Saturday, September 24, 2011

Master Adam is Karla's First (NOBODY'S ANGEL)



NOBODY'S ANGEL Comes Out Friday!

Time for another giveaway! Please leave a comment below. (No, you don't have to give the answer to the question below--say anything you like, but INCLUDE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS!) Winner will receive a free e-copy of NOBODY'S ANGEL!  

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Well, with nearly two books in the RESCUE ME series finished, I have just written Master Adam's first sensual scene, which appears in NOBODY'S ANGEL (release date Friday, Sept. 30)! I posted a larger excerpt of the scene on my Facebook wall Saturday (scroll down to the posting below the Air Force Band links, and the excerpt is in the fifth comment).

But before you peek, can you guess what Adam will be the first to do to Karla (well, in this scene/book, at least)? 

Don't want to give much away, but "she" is Karla and we're in Master Adam's head (point of view).

She blinked several times and raised her gaze.
“I apologize for speaking so harshly. This is your first time, isn’t it?”
Karla blinked again and her eyes opened wider. After a moment, as if understanding had dawned finally, she nodded.
“Thank you for allowing me to be your first.”

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NOBODY'S ANGEL will be released on Sept. 30 at Smashwords, and at Amazon and Barnes & Noble on or after that date. Read the opening pages (and see where the the three club owners are since we left them in the introduction--MASTERS AT ARMS--in this blog post (with great photos!). 
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  1. Great post!!!

  2. I just got my hands, ok not in my hands but in my computer :-}, on Masters at Arms, will try to get it read tonight...can't wait!


  3. I took the day off so I can cuddle with Master Adam. Oh let it be the 30th already...sigh!


    Posted before I was done...that's how excited I am!!!

  5. Just got me a copy of Masters at Arms, hope to read it soon! Nice ab-tastic covers by the way ;)


  6. How sweet! You've got a new follower! Will check out Masters at Arms...

    Join me at the Rule of Three Writers' Blogfest!

  7. I'm sure Adam will be her last as well!! Oooooo getting close.....

  8. What a fabulous six Kally- the innocence...the moment of knowing what is next-

    Dawne P

  9. Yes, you left me wanting to know what he is the first at or for or whatever!!! I'm intrigued. Hope you will be telling us in weeks to come. Great six!

  10. Loved his respectful tone...this is heating up! NICE!

  11. Kally!! I said it was supposed to be Sixty Sentence Sunday, remember?? Please?? :)

    I SOOOOO can't wait for this book!

  12. Great work there Kally. I want to say my best wishes for 9/30. I will be getting a copy :-) Fabulous Six!

  13. A very gentle beginning for the onset of a kiss. Great six.

  14. Great job Kallypso. Now I want also to know what Master Adam was first at. Can the 30 be here already. :)

  15. All I can say is that I'm sure it will be worth the wait! Can't wait to get my hands on this one. Thanks for all the hard work you do for us. These are some outstanding characters - I feel like I am really getting to know them...... mmmmmm, I like that idea....!!!

    Linda D.

  16. Nice set up for what comes next. I've got Master at Arms and haven't started it yet. :( Trying to get my own writing done! I'm going to read over the coming holidays, I swear!

  17. I loved this six. Her innocence is taken away and he's thanking her for trusting him enough to take her in hand. Loved it.

  18. I love it Kally just like everything else you write and since i read your post yesterday i know what he is first at in this scene. Gotta love rope!

  19. Great SSS! I am definitely intrigued

  20. Yeah, okay, you big tease! Great six! I think he's her first Dom. Well done.

    nevadafox at gmail dot com

  21. Cannot wait until Friday!!!

    watermellie83 at gmail dot com

  22. Great six, Kally! Love that you've left us guessing!!
    Amy Durham

  23. I'm most anxious for Karla and Adam's book, but will be reading all of them!! Really enjoyed the first book and so excited for these men to find their love.

  24. Hmm, you all are not very good guessers! Well, except for Shelli, who actually read the full excerpt on Facebook.

    Of course, Adam and Karla have many more firsts together (including first Dom, Siobhan), but those will have to wait for NOBODY'S HERO (Adam and Karla's romance, due out in December).

    I just posted the full scene to my Facebook wall (it's open to the public, so you don't have to be friends--although I welcome new friends!). Go see THE REST OF THE STORY!

  25. Hmmm, could it be he will be her first hair stylist? Maybe, her first music lesson? Oh, I give up. What could it possibly be? Great six!

  26. Awesome! Thank you for the chance to win it! I loved the excerpt!! :)

  27. Hey Kally,
    Can't wait for the release of Nobody's Angel. I keep trying to read Masters but get stuck on the cover everytime. Damn those chest and abs are hot.
    I keep telling myself to get to the next page but so far it's not

  28. Thanks for Masters. I haven't kept up with reading excerpts so I still don't know the "first"
    Thanks for the change to win

  29. Ooh, Kally... this is a tough one. I bet it isn't the obvious... I was thinking first kiss, but its probably something off the wall that no one will expect, right?

  30. Good post. A sensitive master, keep writing like that and someday you may convince me to give it a try. LOL

  31. I love it, Kally. Can't wait for Friday!


  32. Thanks for the free copy, looking forward to reading it

  33. Anything for the "first" time, to me, is always the best! Great six, Kally! xo

  34. Okay, one hour before the giveaway. I think I'll tell you what Master Adam was the first at now:

    Master Adam is a master at Shibari, the Japanese martial art of rope bondage. Karla got very excited watching him do a demonstration in front of the stage one night at the club--and she shared that fantasy with Angelina, who then did a little matchmaking. So, he's been coerced into a demonstration after dinner at Master Marc's one night. He doesn't want to do it, so it starts out badly, but then he realizes he's being an ass and it's not her fault. So, he turns thing around--until the end of the scene of course, when he pulls away again. (Sexual tension!)

  35. The winner is: CELTIC AMAZON. Congrats! E-mail me at to let me know which format you want the book in (mobi, epub, pdf).

    Thanks to all who commented! There were 33 individuals in the running. Wow!

    Book comes out on Friday at Smashwords (and possibly even B&N and Amazon on that day or the next, depending on how the uploads go). Be sure to read Masters at Arms first, though!