Saturday, April 7, 2012

Six Sunday: Hey, chica! (Nobody's Perfect)

This is just a little later in the scene I pulled my Six from last week, an unedited Six from Nobody's Perfect (due out in late May 2012). Savi has shown up on Damian's doorstep. He's trying to determine what brought her to him, battered and bruised. At one point, he comments that he liked her better as a blonde, which he remembers from when they first met eight years earlier. Of course, a month earlier when he came upon her by accident, she was a brunette. Now she's a red head. He asked why she changed it.

She hadn't been a blonde in eight years. “None of your business.”

His irritation showed as he leaned toward her and she tried not to let him intimidate her, but he did. 

“Hey, chica, you just showed up on my doorstep out of nowhere, beaten up and on the run. You’re the one who asked me for help, so don’t go getting all defensive. I’m just trying to figure out what the hell’s going on.”

Excerpt from NOBODY'S  PERFECT © Kallypso Masters, 2012

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  1. Good for him. :) Can't wait for this one.

  2. Damn it! I can't wait for this one! Hurry up and write, woman!


    PS-Seriously, I'm going to start poking you!

  3. I agree.. I want more snippets from Savi and Damian's book :)

  4. Awesome six...would definitely like to read more. I like that he sounds as if he doesn't take any crap!

  5. I love these two....I hope he able to break through to her, and keep her and her daughter safe.

  6. A lot of tension already. Great six! :)

  7. Great six, Kally! I really liked how you pulled in her hostility and his frustration. It told us so much in just a few short lines. Well done. Have fun at RT! :)

  8. Oh my! Nice set up of tension. Love it.

  9. Wonder what's happened? Pulled me in!

  10. As usual Kally! I love it, but is not enough! Have a great week!

  11. Some one is feeling a wee bit defensive. Nice lesson in physics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Good job.

  12. These snippits are all well and good but we REALLY NEED the next book. When will we get to read about Damian and Savi??

  13. Love the tension! I wish it was May already. Great six,Kally!!