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GUEST: Steaming Up the Pages with Cari Silverwood

Please welcome fellow BDSM erotic romance author Cari Silverwood to my blog today. I met Cari in a BDSM readers/writers Facebook group I started this summer and she is one of the contributing members and moving forces behind the group’s BDSM Authors blog, The Playroom

Cari's got a wicked sense of humor and her romances give a whole new meaning to "steamy" novels. I think you'll also fall in love with her delightfully Dominant heroes, like Theo here. *melt*

New to steampunk as a subgenre? Well, think Victorian science fiction (H.G. Wells' Time Machine or Jules Vernes' submarine). The fashion is of the Victorian era; the machinery is steam powered; and, in the case of books by authors like Cari--the sex is steamy! 

Comment (with your e-mail address!) below by 12 noon (US Eastern time) Saturday, Sept. 17, for a chance to win an e-copy of Iron Dominance.

Steaming Up the Pages

Ingredients: Sexy military men. A rich handsome ex-Air Force colonel with a penchant for dominating his woman, who also likes to keep a paternal eye on those who work for him. A man who doesn’t shirk responsibilities and tackles his problems head-on if that’s how they need being handled. 

Theo’s also a man who keeps wolfhounds for pets, fully operational tanks (aka landships) in the vehicle depot on his property, and he has an employee who’s a whiz at inventing new devices to do erotically naughty things to Claire, Theo’s newly submissive mistress.

These are some of the people of my new novel, Iron Dominance, and I’ve been thinking about the genres, or the story niches, that people feel comfortable reading in. What makes someone choose a contemporary story with, say, a James Bond type, or a navy SEAL, and yet not want to read a story that has a steampunk setting? Many of the pieces of the story jigsaw are the same…you could almost transplant the people from many action stories and they’d snuggle in fine into a steampunk. 

But I guess it all is so personal. If you want to identify with the heroine, or the female main character, some find it only possible if they’re in the ‘real’ world. Exactly how real that really is in some novels is debatable, but I understand where that opinion comes from. Though, um, men with huge cocks who can go all night and ménages with five men and one woman are more ‘real’. Hmm. Maybe I need to get out more?

And no, Theo does not have a ten-inch cock. A reciprocating sexual probe? Yes. A handy St Andrews cross installed in his cabin on his airship, the Final Rebuttal? Yes. And, yes, he also has a limitless account at Hinchcliff and Co, the well-known up-market fetish and kink shop. He hasn’t however got the inflatable toy penis in the shape of an airship because that is so tasteless. And Theo certainly also has good taste—in women, in the men he chooses to work for him, in fashion, and also in BDSM equipment. 

Of course, I would love to imagine my story as drawing new readers into the steampunk genre, but only some are likely to rise to my bait. So here I am dangling it before your noses. Nibble it, sniff it, measure it for sizeand take a bite if it appeals. The excerpt is down there. Go for it. Just don’t blame me if you get tangled up in some diabolical sexual machinery and then get spat out feeling all dizzy, hot, and bothered. 

Raised from childhood as an assassin, Claire finds her world knocked off kilter when Theo Kevonis, a rich, ex-Air Corp nobleman, rescues her from an airship crash. Being a soldier of a hostile nation she cannot reveal her identity, but Theo sinks his steely Dom fingers into her heart and soul, showing her the pleasures to be found in surrendering to his touch. Captivated, Claire cannot help but bind herself in lie after lie rather than risk losing the one man who’s ever loved her.

When her loathsome commander returns from the dead, her deceit is uncovered. Somehow, Claire must find a way to win back Theo's trust and destroy the man who threatens them both.

To purchase a copy of Iron Dominance, go to: 

Steamy Excerpt from Iron Dominance

“Stay there,” he said.

She could smell him. 

She almost opened her eyes to say something, but instead balanced there. Why she obeyed him, she wasn’t sure but it satisfied something primal, something deeply sexual. And letting go like this, made her feel safe. 

Anticipation strung her insides tight. She yearned for further caresses. Her cleft swelled. 

“Here. Raise your feet.” An article of clothing, both silken cloth and something harder, slid with muffled clicks up each leg. Theo arranged it about her torso, cool beads shifting across her breasts until the garment fitted snugly on her body. Something narrow settled between her legs. She gasped at a throb of pleasure as his fingers played in her moisture. A few more adjustments and he led her off to one side. A light flared on. “There. Open your eyes.” 

In a tall mirror, she saw herself, dressed in a black corset paneled with satin. Coming down from a halter, pearl ropes fanned out over each breast with her nipples peeking out between. A tiny skirt of chiffon, divided at the crotch, barely made it as far as her upper thighs. Lines of seed pearls undulated down the satin and a string of larger pearls dove deeply between her legs, emphasizing the split lips of her sex. She could feel it run up between the cheeks of her bottom at the back. Even as she looked, she felt a renewed throb, for every movement she made, from breath to heartbeat to shift of feet, moved the line of pearls and rubbed against her clit.

In the reflection, she saw Theo beyond her shoulder, bare-chested, the ringlets of his black hair stark against his forehead. He raised a satin and pearl choker and positioned it about her neck, clicking it into place. “And these,” he said, holding first one wrist and then the other to snick matching black satin bracelets on her wrists. “They suit you.” From the hardness, metal lurked beneath the black cloth.

Where the choker and bracelets rested on skin, her pulse rose, thumping, to the surface and reminded her of where she was, who she was with, and especially, how dangerous this could be. But…she trusted him.

To her surprise, her throat still worked, though the words seemed to stick to her tongue. “How did you know my size? Where did this come from?”

“Bought while I was away. I have a good memory, especially for someone as striking as you.” 

Which meant, he’d planned her…seduction, while she’d been planning escape. She leaned back against him, fascinated by the allure of the woman in the mirror. The heat from his body soaked into her like a glass of wine. She lifted each wrist and examined the bracelets -- identical, and each with tiny loops of steel projecting from them. 

“That’s for a chain to pass through,” he whispered, mouthing the nape of her neck. “Does it bother you? Think, before you answer.”

 “Yes…” she said slowly, fearful of being again restrained in cuffs.

“And yet?” He pressed a hand against her stomach, holding her against him, making her feel the rigid line of his cock. The pearls slid in her juices, pressing, rolling over her clit and anus. She let out a whimper. “Ahh. You feel them working on you.” He chuckled. “And yet?” 

And yet the idea of it, of being restrained by Theo, held a strange and deadly fascination. She shied away from that thought, and shook her head. “And nothing.”

“Ah-h. I can see my first project will be to get you talking more.”

She stood there in silence. The fear she felt came intertwined with lust in almost everything that Theo did to her. Taking her by the shoulders, he moved her to face him, gray eyes inches away, then his mouth descended, covering hers, devouring her. She breathed in his breath, letting him do as he willed. One broad hand held the base of her neck, the other splayed over the curve of her buttocks. His fingers wrapped around the pearl rope running between her legs, tightening it. Desire ran rampant through her, surging higher with every tiny movement of his lips on hers, and the rub of the pearls on her pussy and nipples.

When she put her hands to the belt of his pants, he reached between their bodies, snared both her wrists and pulled them round to the small of her back where he held them with one hand. Again, the pearls shifted. She bit her lip, a moan escaping her as she arched.

Eyes shut, she heard a soft animal-like growl.

“Claire, if you’re not damn careful, I’ll eat you up.” 

What? She opened her eyes a slit, still panting, to see that he’d stepped away a little, angling his stance so as to observe her. 

His gaze brushed her, lingering on her breasts before he locked on her eyes. “Last chance. Do you want to stop? Are you too sore? It might cause me irreparable harm, but I can stop.” Then he eyed her darkly, as if he’d liked to do exactly what he’d threatened to -- eat her up.

The pain of the bruise at her neck had faded to nothing in spite of the choker. With her whole being, she yearned for more of him. He inflamed her past bearing and knowing that he watched her, swept her excitement to another level.

She licked her lips, aware of her wrists still caught behind her and the display of her body. God, if he didn’t do more than this, she’d surely burst. 

“No,” she said huskily. “Don’t stop.”


Ah, how he tormented her. “Please.”

“Over here then.” Still gripping her wrists he urged her toward the bed, to kneel by the side of it, and lie face down across the quilt with her bottom up. He spread her hands, palm down over each cheek of her buttocks.

“Don’t move,” he whispered in her ear. “And I won’t have to tie you.”

Tie me? She almost let go at that. Was this what she wanted? But he held his hands over hers a moment. She stayed there. 


His fingers trailed over the backs of her hands, over the ends of her fingernails, and down her thighs. She quivered, sucking in air through the quilt bunched beneath her mouth.

“Spread your legs, Claire.”

She shifted them, feeling even more exposed, a breeze caressing her engorged labia. He traced down the line of pearls, reached her wet cleft and followed deeper where the pearls seemed to have sunk into her flesh. Slick and wet. The scent of her lust reached her. Slowly he went farther until he reached her clit. He circled it, teasing, making her shift her bottom to place the finger just right.

About Cari Silverwood

Though I’d much rather stay invisible and spin you all tales with my words, here’s a little snippet of my world.

I have a lovely family, with the prerequisite teenager who dwells in the dark bedroom catacombs, a husband who raises eyebrows when he catches glimpses of what I write, and a furry menagerie of other animals barking meowing, and swimming about the place. 

Before writing the novel Three Days of Dominance I had never dipped my little toes in the hot and lust-swirled sea of erotica. Now every time I turn around there’s someone begging me to write down their story in the most lurid way. I’m sure I don’t know where my people learnt their morals. They’re quite adamant about teaching me creative new ways of making love. So, I doubt I’ll run out of ideas anytime soon. 

And, dammit, I can’t seem to stop reading other erotic romance and erotica authors either. I have come over to the dark side. Someone please find me a candle...and some rope. 'Cause if Darth Vader's here, I'm going to see if he's up for some bondage and wax play.

My Web site, if you’re curious about my other evil pursuits:


  1. good, spunky interview. A delicious excerpt as well. It would appear that Ms Silverwood has a good seller in Iron Dominance :)

    Brenda Ross

  2. Oh, wow... this looks like it could be lots of fun! Fantastic post, and wonderful excerpt!

  3. OK. I stopped just before the excerpt. I will go back and read it momentarily. I did read the synopsis and it sounds very interesting.

    I will be honest and say that I've NEVER read steampunk before. Why? I basically have no idea what is meant by "steampunk." When it comes to books, there are so many out there in different areas that I am familiar with, why mess with a good thing, right?

    Now, having said that, you've gotten my attention so back up I go to read the excerpt. :)

  4. Riane and others new to the steampunk subgenre, it started in fantasy, sci-fi, and other genres in the 1980s and 1990s. It's a rather new subgenre for Romance, but picking up steam! :) I added the third paragraph to my introduction above to help others understand it a bit better before they delve into Cari's blog.

  5. Enjoyed the excerpt - sounds like a great read and a good genre for you.

  6. Hi there people :) I should add that if you want to be in the draw for a copy.

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  7. I know everyone so far, Cari, so no worries. I will hunt them down! :)But I'll go back and edit the blog accordingly!

    Yes, I want to win! :)

  9. Holy hot sauce batman! I love love love the outfit she is wearing, really, you did a fantastic job with detail and gave it that extra naughty umphf that will make it stay in my memory. :)

  10. Oh Ann, you know the way to my heart. :)
    Thank you for that compliment. My first reviewer on Goodreads fell in love with my costumes too. I should steal them for myself. You haven't seen the sexy jacket yet either.That's what I really want for ME. :P

  11. Very nice, Cari! I like the pearls. :-) Looking forward to this!!

    email (dot) kimmie (at) yahoo (dot) com

  12. When I finally learn to make a corset correctly, I am going to try to recreate the one you describe, so I want to win. Love wolfhounds.
    Great interview Cari.

  13. I love this snippet - and I still think your cover is amazing. I hope to win, but no matter what, I'm gonna get this book. :) Can't wait to be a steampunk virgin no longer.


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  17. I usually tell people to think of the ambience of The Golden Compass for an idea of SteamPunk. And Cari, I just finished Iron Dominance. Wow! *fanning self* Wonderful story!

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  19. Um wow, you just made my day, Cherise :)
    So glad you liked it. *happy dancing*

    Jet, I have this thing about getting my men to get inventive. You have NO idea what some of them get up to Pearls are just for starters.

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    kat ;)

  21. Yes, Paws, definitely need your e-mail address because I don't recognize you by that name and your profile didn't have any info. Thanks!

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  25. Ohh, Mrs Z thank you, lovely comment, but then you didn't leave your email...maybe Kallypso knows you?

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  27. And the winner of IRON DOMINANCE is:

    Trisha Welch!

    Please allow some time for Cari to contact you. She lives in Oz and it will be a bit before it's morning there.

    Thanks to everyone who commented and who stopped by to read Cari's guest blog and made her feel so welcome!

    And thanks, Cari, for stopping by to do this!


  28. I sent Trisha an email but no response yet. Check your spam trisha :)