Monday, July 4, 2011

Guest Blogger: Dawne Prochilo, erotic romance author

I'm pleased to welcome erotic romance author Dawne Prochilo, a fellow member of the Naughty Romance Writers, as a guest blogger today. We're trading spaces and I'm over at her space today.

A real erotic romance author's hidden pleasures

What's the first thought when you hear the words erotic romance author? Sex... sex and sex. You probably imagine some hot sultry red-head in a negligee... or perhaps a bleach-blonde bombshell wearing a skimpy thong and half shirt.

 Maybe she's sitting at her laptop hammering away at a tantalizing sex ménage with a bulging stiff member inserted into the moist hungry hole of his female partner while the third person watches, eventually joining in on the fun.

We watch pornography to get ideas for our scenes. 

Our refrigerators are full of lick-able and tempting foods like whipped topping, strawberries and chocolate syrup. 

Our reading library is full of sex books on how to please your man/woman--or the latest issues of Playgirl/Playboy.

Our bedrooms have every scent and flavor of massage oil.

Mhmm, we also have every adult sex toy known to mankind at the tips of our fingers for when we're writing an arousing sex scene.

Yup, we just whip out the old vibrator, pleasure ourselves, then finish the scene. Easy peasy...

Got those images in your head? Well, wipe them away! So not true...well, maybe a microscopic part of the toy comment...forget I said that. Let's continue.

In reality, I only own two negligees and they rarely see the outside world past my dresser drawer.

There's more to life than a bulging sex member. Really...there is.

I don't watch pornography...often, but I prefer HGTV, the Food Network, and Detroit Tigers' baseball.

My refrigerator is jam-packed with leftovers and fresh baked goods.

I read sweet romance and suspense. Just because I write erotic romances doesn't mean that's all I read. Hey, I graduated Cum Laude from college with dual degrees in Early Childhood Development and English.

The only oil rubbed into my body is mineral and baby.

And as for the sex toys, I must confess (like I have done a hundred times before), I do reviews online for adult sex toys...and I love it! NOTE: Must buy larger box for assorted items.

So before you think you KNOW who and what an erotic author does in her free time or during her writing schedule, remember how I spend my days.

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Dawne has five erotic books publishedone sex and relationship advice book, oversees and contributes to eight blogs weekly and coordinates seven facebook pages and is the lead administrator of a private facebook erotic author's group.


  1. Exactly! I spend my days in my comfy clothes, banging away on the computer keys, trying to keep the kiddos fed and constantly being interrupted by the call of "MOOOOMMMM!!!!" Seriously - when will they be self-sufficient? LOL Now isn't that a sexy image? :P

  2. TY for having me Kally- I look forward to sharing your blog again-
    Dawne P

  3. Hey Dawne, you said a mouthful, girl. The most "unusual" thing I did this past week was help my husband shave the cat! How erotic is that? I can't even have a decent fight with my hubby and get sympathy because my friends think my life is one, long romantic episode. They figure he must be the "model" for all those scenes I write...hehe If only they knew the truth! Thanks for the post, it's nice to know I'm not alone in my suffering!

    Missy Martine

  4. I always make a point at every turn to remind all that our lives are just that: Lives. Not fantasy. And Romance IS that: Fantasy. Escapism. It's why we write it AND read it!
    And now that I've cured my husband of his annoying habit of asking me stupid shit like:
    "Did you DO that? With who?"
    I might just rouse myself to take a shower before I finish polishing my menage manuscript with the most disgustingly HEA ending I've yet composed.
    thanks for reality check Dawne.

  5. I know Missy- if people only really knew the life we lead as romance or erotic romance authors- Most days I have the desire to live vicariously through others-

  6. So true Liz- the ones we have to remind of this reality the most is usually our husbands or SO's. They live the life with'd think they know the truth- lol

  7. LOL! Shortly after I joined FB, I posted I was about to clean house. I got a private email from one of my friends, shocked I didn't have a maid! I'm not rich (yet!), lol!

  8. lol- yeah, Molly- I have a gardener, a pool boy named Carlos and don't forget my personal chef-

  9. That is sooo true! I write all sorts of erotic stuff for Brisbane escorts and people are judging me for doing so... My job does not dictate who I am or what I do during my spare time.