Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WIP It Wednesday: Who said anything about restraining your...?

UPDATE 2/5/12: This scene was actually split into two in the final version of NOBODY'S HERO. Loved how it was written here, but then Master Adam backed off and I had to lasso her nips in another scene. But I'm leaving it here as drafted anyway. :)

In this scene, Master Adam is trying to distract Karla from what she wants to discuss. 

She reached up to cup his cheek and brushed her finger across his lips. The slight tremble told her he might be fighting to maintain control. Good. He needed to lose it for once.

Adam's grip tightened on her face and he pulled her closer. "I really don't want to talk about it. I'd rather take you down to a theme room, strip you, and restrain you with ropes before I..."

"I'm not sure my arms will take any contortions right now. My shoulders are still kind of sore."

"Who said anything about restraining your arms?" The look in his eyes caused heat to pool in her pelvis. Her pussy grew wet. His hands glided down to her shoulders, where he massaged the stiff muscles gently before his hands slipped down further and cupped her breasts. He pinched and twisted her nipples. 

"Ackkk!" Her pelvis strained toward him as her nipples tightened and swelled beneath his fingers and thumbs. 

Adam chuckled, maintaining his hold on her engorged peaks, pulling them with him as he took a step backward. "Come with me, kitten."

She stepped toward himwhat choice did she have? He grinned, then released her nipples, and took her hand, turning to leave. But she wasn't ready to let go of this conversation. Well, her mind wasn't ready; her body was long gone. 

My writing style is more of a SERIAL than a series--complete with cliffhangers and continuing characters (even the heroes and heroines of earlier romances will continue to develop their relationships in subsequent books). So skipping any of the installments (novels) will make the subsequent novels less enjoyable. 

But the good thing is that there are ONLY two novels out so far, so it will be easy to catch up! See below for ordering details!
You won't enjoy Nobody's Hero as much if you haven't read Masters at Arms and Nobody's Angel first, because Adam and Karla's relationship actually began nine years early in sections one and five of Masters--and continued to grow in Angel
The 115,000-word novel, second in the Rescue Me series,  

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  1. i wish December would hurry up and get here :)

  2. I like the distinction between series and serial. Big and important difference. I can hardly wait for the next serial episode!

  3. Kally, I love that all my favorite characters continue to grow and have their time in the spotlight. I hate when a book ends and then the main characters are just names in the next ones. I care about these people and I love to read about them again and again and again!!! LOVE your writing style <3

    Linda De.

  4. Oh, so glad you all are gonna stay with me throughout my RESCUE ME serial. It'll be like writing a soap opera series where all the main characters NEVER die and ALWAYS stay together and live HAPPILY EVER AFTER forever! lol

  5. Always great to know what the characters in the previous book are doing.:). Love the except, thanks. Hope that you are able to finish it by Christmas.


  6. Just posted a bonus Wednesday snippet that I wrote on the spot--from Nobody's Dream (book 5): https://www.facebook.com/kallypsomasters/posts/299875830031938.


  7. Love the premise of a SERIAL. I always try to read from book 1 anyway, but the idea that I will get to know and love the characters better with each book and experience their emotional growth with them delights me.

    Margie Hager

  8. Your killing Me, Smalls... KILLING ME

  9. loving it!!! Is It Dec Yet?? terra