc his entire life. Angelina’s insecurities have resurfaced, as well, despite having made some progress in the previous few months. We all know how that goes—you don’t lose self-image insecurities just because someone starts to make you believe you’re beautiful.

But for this hop, I thought a romantic scene might give you some ideas for your own Valentine’s Day rendezvous. This scene happens earlier in the book before things hit rock bottom for their relationship.

It’s New Year’s weekend and they’re on a visit to Marc’s family ski resort. He has been delivered some news earlier this evening that has sent Marc into a tailspin. After running from the one person who can complete him (running is one of his defenses), he comes back to her ready to employ another of his emotional defense mechanisms—distract the lady with kink and sex and she won’t want to discuss important issues. Well, at this stage in the story, that tactic still works for him.

So who’s up for a little food play with my favorite Italian-American chef and her native Italian lover? (I must have been hungry when I wrote this book because there’s also a hot food-play harem scene later between Adam and Karla. I actually go inside the heads of eight of the beloved characters in the series as each couple continues its own journey in the saga.)

Excerpt from Somebody’s Angel

What was he running from this time? Was it what Melissa had said? He didn't seem to give any credence to her claim. Then what was it? Tonight Marc had started to open up to her, only to pull the mask back in place and run from her.

Tired of shivering, she tossed the bed covering back and went to the thermostat near the closet to adjust the dial. Soon the hum of the heater drowned out the deadly silence.

Angelina heard the lock on the door behind her whirr to life, and her heart tripped a beat. Marc! Relief flooded her as she turned to watch him kick the door open with his foot while struggling with a server’s tray laden with two room-service covers. The only light in the room came from the bathroom. His gaze homed in on the empty bed first, and then he scanned the room until he found her standing naked by the closet.

Angelina rushed to hold the door open and noticed the bottles of club soda and the familiar rectangular one of amaretto—the makings for an Italian tickler, her favorite cocktail. Maybe she was in store for an Italian tickler of another sort tonight, too. 

He smiled at her, and for a moment, the world righted itself. Her spirits lifted.

“I raided the kitchen.”

Her stomach growled at the mention of food, even though she couldn’t smell anything from the tray he set on the bed.

“I’d planned to order you to strip first, but I see you’ve taken care of that already.”

What happened to alter Marc’s mood since he’d gone downstairs a couple of hours ago? Who cared? He was back with her. She walked into his embrace, loving the feel of her cheek against his shirt and his warm chest.

“I missed you, Marc.”

“I wasn’t gone long enough to miss, was I?”

Maybe not in chronological time, but she felt as if he’d been light years away. “You scared me. I didn’t know if you’d come back at all tonight.”

He grasped her upper arms and held her away, searching her face. “I’m sorry about earlier.”

She thought he might explain what that was all about, but he didn’t.

“It’s too late to take you out for dinner, but I’m going to make sure my girl is fed at least.” He pulled away and gazed down at her. “Wait here.”

He was leaving her again already? She stifled a groan, watching as he disappeared into the bathroom, returning with several fluffy white towels. He spread them over the pillows and the center of the bed and went to the bar to retrieve the ice bucket.

“Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He set the latch on the door to keep it from locking automatically and carried the bucket out for ice. Soon he returned to the room and placed the bottle of club soda in the ice bucket on the bedside stand. Why didn’t he just put it in the refrigerator?

He turned to her again.

“Lie in the center of the bed. On your back.”

A mixture of excitement and disappointment warred within her, but when he walked to the closet to retrieve some things from his toy bag, excitement won out. She crawled onto the bed and assumed the position he’d requested. Her Sir was back in control and taking care of her. Everything would be okay. Later, they could deal with whatever had happened earlier. Right now, it was Marc and Angelina and the rest of the world could go to…

When he brought the cuffs with chains toward her, she quirked a brow. “How can I eat if I’m in chains?”

“That’s for me to worry about. Tell me your safeword.”

“Red.” Her heart pounded as their oh-so-familiar Safe, Sane, and Consensual dance began. But why would she need a safeword to eat?

“Your caution or slow-down word?”

Angelina swallowed hard to get past the pulse beating wildly in her throat. “Yellow.”

“Good girl. Now, I want silence unless you need to use one of your words or I ask a direct question.” He reached his hand out to her. “Give me your wrist.”

She obeyed, and within minutes he’d restrained both to the headboard posts. She always loved this position, because it lifted her girls to where they looked almost perky. Marc tweaked one nipple, and it swelled to life. He liked this position, too.

Preparing to get into the right headspace, she lowered her gaze to her feet only to be surprised when he cuffed the left one and chained it to the post on the footboard. Her stomach growled, and she looked up at him. “Is there even going to be any food tonight?”

He gave her a stern look, and she remembered her place, averting her gaze.

He surprised her by responding. “My girl has been known to have a problem lying still when I play with her, so I’m just ensuring there won’t be any limbs flying when she gets ticklish.”

When, not if. So he was going to tickle her? Apparently, she’d underestimated how many Italian ticklers she’d be having. What did he have planned for tonight?

She watched with delight as he unscrewed the cap on the amaretto, poured a splash into a highball glass, and added a healthy amount of mixer. No ice. She wouldn’t get a buzz off that small amount of liquor, but he never let her drink much while playing. She smelled wine on his breath when he’d held her but had never known him to over-imbibe. The man was a bit of a control freak.

After pouring a similarly weak drink for himself, he sat on the edge of the bed, raised his glass and said, “Alla mia bellissima ragazza.”

Her heart warmed at his words—his very beautiful girl. He took a sip, nodded his approval before setting his glass on the nightstand, placing a straw in the other glass, and putting it to her lips for her to taste. The bubbles in the club soda went straight to her nose.  

She giggled but remembered not to speak as she sipped.

He placed her glass beside his and lifted a cover off one of the plates. Thin slices of prosciutto had been rolled around chunks of cantaloupe, one of her favorite appetizers. Beside them was a medium-sized zucchini, its stem removed.

“Open for me, pet.”

Marc fed her half a dozen pieces of the wrapped cantaloupe and slowly took the edge off her hunger. He turned his attention to the tray once more and lifted the other lid off a plate of at least a dozen plump strawberries.

He held one to her mouth. "Bite it in half."

She did so and couldn't believe how fresh it tasted. Where had they found such flavorful berries this time of year? Well, she supposed no amenity was too good for the guests of a four-star resort.

Marc took the uneaten part of the berry and rubbed it over her lips, coating them in the cool juice. He bent to kiss her, flicking his tongue along her mouth as he lapped up the sweetness. She swallowed the bite of berry before opening her mouth to him and letting him plunge his warm tongue inside.

Breathing hard, he backed off. "Not so fast, pet. I want to savor our time tonight."

Angelina groaned. She'd been anticipating making love with Marc for days. Now he wanted her to wait even longer?

Marc took another berry from the plate. "Bite."

She followed his orders. At least she was getting dinner in bed.

“Ack!” She shrieked, jerking away as much as she could when he lowered the remaining half berry to her nipple and rubbed. The coldness of the fruit caused the peak to bunch and swell. He repeated the motion with her other nip and then cupped her heavy girls in his hands as he lifted one to meet his descending mouth. He flicked his tongue against the sensitive tip, and she felt it grow even larger.

Electricity zinged to her pussy and clit, and she bucked her hips toward him. Marc chuckled but ignored her lower half as he continued to lave her nipples long after the strawberry juice was gone. He bit her other nipple, and she bucked again. How much longer would he make her wait?

Wait for what? Him—or the food?

She wanted both. Needed both.

“Does my girl want more of her tickler?”

Which tickler did he mean? Oh, heck, she was ready for either—or both. “Yes, Sir.”

He picked up the glass with the straw, and she was momentarily disappointed; then he put his mouth to the straw and sucked in. Using his finger to plug the end when he removed it from his mouth, he brought the straw toward her. She opened her mouth and nearly screamed when he released his finger to allow the cold drink to dribble onto her breast.

“Mio Dio! That’s cold!”

The fizz from the soda made her skin tingle. Her nipple tightened again.

“You weren’t given permission to speak. We’ll have to work on discipline later. But here, let me warm you up.”

Mio Dio, her face grew flushed as he lowered his mouth to her so his tongue could lap up the drink. She closed her eyes and gave herself over to the sensations as the warmth of his tongue and the fizziness of the drink sent electrical pulses to her clit. She hissed when more soda water dripped onto the other nipple and moaned as he sucked her hard peak into his mouth.

She reached for him, but the restraints kept her from touching him. She wanted him to hurry, touch her everywhere, and enter her pussy hard and fast, but he continued to suck on and lick her nipples.

Please, Sir. More!

He chuckled and withdrew. Had she actually spoken aloud or was he just that in tune with her thoughts? Oh, no! Maybe he’d gotten a diabolical thought about where else he could put that fizzy drink. He sat up, grinned at her, and filled the straw once more. Never removing his gaze from hers, he brought the filled straw toward her. A drop splashed on her belly, but he didn’t stop there. She tried to close her legs, but they wouldn’t budge.

Do. Not. Tell. Him. No. Trying to maintain her composure, her discipline, she closed her eyes and waited.

“Look at me.”

She wrinkled her brow but complied.

“You are not to come without permission.”

She groaned. He only said that when he intended to make her wait a very long time to reach her climax. The bastard.

She watched as he reached for the bottle of club soda and poured a liberal amount over her. The cold liquid fizzed over her labia and clit hood, awakening her senses. 

“Dio!” She remembered her discipline but heard the bed groan as she fought the restraints. Thank God she’d adjusted the thermostat in the room. She hadn’t expected to be doused in chilled club soda tonight.

Before all of the bubbles had burst, Marc crawled onto the bed, snagged a pillow from under her left arm, and ordered her to lift her hips. He crouched down and used his cold fingers to open her lower lips.


For him, she did feel beautiful. Angelina watched as he bent to her shaved mound, and his tongue lapped at any remaining liquid on her skin. Just when she’d begun to warm up, he reached for the capped bottle lying on the bed beside him and unscrewed the top. She momentarily clenched her eyes shut until she remembered his instructions, and with a deep breath, she opened her eyes, met his gaze, and waited.

He grinned, his teeth white against his olive skin, and she felt him spread her labia open a half second before he poured the soda directly onto her clit.

Don’t scream this time.

She fought to maintain control but melted as he lowered his mouth and licked the fizzy liquid from the folds of her sex. He didn’t touch her clit but teased the sides of the hood until she was ready to beg for mercy.

Don’t beg. Wait.

She fought for self-discipline—but she wanted to come. Now!

Marc rammed two fingers inside her pussy, and she clenched her hands, fighting for control.

“So wet for me. Perhaps my girl’s pussy needs to be fed, too.”

Her muscles tightened around his fingers in anticipation. She hadn’t been asked a question, but she hoped her eyes expressed her need to be filled with whatever he wanted to ram inside her.

Please let it be his penis.

She heard the familiar foil wrapper.

Yes, yes, yes!

He lowered his face to her pussy once more and took her clit between his teeth, holding it while he reached up and tweaked her nipple. His hand left her. She gave in to the sensations of his mouth on her when something cold pressed against her opening.

She glanced at the tray. What happened to the zucchini?

He wouldn’t.

Oh, but he would. He shoved the chilled vegetable inside her, filling her, stretching her.

“Mmmph.” She couldn’t call him all the names she wanted. Discipline. She’d already earned some kind of funishment for speaking before and didn’t want to turn it into outright punishment, but Gesù, that thing was cold!

Then his warm mouth was on her clit again, and the discomfort receded as she felt the pressure of an orgasm rising. He pulled the zucchini out and rammed it back in. While the veggie was warming up, she really wanted his hot cock inside her. When was he going to give her what she needed?

His mouth left her sensitive bundle of nerves before she exploded. “Does my girl need to come?”

Even though she was permitted to speak, she could only nod vigorously and whimper.

“Beg me for it.”

“Please, Sir. Please fill me with your cock. Bring me release. I’ll be your good girl. I’ll do anything you ask. Just please, please let me come.”

He groaned as if in pain, pulled out the zucchini and tossed it into the wastebasket, and crawled over her leg to stand beside the bed, never taking his eyes off her as he hurriedly removed his dress pants and black boxer briefs. His cock stood proudly erect, and her pussy muscles clenched in anticipation. He quickly donned a condom.

“I think you’ll be more comfortable without these.” He released the cuffs from her ankles, letting the chains clank as the cuffs hit the floor at the foot of the bed. 

She expected him to release the wrist cuffs as well, but he climbed back onto the bed and stretched out on top of her. His body weight pressed her into the mattress and stretched her arms. “Wiggle your fingers.” She did as he ordered. “Any numbness?” She shook her head no. “Speak loudly if you need me to remove or loosen them now, because I’m going to lose my mind as I drive my cock into your warm, tight pussy, and you may need to capture my attention.”

Her breath hitched in anticipation of the visual his words created. “No, Sir. I’m ready, waiting.”

Without further warning, he took his cock in hand and rubbed it against her cleft. “So wet.” He pressed inside, retreated slightly, and pushed farther into her, filling the emptiness. His eyes never left hers. Pulling out a third time, he grew steely-eyed before ramming himself into her completely.

“Oh, yes!”


She wasn’t sure if he was claiming her or her pussy, but both were his for the taking. “Yours, Sir.”

A pained look crossed his face. He grimaced and rammed his cock into her again and again. She wanted to reach up and touch his face, smooth away the creases in his brow, reassure him she’d always be his, but when he reached down and pressed his finger against her clit, her focus shifted instantly.

“Please, Sir. May I come?”

“Yes, pet. Come for me.”

She closed her eyes, lost in the sensations. If her complete and utter surrender didn’t convince him she was his, nothing would.

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