Saturday, September 3, 2011

SixSunday: Kiss me, my non-Dom (NOBODY'S ANGEL)

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This scene is from NOBODY'S ANGEL (on sale Sept. 30). Master Marc is lying in bed with Angelina, who continues to deny she is a submissive. He thinks otherwise, so when she asks him to kiss her, he asks if it's a want or a need. She replies it's a definite need--having learned that needs are met by Marc faster than wants. Then he asks if he should kiss her as her Dom. She says he's not her Dom, so he gives her a sweet, sexy kiss--that does nothing for her. 

Then his expression changes and she knows he's going to kiss her as if he were her Dom. (A very hot display of dominance precedes this Six--thumb in her mouth, hand on her jaw opening her wide to plunder her mouth with his tongue. *fans self*) 

And then this six-sentence excerpt:

Marc pulled his tongue out just before he captured her lower lip between his teeth and tugged, causing her to release a breathless gasp. He bit her lip, not breaking the skin but hard enough to sting, bringing tears to her eyes. His hand skimmed teasingly down her jaw, over her upper chest leaving a wake of gooseflesh, only to grasp her nipple and roll it hard between his fingers, sending her hips bolting upward in response.

Angelina pulled away, panting. “I need you inside me, Marc.”

“Not yet, cara.”

Of course, Master Marc knows the difference between what Angelina wants and what she needs, like a good Dom.

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  1. kally. you are a true inspiration in this genre...I've read several of yours, just to help me rev up for my own D/s short story, a requested final addition to my Turkish Delights trilogy. you are amazing!

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  5. Super Hot!! Something tells me she learned a lot about herself in this Six!

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    Stephanie O.

  10. Very nice! This is going to be a great story. :-)

  11. Awesome as usual!! Looking forward to this book!
    Amy Durham

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  13. wendy_gurl said...

    Kally I can't wait to read all of the books and the SixSunday are some awesome teasing..

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  18. Marc is a TEASE!! Very nice six!!

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    Sue - Oz Chapter Prez of the Master Brats

  20. Thanks for all the comments! Master Marc is becoming quite the awesome Dom in my book--and in my novel, too!

    The winner of the giveaway is: JoANNA! Please send me an e-mail at, and be sure to let me know which format you'd like the book in. Then I'll be sure to send you your copy of NOBODY'S ANGEL just as soon as it's published (by Sept. 30 for sure)!