Saturday, November 26, 2011

Six Sunday: Karla fulfills one of Master Adam's favorite fantasies

This week's Six Sentences comes from my December release, Nobody's Hero (due out sometime around Christmassee the hot new cover below). I just started writing this scene yesterday so it's uneditedbut a lot of fun anyway, so I couldn't wait to share it. 

Yeah, Karla's still teasing Master Adam, but this scene comes much later in the story than the one you read last week. She's ramping up her game.

When Karla removed another of the veils, one that had covered her beaded-and-sequined bra, his mouth went dry. She took the ends of the veil, leaned back to where all he could see was her cleavage, and whipped the veil over his head and around his neck and shoulders, pulling him slightly toward her breasts before releasing one end, standing upright, and letting it fall into his lap. His dick raised to a full salute under the veil and he adjusted himself against the leather seat to keep from strangling his erection.

"Very nice, kitten," he managed to choke out. "Where did you learn to dance like that?" He waited, not sure he really wanted to know.

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  1. Tease!!!!!
    I love it!!!
    Can't wait

  2. So not a good place to stop! Damn what a tease, you AND Karla! Great six!

  3. Oooo I wonder if her end goal is what I think it is. Hm. Great six! :)

  4. Ohh, a veiled tease! I love it!

  5. Wonderful your cover and congrats on your release!

  6. Wow, love the image and Karla's tease. Poor Adam, he's in so much trouble. Great six, Kally! :)

  7. Great six! and a beautiful shot, thank you for sharing.