Friday, September 30, 2011

Nobody's Angel is Available Now! Here's the Playlist

If it's Sept. 30, it must be release day for Nobody's Angel, book 2 in the Rescue Me series (and my first actual Romance novel). 

Before I give you the links to purchase (or to download the first few chapters at Smashwords), please be sure you read Masters at Arms first. It's the introduction to the series and will make the reading of the romances SO much better if you know where these three men came from and how they formed their bond that led to starting their BDSM Club. (And two of them actually met their ladies in that book.) For a free download of Masters at Arms, use coupon code QV99H at Smashwords (good through Oct. 10).

(Keep scrolling down--the playlist for the book
is included in this blog. Hope it inspires you, too!)

Yes, the cocky, wealthy playboy Dom, Marc D'Alessio, is about to be brought to his knees by Angelina Giardano, who will breach his defenses. The Italian woman (you know that's one of the hard limits for Marc to begin with) will force him to break all of the rules that have kept his life on an even keel (and his heart under his control). 

The short description for Nobody's Angel:

When Marc d'Alessio rescued beautiful Angelina Giardano from an abusive Dom at his fetish club, he never imagined she'd upend his safe, controlled world. Then his search-and-rescue partner, widower Luke Denton, tells him Angelina is the angel his dead wife has sent to him to move on with his life. Marc knows only he can fulfill Angelina's sexual needs, but he can't provide her with the love and stability she should have. He also won’t let her come between him and his friend, after what happened with his brother and the first woman he loved. When the abusive Dom turns his sights on Angelina again, she turns to Marc for protection…and learns a submissive has power, too.

Nobody's Angel is available at
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Playlist for Nobody's Angel
Now for some fun. As those who follow me on Facebook and Twitter know (and if you don't--send me a friend/follow request!), I am inspired by music when I write. Each character has his or her theme songs, and certain songs evoke the emotions of particular scenes or characters. So, I thought I'd share the "playlist" for Nobody's Angel

Master Marc's theme song is heartbreaking, but exactly how he feels. Of course, Marc was born and lived his first decade in the Lombardy region of Italy, so he has no trouble understanding the Bocelli version. For those (like me!) who don't understand the Italian, the English lyrics are at the bottom of this blog post. (Por Amor, by Andrea Bocelli)

Master Marc loves the wilderness. He can't stand being confined inside running a business, so he hired a manager for his outfitter company and he takes care of the adventure treks for clients. This song inspired a particular scene with him where he has an epiphany, but also just epitomizes what he gets from his time in the wilderness. (To the Wild Country, by John Denver. Just replace Alaska with Colorado--even if there is an extra syllable.) 

Angelina Giardano gave BDSM a try once, to disastrous results. While she wants nothing more to do with exploring that lifestyle, she is plagued by an angel-man-wolf who comes to her in her dreams and rescues her from her bad scene. And then she meets Marc D'Alessio and can't understand why he reminds her so much of her dream lover. (Daydreams, by Jane Olivor)

But this song speaks to Angelina, as well, as well as to the book itself. Angels are a theme in this book, from start to finish!  (Angel, by Sarah McLachlan)

Luke Denton's wife died seven years ago in an accident that also took the life of a Search-and-Rescue worker he later discovers was Angelina's father. He's been plagued with guilt ever since, but his wife has come to him in a dream to tell him she is sending him an angel; it's time for him to move on. When he meets Angelina soon after, he's certain she's the one. (No One, by Mark Anthony)

Now for some specific scenes. When Angelina's father died, she later donated his beloved Dean Martin collection to her friend, Rico, for his bar's vintage jukebox. A few days before his death, her papa taught her to dance to Volare and when Marc chooses that song to dance to with her, she's brought to tears. (Volare, by Dean Martin)

He follows up with "You belong to Me," which conjures up thoughts of domestic death for Angelina. No way does she want to be some traditional Italian man's idea of the ideal wife. Not that she knows him well enough to know what he would expect in a wife. She figures her biological clock is on overdrive. (You Belong to Me, Dean Martin)

When all hope is lost, this song spoke to me (and Master Marc). This video isn't about romantic love, but it's the lyrics I love. (Goodbye, by Air Supply)

In a favorite scene of mine, Karla sings this at the club one night. While the words apply to her and Master Adam (as most of her songs do, not that he'd notice), Angelina's heart has been broken by Master Marc and they mean a lot to her, too. (Spellbound, by Lacuna Coil, an Italian Goth rock band--this was the closest I could get to correct lyrics, but they still messed up on them)

Nobody's Angel will give the Master Adam and Karla fans some delightful (and tragic) glimpses into their fledgling, still one-sided relationship. In the beginning of the book, she is singing this song to him at the club. While she was his siren at the end of Masters at Arms during her audition, he clearly is the siren spoken of in most of this song--touch me not. (Song to the Siren, by Sinead O'Connor) 

A little later in the story, Karla is singing this song to Master Adam during a scene orchestrated by Master Marc that was so much fun to write, and where I got my first glimpse of Luke as a Dom. *melt* (Poison, by Beyonce) 

Master and Adam's relationship will take a major turn in this book. This song works as a theme for them both in parts, but I hear Karla in most of the lyrics. both of them are guardians--and you will find out in Nobody's Angel why she followed him to Lake Michigan that cold Thanksgiving Day nine years ago--and why she was compelled to tell him she loved him. This song inspired several scenes in this book. *chills* (Guardian Angel, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)

And here are the English lyrics to Por Amor, Master Marc's song and a theme song for Nobody's Angel, as well.

FOR LOVE (Por Amor)

I know your road,
every step you will make,
your closed anxieties and emptiness,
stones you will dismiss
without ever thinking that,
like rock, I return in you…
I know your every breath,
all you do not want.
You know well you do not live,
you cannot recognize it,
and it would be as if
this fiery sky
were to fall back within me
like a scene on an actor…

For love,
have you ever done anything
only for love?
Have you ever defied the wind and
cried out,
divided the heart itself,
paid and bet again,
behind this obsession
that remains only mine?

For love,
have you ever run breathless
for love,
lost and started again?
And you have to say now
how much of yourself you have
how much you have believed
in this lie,
and it would be as if
this river in flood
rose up again to me
like Indian ink to the artist.

For love,
have you ever spent everything,
reason, your pride, 
up to the tears?
You know tonight I remain.
I have no pretext,
only an obsession
that is still strong and mine
inside the soul you tear away.
And I tell you now,
sincere with myself,
how much it costs to know
you are not mine,
and it would be as if
all this sea
drowned in me


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