Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WIP It Wednesday: Karla's turn to torture Master Adam (Nobody's Hero)

I posted a bit of this scene from the December release, Nobody's Hero, on my Facebook wall yesterday. After two readers fainted and another said she was in a puddle under her desk at work, I thought perhaps this would be a good one to share in expanded (and revised) form for WIP It Wednesday this week. As you know from all of the "I haven't begun to torture you" snippets where Master Adam had the upper hand (and mouth), now we get to see what happens when Karla unintentionally tortures her Master.

"Oh, Sir. Keep doing that."

"Are you topping me, kitten?"

She grew tense and he regretted teasing her. Hell, he wanted to know what she liked, what she wanted. He let his hands glide down her arms, then pulled her against his chest. Her eyelashes fanned just above her cheekbones and her head lay against his shoulder. He reached around to cup both of her high, firm breasts in his hands. What would she think of having her tits clamped? He grasped each with one thumb and forefinger and squeezed, then twisted.

"Oh, God!"

Her breathy gasp and the arching of her chest toward his hands told him all he needed to know. Perhaps a combination of tit bondage and tit torture would be in store later, when they ventured downstairs to a theme room. If he'd known where tonight was going to lead, he'd have brought his toy bag up here. But he could wait.

"Tell me what you need, kitten." He nuzzled her neck as his right hand ventured south until he cupped her Venus mound and his middle finger stroked her wet slit. Her pelvis tilted to allow him access, but he waited for her to say the words.

She moaned in frustration.

"Tell me, kitten."

"I need you, Sir."

"You need me to what?" He could feel the heat rise from her face.

"I need you to…make love to me, Sir."

What Adam had in mind had nothing to do with love and her words made him feel a little guilty. Sure, he had feelings for her, but he'd never been able to love anyone. He needed to keep things on the level with her and keep her from entertaining any romantic notions.

"I want to fuck you hard and fast. Are you ready for that?"

She tensed. "I…um, I think so, Sir."

He chuckled. "Well, I think maybe we need to start a little slower, kitten. Stand up." She barely hesitated before standing. "Turn around." She turned to face him. He lay back on the bed. "Take them off." His gaze went to his black skivvies.

Karla hesitated a bit longer this time, her teeth nibbling her red lips, as she looked down at him and the outline of his rock-hard penis straining against his skivvies. Her tantalizing teeth and hesitation gave him another idea.

"Take them off with your teeth." God, he knew he'd regret this for the rest of his life, but having her sexy mouth that close to his dick was all he could think about right now.

She glanced down at him and smiled a shaky smile, then bent over him, bracing herself by placing her hands just above his hipbones, and took his waistband between her teeth. Shit. Her fingers touching his bare skin, holding one or both of them steady, caused his dick to bob against her chin. She stopped and pulled back, surveying the situation, then took the waistband between her teeth again and pulled it up and over his erection until the head peeked out.

She pulled back yet again and her face took on a playful expression. "My, what have we here, Sir?" she teased. Her hand reached down to cup his still-covered balls, then moved up the length of his mostly covered dick until she brushed her thumb over the bare head.

"Karla, you're playing with fire."

Ignoring him, her thumb pad rubbed over the notch in the head of his cock, which eagerly bobbed its welcome. "Oh, Sir, it feels like velvet."

Fuck. She'd apparently not even touched one before. He was going straight to hell for letting her continue down this path to debauchery, but he couldn't have stopped her now if he'd wanted to—which he most certainly didn't want to do.

"Remove them completely." He gave the command through clenched teeth.

"Yes, Sir." Her upper teeth scraped against his dick as they wrapped around the waistband again. He felt all the air leaving his lungs, but didn't have the wherewithal to replace it. So close. What would her hot mouth feel like sheathing his cock?

Don't go there, old man.

The tip of his dick brushed against her nose as she pulled his skivvies a little further down, nearly causing him to lose all control. Rather than take them all the way off, she got sidetracked yet again, which made him throb for her even more. With one tentative hand, she cupped his still-covered balls.

"Augghh." His hips lifted toward her face. Sweat broke out on Adam's forehead and he closed his eyes. Sweet Jesus, her hand felt so good on him, the combination of innocent naïveté and hesitant touch an incredible turn-on.

Rather than tell her what to do, he decided to wait and see what she'd do of her own volition in her first carnal exploration. Her sweet, warm breath on the head of his dick had him straining toward her. For the longest time, she merely stared at his dick, then she wrapped her tiny hand around his girth, over his skivvies, and applied the sweetest pressure. Torture. The woman was fucking torturing him, whether she intended to or not. When had he lost control of this scene?

She squeezed him and seemed surprised by the strength and muscle in his dick. But she didn't squeeze his balls or go straight to pumping his cock, as an experienced woman might. Instead, her thumb began stroking the exposed ridge on the head of his cock, back and forth, and he had to reach out and grasp her hand to stop her. Now he needed to slow things down. When she looked up at him, stricken with insecurity, he smiled his encouragement.

"Kitten, what you're doing feels so good, I'm afraid I might explode before I'm ready. Let's take this a little slower, okay?"

She smiled. "Yes, Sir." He loved the sense of newfound power she exuded. This woman would make some man very happy someday with her erotic mix of kitten and tiger.

My writing style is more of a SERIAL than a series--complete with cliffhangers and characters who continue to work on their relationship issues in subsequent novels. (Yes, the heroes and heroines of earlier romances will have recurring roles as they progress toward their Happily Ever Afters). So skipping any of the novel-length installments will make the subsequent romance subplots in the "serial" less enjoyable. Of course, Master Adam and Karla's first met nine years ago in Masters at Arms.

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  1. My freind, you have done it again!! Great scene. Karla is a VERY powerful young woman - and doesn't even know it..... yet! Keep up the great work.

    Linda DeCristofaro

  2. Ooooookkkkkkkkk. Wow. How you can be on your first series is unbelievable. Your writing is so focused and descriptive. I feel like a voyeur in this scene. Congrats. Good luck. Keep up the GREAT work.

  3. Great scene love the way Karla is learning her power. Good job and keep it up.


  4. I know I've said this before but how you write BDSM is so much better than what I've read before. I've read scenes that aren't engaging, that I lose interest in because it's all one sided.

    You, my friend, engage me. I want to read more. I want to see Adam's power but I want to relish Karla's discovery of her own. I want to read how she drives him crazy, pushes him to the edge. And damn if your scene here doesn't make me hope she succeeds!

    Well written!

  5. Omg! Torture Him?? Sheesh Kallypso, that was so wrong on so many levels ... I need a drink! And I love it ! Bows to you , Dam your good*grins* between you and Cherise, I don't know if my heart can take much more !

  6. Thanks, everyone! Gee, you all are good for my ego! I'm off to see if I can't torture poor Master Adam some more. And I absolutely think Karla is my favorite heroine of all time. Anyone who thinks she's some young kid just needs to come up against her. Heck, yesterday, she just about tackled Master Adam. (Of course, HE is the one who told her to train in martial arts. ) She's awesome and I think I'm going to go write a nice Shibari scene tonight. I saw the most awesome video of a Shibari presentation that just SO reminded me of how Adam would be with Karla--and how she would embrace the rope. *melt*

    And I already have major subplots for them in Nobody's Perfect, Nobody's Dream, and Nobody's Home, so you are going to continue to watch their relationship grow for a long time to come!