Saturday, October 8, 2011

Six Sunday: A Dom is Born

This is from a fun scene at the Masters at Arms club in the recently released Nobody's Angel. Angelina and Marc have broken up, but Luke has agreed to escort her to the club's costume night. She's been ordered by Master Adam to wear the sexy nurse's outfit which was among the costumes he bought for her earlier that day on a shopping excursion with Karla. 

Luke, a Texan, is dressed as a cowboy. Angelina thinks she's gotten the upper hand with him when he gave her the choice of kneeling at his feet or sitting in his lap. She's straddled him and has successfully gotten a rise out of him. But that wasn't part of the "script" for tonight's scene and Luke is about to gain control.

Until now, Luke hasn't exerted any "Dom" control over Angelina and really hasn't shown his dominant nature much, being in Marc's shadow. And, so, a Dom is born. Oh, he calls her "Angel." And we're in her point of view.

"On your knees, Angel."

The forcefulness of the command took her off guard. "But I thought—"

"I said kneel. Don’t make me repeat myself."


Ka-thunk is how Karla described to Angelina the feeling she got when she watched Adam practicing Shibari rope bondage on Grant at the club, and Angelina thought it perfectly described that feeling where a sub's stomach drops when a Dom, well, goes Dom on her. 

This author, for one, can't wait to see the newest Dom at the Masters at Arms Club in a scene wearing leathers and exerting control over his skittish filly!

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  1. I'll be his skittish filly. Hot damn!!!! :-D

  2. Looks like Blogger's comments feature is funky today. I'm going to miss the comments! Feel free to comment on my Facebook wall. (It's public, open, just subscribe to or friend me!)

    Thanks, all! And thanks to all who have purchased Nobody's Angel. More than 350 copies sold in the first week. Woot! My readers are the best!


  3. I'm going to try and leave a message here Kally- fingers crossed

    FABULOUS SSS- short, to the point and VERY visual with limited words

    Dawne P

  4. Short but succinct. Sounds like he will show her who's boss. Great post.

  5. Glad to see some comments are getting through! Sometimes I get notices in e-mail, but they don't show up here. Good thing it's not a giveaway this week, or it would be very stressful for us all!

    Thanks! Glad you like it.

  6. Very hot! I love a man who takes charge.

  7. KA-Thunk is right! *fans herself* very hot scene!

  8. Ka-thunk indeed! Hotness! Great six!

  9. WOOH! Command me, Master!! GREAT!

  10. Ka-thunk!!! is what I feel when I look at him.....
    Cassie M