Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Non-Six Sunday: Master Adam binds Karla

Six Sentence Sunday is on a break today, so this chica is going to go wild and give you a mega-excerpt from Nobody's Angel. I've been working on Master Adam and Karla's romance (Nobody's Hero--due out in December). You can keep up with my daily progress with the meter at the upper-righthand side of my blog. I'd say Adam and Karla are the favorites of 90 percent of my readers, so, when I asked which scene to post here today, a Facebook reader asked me to share this one.

You've read the beginning of this scene in a couple of my recent Six Sentence Sunday blogs, but now you'll get to read the rest of it. This was the first time I'd written a BDSM scene for Adam and Karla (separately or together), so it was very revealing for the author, as well. My characters don't reveal much to me until I place them in a scene. Then, watch out! (Oh, Karla's not singing in this scene, but she IS wearing this top. Yesterday, while working on Nobody's Hero, Adam commented to her that he likes her in red. Needless to say, she's heading to Denver's "hootchie shops" on Broadway soon to do some shopping!)

"Thank you, Sir." Adam heard the catch in her voice.

Aw, hell. She sounded as if she'd been crying. Feeling like a heel, Adam slung the rope over his shoulder and walked around to stand in front of her. This most likely was Karla's first time in bondage of any kind and he wasn't even treating her with the respect he'd show a favorite dog. Time to put his wants and needs on a back burner and focus on the wannabe sub standing before him.

He placed his finger under her chin, and tilted her head up to meet his gaze, but she kept her eyes averted. He cupped her cheeks and used his thumb pads to wipe away the tears. She must have found waterproof mascara, because there was no trail this time, as there had been so many times before when she'd cried. He grinned.

"Look at me, Karla."

She blinked several times and raised her gaze.

"I apologize for speaking so harshly. This is your first time, isn't it?"

Karla blinked again and her eyes opened wider. After a moment, as if understanding finally dawned, she nodded.

"Thank you for allowing me to be your first. I'll do better binding your arms than I did your hair. I promise."

When she smiled, the vise that had constricted his heart for nearly a decade began to loosen a bit. His groin only grew tighter, but he had enough control over his body not to let his dick rule his other head.

He knew he was supposed to be demonstrating for the others, but his focus shifted to Karla. Only Karla. Her big blue eyes looked at him with so much trust.

"As I'm tying, don't let me pull further than your comfort level. If it hurts or is too tight, just say 'yellow" and I'll back up a bit. You understand that pain isn't the goal here?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good girl." Her smile quavered and he tried to keep his attention away from her lips. He stroked her bare arms in long, gentle strokes. "I want you to relax. Take a slow, deep breath and release all the tension from your body."

Adam watched her breasts rise as she followed his instructions, visibly relaxing her shoulders and arms. He took a slow deep breath of his own.

"The technique I'm going to use is called Teppou. It means gun because, when I'm finished, the shape of the tie and the placement of your hands will look like a gun slung diagonally across your back. Now, are you ready?"

"Yes, Sir. Thank you."

Her appreciation before he'd even started warmed some cold place inside him. "Good. I want you to embrace the rope. Find release through restraint. I think you'll understand more as we go along. Give me your right wrist."

She presented her arm to him, a most precious gift, and he accepted it, taking her delicate wrist in his hand. Her skin was cool and he wrapped his hand around her tiny wrist a moment to infuse his warmth into her.

Taking the rope from his shoulder, he released her wrist and made a single-column tie, secure but not tight. He stepped behind her and lifted her arm until it was at a forty-five degree angle, her fingertips pointing toward the corner of the ceiling. He supported her outstretched upper arm just below her elbow, took the loose end of the rope, and pulled, gently drawing her wrist backward and down as if she were reaching behind her to draw a bow from a quiver. The gracefulness of the movement and the trust she placed in him touched him beyond words.

"Are you okay?"

She nodded.

Adam pulled her elbow out, away from her face, and bound her wrist to her upper arm. Her flesh trembled—or was it his own fingers? Once he had secured the tie there, he took her left hand and gently twisted it behind her back, extending it upward until it was directly below her other hand, separated by about six inches, with her palm facing outward.

"Are you in any pain or discomfort?"

"No, Sir."

"If you become uncomfortable, what do you say?"

"Yellow, Sir."

"Good girl."

Adam pulled the end of the rope from her upper arm and wrapped it around her forearm and then around her upper arm. He adjusted the rope, pulling tighter as he repositioned her upper elbow to keep the line of the "gun" right, and made several more loops around the right arm and elbow.

She had an incredibly flexible body, probably because she was still so young. She would make an excellent demonstration partner at the club.

Fuck. Like that was going to happen.

He brought the rope back down to her lower arm, weaving it through the pattern numerous times and making quick work of the remaining loops. The sooner he finished, the better. He secured the end and his hand caressed the ropes and her hands. "Beautiful, pet."

Realizing how he'd addressed her, he was shocked out of the scene. He circled around to stand in front of her. Her breasts were pushed out even more from the position of her arms, nipples hard, pressing against the bra cups of the low-cut top. If he'd thought this position would be less intimate, he'd been sorely mistaken.

"You did well, hon." He cupped her cheek and she leaned into him, closing her eyes and causing his dick to throb.

Angelina whispered, "If I smoked, I'd want a cigarette right now. That was incredibly…hot."

Adam turned in time to see Marc swat her backside and whisper, "Quiet, cara. Don't intrude on their scene."

Adam cleared his throat. "It wasn't a scene, just a demonstration." He saw the hurt in Karla's face, but needed to put some distance between them again. Stepping away, he said, "Marc, take a picture for Karla to see later."

Because I don't plan on having another demonstration with her anytime soon.

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  1. Long-ass Six, but it was mentioned un-official SSS. I read it through and I really liked it! :-)

  2. LOL--yeah, that's why it's the NON-SSS. We don't have a limit this week. :)

    Thanks for reading it, Ray!


  3. I read very little BDSM romances because the scenes just aren't... easy to stomach. Yet, I read this scene and could see the emotions between them, could see the care he put into binding her. His tenderness at the end was incredibly revealing, as was his thoughts of ever doing a demonstration with her again.

    I can't wait for this book to come out. :)

  4. Thank you, miriamsmyth! I am very much a "gateway to BDSM" writer. I'm intrigued by the emotions and psychology of it all and always write "safe, sane, and consensual" scenes. I learned a LOT about Adam in writing this scene, though--and can't wait to get them into another such scene. Maybe I'll go write one now!