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Luke gets back into the game

Luke Denton lost his wife in a mountain accident seven years earlier. The night before this scene, he met Angelina, whom he nicknamed Angel. He doesn’t know yet that she’s the daughter of the man who died trying to save his wife in that accident. He blames himself because he and his wife shouldn’t have been where they were at the time.

But Luke is attracted to Angel and, just before he and Marc come to dinner at her home, has taken off his wedding ring for the first time since he married nine years ago. Angelina is a gourmet chef and the meal is their reward for "rescuing her" from Sir Asshole the night before at her friend's bar. (You may recall Sir Asshole from the Prologue snippet from Nobody's Angel.) 

In this scene, Angelina will be dessert. The three are on the sofa, with Angelina's back supported by Marc. She had been attacked by Sir Asshole just before Luke and Marc arrived, which is why she said it hurt so much to...well, I'll let you discover that as you read on.

This is the unedited version! The scene starts in Angelina's point of view, then shifts to Luke's.

Luke's hand skimmed along her right leg, up to her thigh under her skirt, drawing ever closer to her pussy, then retreated. Teasing. She surprised herself when, wanting more, she opened her thighs wider. She'd never behaved so wantonly in her life. But guilt over taking pleasure without giving anything back assailed her. She should try to slow things down so she could touch them, too. If only she could move.

Luke's fingertips slid along her outer pussy lips. Her bare pussy lips.

"Hot damn, Angel."

She smiled and her pelvic area warmed. "It hurt too much to bend over to put panties on."

She felt Marc's erection throb against her lower back as he leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Is that the only secret you have kept from us, cara?"

She smiled. "That's for me to know and you to find out."

Oh, my! What had gotten into her? What other secrets could she possibly possess?

When Luke's finger delved between her very wet folds, she hissed and her smile faded as she focused on the sensation of his finger easing deep inside her pussy. She gasped as her pelvis bucked upward, taking his finger deeper.

Angelina moaned.

"That's it, bella. Let him know how much you love what he's doing to your pussy."

She flushed hearing him say the word. She didn't use such sexually explicit language out loud, but hearing her girly bits discussed so openly shocked—and stimulated—her.

Luke withdrew his finger, then reentered her with two fingers and heat rose in her body. Her hips bucked upward as she moaned again. Marc tilted his own hips up, raising her pelvis higher into the air. He took one of the chintz sofa pillows and wedged it under his hips to keep their pelvises in the air. Not for her comfort, she realized, but to give Luke better access to her.

Luke's head moved toward her pussy. She anticipated what his lips and mouth would feel like on her, although she'd never been touched in that way before. Allen just made a face when she'd indicated her interest in him trying it, even though he'd certainly enjoyed her going down on him.

"What was that thought, pet?"

"I, um, nothing important. I don't think…" She lowered her hands to push Luke's head away and to try to close her legs, which was impossible with Luke wedged between them, holding her legs.

"No, pet. Your body tells me what you were thinking was very important. Tell us."

She bit her lower lip. She didn't want to speak the words out loud—and certainly didn't want to bring up Allen's name. "No one's ever…" Mio Dio, she couldn't finish the thought.

Luke looked up at her and smiled. "Angel, I'd be honored if you'd let me be the first." She looked down at Luke, who gazed up at her. "Darlin', I need to taste you. Please."

"Don't deny him, bella. Share your treasure with Luke."

How could she refuse when he looked as if he actually enjoyed doing this? She relaxed just a little in acquiescence and Marc took her wrists, crossing and tucking them behind her head again.

"Don't move your hands again, pet."

Oh, no! She'd forgotten about moving her arms. Why did disobeying Marc disturb her so much? Trusting her once more to keep them where he placed them, Marc's hands returned to playing idly with her nipples.

Her face flamed. What if no man ever offered to please her in this way again? How could she miss out on what might be her only chance to experience something she'd only read about? Angelina nodded with a whimper, then let her legs fall open wider. Closing her eyes, she tilted her head back, and relaxed against Marc's hard chest.

He chuckled, reverberating against the back of her head. "Cara, you act as if you're offering yourself as a sacrifice."

"Shhh. I'm preparing to just feel."

Taking her relaxation as consent, Luke crooked her right leg and placed her foot along the back of the sofa and her left foot on the floor, spreading her knees wider and lowering his mouth once more to her pussy.

Marc pinched her nipples as Luke nipped at the insides of her thighs with his teeth, causing a rapid intake of breath in response. Luke's lips drew closer to her nether lips, then pulled away, trailing kisses and his tongue from her thighs to her knees. He repeated his teasing torture of her body until she bucked toward him each time his mouth approached her center.

More! She wanted more. Kiss me…lick me…there. How could she put into words what she wanted without embarrassing herself or sounding like a slut?

"Please!" It took her a moment to realize the needy plea had come from her lips. She opened her eyes to find Luke grinning up at her.

* * *

Hot damn!

His Angel was begging him to continue. "Much obliged, darlin'." Her close-clipped pussy called to him and he lowered his mouth. Her clit was erect, protruding from its hood, but he avoided it as he pressed his tongue against the opening of her wet pussy. Shit. Clearly, she was turned on. So was he. He adjusted his legs to keep from strangling his erect cock.

Flattening his tongue, he stroked her from her vagina, firm at first, then lightly brushing over her clit, he grinned when she tilted her hips and pressed her pussy into his face. The lady liked that and wanted more.

Not yet, darlin'.

Continuing to avoid her firm pressure on her clit, he licked the sides of the hood, holding her hips down so she wouldn't be able to control where he touched her. Her groan of frustration succeeded in turning him on even more.

No longer able to resist—or deny her—he pulled the tiny erection into his mouth with his lips and flicked his tongue over the tip, gently at first. Her hips fought to buck upward. Emboldened, he placed his teeth over the hard nubbin and pulled gently.

"Oh, God!" Like a trigger, her hips bucked up into his face again. "Mio Dio! I can't take any more!"

Marc laughed. "Hush, cara. He's only just starting."

Damn straight.

"The best is yet to come, cara. Lie back and enjoy the ride."

Luke pulled back and, with his fingers, opened her outer lips to allow himself a chance to look at her. Her pussy was so beautiful, like the center of a flower. A very wet, pink flower. He lowered himself to her again, wrapping his hands around her thighs to hold her down again as his tongue lightly circled her hood. Her thighs alternately relaxed, then tried to clamp against his head like a vise grip. His cock strained against his jeans. Shit, it had been so damn long.

He paused to take a breath and looked up at her. She lay slumped against Marc, her eyes closed, but arousal written all over her face. She opened her eyes and smiled down at him, waiting. Time to take her the rest of the way on that ride Marc had promised. Luke went down on her again, holding her pussy lips open with his thumbs and preparing to finish what he'd started. He still couldn't believe his head was between Angel's thighs pleasing the hell out of her. He smiled.

As he lapped at her sweet juices, he heard her tiny mewling sounds reminding him of a litter of kittens. He could tell by the tremors in her thighs she was getting closer. He took his middle finger and plunged inside her wet pussy. She gasped and squeezed his finger. How much longer could she last? He plunged two fingers inside her. Damn, she was tight.


Aw, shit, darlin'. Don't do this to me. You're so close.

But the lady told him to stop. Luke took several deep breaths in frustration, inhaling her scent before he pulled back to look at her. Her brow was creased in confusion. Hell, he knew this was her first time with oral, but he didn't want to leave her hanging like this. Still, he couldn't force her to enjoy the experience either.

"No, don't stop!"

He smiled. "You sure, darlin'?"

"I don't know." He could almost see the warring factions duking it out across her face.

Luke watched Marc stroking her breasts and squeezing her nipples and wondered what it would be like to suck on them, but he had another project to complete first. Maybe she was just on sensory overload. He was pretty damn sure she'd never been with two men at once before. Hell, sharing a woman was new for him, too. But he loved pleasing her and if she wanted two men loving her at once, she'd get it.

"Tell me what you need, Angel."

"I need…" A look of frustration crossed her face and she closed her eyes.

Don't shut me out, darlin'.

When she opened them again, she looked as if she'd come to a decision. He held his breath, waiting.

"I need to come."

He released the pent-up air from his lungs with a laugh. "Damn right, you do. Hang on, baby girl." Luke lowered his head yet again, hoping he wouldn't raise it again until she'd exploded against his mouth. Backtracking a bit, he opened her up and licked her vagina, then resumed his tender assault on her clit, building up quickly to firmer strokes. Her tremors told him she was ready.

"Oh, Mio Dio!"

"Voli. Fly apart for him, bella."

Luke felt her body stiffen. So close. He rammed two fingers inside her as he flicked her tiny erection with his tongue. She arched her back. When he pumped three fingers into her pussy like a piston, her walls clenched and spasmed around them. Shit. So tight.

"Oh, my God! I'm coming!"

Damn right you are, darlin'.

Luke increased the motion of his fingers and tongued her clit faster. When he sucked her nubbin into his mouth, Angelina exploded.

"Mio Dio! Don't stop! Oh, ohhh, ohhhhh! Yesssssss!" Her body bucked and jolted like a bronco just out of the gate. He wrenched every ounce of the orgasm from her, convinced that, if he and Marc hadn't been holding her down, she would have flown right off the couch.

He'd done that for her. He smiled as he sat up and looked up at the look of ecstasy on her face.

Hot damn.

Hot damn, indeed! 

Kallypso Masters is working on a four-book series with MASTERS AT ARMS in early August 2011, NOBODY'S ANGEL in late September 2011, NOBODY'S HERO in December 2011, and NOBODY'S PERFECT in February 2012.
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