Sunday, October 16, 2011

Six Sunday: Master Marc Tells About Going OFP

This is an excerpt from my recent release, Nobody's Angel, where Master Adam has finally gotten Master Marc where he wants him and is trying to get some answers from the emotionally blocked Master Marc.

The Grant mentioned is a fellow Marine and now Mistress Grant, a Domme at the Masters at Arms Club. (Her book will be Nobody's Home, number six in the Rescue Me series, and due out by September/October of next year. That'll be my first FemDom book--and her alpha malesub is going to be the perfect match for her. They served together in a Black Ops organization of some type for several years after Grant's and his regular stints in the service ended.)

In this scene, Master Adam is reading Master Marc the riot act for lying to Angelina (a no-no for good Doms). Adam's also grilling Marc on why he's been so messed up lately and Marc's unloading all kinds of things, including a time in his past when he went OFP with a woman in a BDSM scene. (OFP is a Marine term meaning Own Fucking Plan, where you don't follow the set plan or mission but do what you want. In this context, it's the result of not renegotiating a scene, even though he hadn't been with the woman for a couple of years. He's remembering the scene in Masters at Arms where the gold digger Melissa shows up on his doormat and the resulting orgasm torture scene I shared in this blog a couple months ago.)

We're in Marc's point-of-view, but Adam is speaking first.

"Doesn't sound as harsh as the punishment I'd have given her for that stunt at Gino's funeral, but I find most subs aren't traumatized by a good paddling or a little orgasm torture—once it's over anyway."

Marc remembered a demonstration in the club's medical room where Adam and Grant had shown the technique to a younger Dom who wanted to try orgasm torture on his sub. Grant, who had served with Marc's Marine recon unit, wouldn't bottom for anyone but her former top sergeant, Adam. But if she hadn't been restrained so securely on that table, Adam could have kissed goodbye the ability to ever obtain an erection again, because she'd have delivered a well-placed kick to his cock and balls—somewhere after about the fifth orgasm in ten or fifteen minutes.

He realized Adam was waiting for him to continue. "I went OFP that night." 

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  1. What a scene Kally...intense with a tad bit of realism- great job

    dawne P

  2. Maybe Master Adam could demonstrate that little technique sometime in, maybe, the next book? *EG* Great 6!

  3. Excellent scene Kally. Could defifintely feel the intensity in there. And ouch for him if she ever gets her foot free. Loved it.

  4. I'm so looking forward to reading this! It's next in my TBR pile. ;) Great six.

  5. Very sexy six, great teasing snippet!

  6. Wow, Kallyso. Very creative ideas you have. Besides that, your covers are sexy and I liked seeing your inspiration photos. Gotta wonder what Mark Harmon would think about being an inspiration for a bdsm novel. LOL.

  7. Okay, I already love him. But hey, that photo doesn't hurt!

  8. Kally! I just finished Nobody's Angel this morning! I loved this scene, not only for what Marc revealed about himself, but for the glimpse we got of Adam's character! Looking forward to the next book already!

  9. Nice set up! I like Grant already. Great six!

  10. Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

    Oh, Kristin, I think that can be arranged. (Poor Karla. Well, poor might not be the right word. Then again, since she's just declared war on him, he may need to win a few more battles so he doesn't appear to be weak against her. LOL)

    Cara, someone said I should send Mark Harmon copies of the books. (Like I have his e-mail or something. I did look to see if he was on Twitter yesterday. No. LOL) But I think I'll just let this be our little secret. However, you have to admit, Adam Montague is about as honorable as they come. (Damn it. If he wasn't he'd have Karla in his bed--well, again.)

    Glad you liked it, Amy! Hope you do, too, Siobhan/Meg!

    And Cherie, Mistress Grant is going to be a lot of fun. I did let her appear in an interview with Master Luke this week (at the Book Pimps' Reviews blog, posted link on my FB wall). First time she's spoken since Fallujah!