Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP It Wednesday: The Dance (Nobody's Hero)

For last weekend's Six Sentence Sunday, I had six sentences from a scene I'd just written (totally unedited and unresearched). Now I've reworked it a bit and thought I'd show you what it looks like now, plus give you more than six sentences to enjoy!

In the opening of this club scene, harem-girl Karla has been presented to the tribe's "sheikh," Master Adam. (A sheikh is the leader of a family or tribe, which Adam most certainly is in the Masters at Arms club family.) Karla is kneeling at his feet. This also is one of his favorite fantasies, too.) 

"Remove the veil." He'd quickly grown tired of having her face hidden from him. Even if the material was flimsy and see-through, he needed to see her eyes, her mouth, her lips.

"Permission to move, your excellency."

Move? Of course she'd need to in order to remove the veil. Why was she asking for unnecessary permission?

He sighed. "Granted."

She raised her hands, striking a dramatic pose, and the veil fell in front of her, its material further obstructing his view. Without warning, passionate Middle Eastern music blared from the nearby speakers, distracting him momentarily. He looked over at the sound system to find his partner, the quasi-sultan, grinning in his direction and doing a gesture of obeissance as he bowed toward him. Then Marc returned to where he'd left Angelina kneeling beside a small table stage-side. He sat with his slave girl between his knees and gave her an order. She looked up at him warily, then around at the others nearby, balking until Marc said something that had her face turning red at the same time as her hands reached out to undo his leathers. Adam grinned.

Karla's long, flowing veil flitted across Adam's face, drawing his attention back to her. She dipped and undulated to the music, alternately hiding her face and revealing it with the red veil. Her expression was serious, he supposed because she was concentrating on the moves—and him. She didn't take her eyes off him. The intensity of her smoldering, come-hither gaze made him feel as if she'd sucked his breath from his lungs in her aura.

What was going on in her head tonight?

She began rippling her hips, alternating between fast movements and slow ones in such a sensuous way, causing his heart rate to speed up and slow down in direct response. Her breasts spilled over the tops of the red bra cups studded with black sequins and beads, making him wish his lips were brushing over the skin there he knew to be as soft as satin. Her torso and hips rippled like waves on the ocean, riveting his attention on the beads and bangles hanging from her bra and the waistband of her skirt. He realized this was one very expensive outfit, no Halloween costume.

Where had she learned to belly dance like that—and why hadn't he known about this talent sooner? Karla lifted the veil over her head and twirled on bare feet, her hands and arms making graceful motions that caused the veil to flutter and float around her body. When she turned away from him, he watched her hips shake to the music, her hips enticing him to reach out to her and sending the bangles into frenzied motion. She took the ends of the veil and leaned back until her gorgeous cleavage came into view, then whipped the veil over both their heads and around his neck and shoulders, pulling him closer to her breasts. Just before his lips would have pressed against her jiggling mounds, she released one end of the veil and stood upright, evading his head with a sideways lunge. She stood upright and pulled the veil away from him, wrapping it around herself again. His dick raised to a full salute and he adjusted himself against the leather seat to keep from strangling his head. He nearly came in his leathers.

"Very nice, kitten," he managed to choke out. "Where did you learn to dance like that?" He waited, not sure he really wanted to know.

She giggled, damn her. He throbbed even more.
Nobody's Hero is expected to be released "around Christmas," but no later than Dec. 30. The manuscript goes to my professional editor and my beta readers this weekend (Dec. 4), so they can work their magic on it. Pre-ordering is not available, but the book will be made available first at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, then soon after at All Romance eBooks, and, in January, at BookStrand.

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  1. I can't wait to read this! It sounds like it will be as great as the first 2 stories!

  2. *drool* LOL I love this better than the six you posted Sunday! I can't wait to read this book, Kallypso!

  3. the little snippets you share but man oh man where is Christmas :) Waiting patiently like Karla for the end result.

  4. Oh, my.....fabulous excerpt....roll on Christmas!!!
    Hugs xx

  5. The collar turned out really well in the cover pic.

  6. you rock, kally, you rock!!!!!

  7. I came here looking for when Nobody's Hero would be released (all I knew was "December") and saw this excerpt. And while I was excited for the book, now I cannot WAIT! The first two were soooo good. I know the third (or is it technically the second?) will be wonderful as well. I'm following your blog now so I'll know for sure when it's out.

  8. Thanks, Heather! Earliest release date would be Dec. 23, but if I don't get it out then, it would be Dec. 28-30. Waiting to hear from my editor!

    Glad you're enjoying the series! And I think you're going to love Adam and Karla! They are--something else, when the walls finally come down for Master Adam!


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