Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WIP IT WEDNESDAY: No sex with Karla?

Okay, I started doing Snippet Wednesdays on my Facebook page a couple weeks ago, for the readers anxiously awaiting Adam and Karla's romance (Nobody's Hero, due out in December, hopefully before Christmas). Well, this week I was working on a very hawt scene and had already gotten all my fans on FB into a frenzy, then realized Facebook might not take kindly to an adult-oriented excerpt like this one on a public page, so I decided to post here instead.

I'm not going to do a set-up, because I want to keep you guessing about what's actually going on here. But, here you go--and you're in Adam's ever-loving horny and confused head right now.

….But that was on his list of hard limits. No sex with Karla.


"Remove your t-shirt."

Fuck. Where did that come from? He wanted to recall the command as soon as it left his lips, then found himself riveted to her hands, waiting for them to move, to do his bidding. She sat upright off her heels. Good girl. She was going to leave. At least one of them still had their wits about them. This hadn't turned into the clusterfuck he'd imagined a few seconds ago.

Then, as if in slow motion, her long slender fingers wrapped around the hem of her thigh-length shirt and he watched as she slowly pulled the tee up over those sexy thighs, soon exposing the soft black curls of her mons. His cock bobbed. She continued to lift the shirt and exposed her pert breasts. Sweat broke out on his forehead as his heart hammered against his chest. In oh-so-painful slow motion, she continued the tease until she pulled the shirt over her head and discarded it onto the bed beside her.

Adam stared up at her beauty, watching her nipples grow even more erect than they had been under the shirt. Whether it was from the cold morning air or that she was as excited as he was, he didn't know. God would send him straight to hell for this, but he couldn't stop his mouth from speaking the next words. Maybe he thought he could send her running to safety.

Maybe he didn't want her to run.

"Straddle me."

*fans self* Wait till you read the REST of the scene in December!

You won't enjoy Nobody's Hero as much if you haven't read Masters at Arms and Nobody's Angel first, because Adam and Karla's relationship actually began nine years early in section one of Masters--and continued to grow in Angel.

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  1. OMG Kally that was amazing I so can't for more.

  2. whew!! hot flash (and not my usual kind) that was great Kally

  3. (*$#&*&@#*&$..... You stopped! Darn it!! Oh I SOOO can't wait to read the rest of that one. :)

  4. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! <3 LMAO!!!!!!!!!

  5. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to get the batteries out.....

  6. That wasn't a snippet, that was a fucking tease!!!! You are as bad as these men!!! Okay sorry for the bad word but well I want it to go on!!! I love it Kally and cant wait till the book comes out. -Linda

  7. Oh, Cindy Overton found me the perfect photo of Master Adam in bed! Going to add it right now!

    Um, but isn't a snippet SUPPOSED to be a tease, Linda Meza? (And I think you've been hanging around my Marines too much and need to watch your language!)

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!


  8. Argghhhh! Groans , that was just plain Mean...

  9. OH MY GOD, I need some tissue for my drooling LOL.

  10. Loved, loved it, Kally. Can't wait for the full book.

  11. i sooo can not wait for Adam's story...thank you for the tease *fans self*

  12. This is G O O D. Kind of like putting a fantasy meal in front of me. But when I go to take a bite you whip the plate from me. Cruel but addictive.

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