Sunday, March 25, 2012

Six Sunday: Savannah's Torture (Masters at Arms)

WARNING: This scene includes a description of an incest victim's torture. 

This week's Six Sunday blog is much darker than my previous ones, because I am immersed right now in writing Nobody's Perfect, which will finally bring healing and justice for my most broken character, Savannah Gentry, from Masters at Arms. (See below for a link to a free copy if you haven't read it. I also will post a link for survivors seeking healing of their own.) 

A 19-year-old incest victim in this scene, by the time she reappears eight years later in the series in a scene in Nobody's Hero, she will have become Savi Baker and learned to cope and heal many parts of her abusive past.  

But there is one abuse session that has been burned into her memory and is something she hasn't been able to share with her therapist or anyone. As I prepare to write the scenes where Damián will discover what she refers to as "her shame," I went back to reread the scene in Section Two of Masters at Arms. It's written as backstory even in the prequel, because it's so horrific, but it's necessary to see where she has been in order to appreciate how far she has come--and to take her the rest of the way home to healing her psyche and her body, merging them again so that she can have the life she deserves. Here's Savannah at nineteen. The readers on my author page on Facebook are helping me find a model/image to age her to the 27/28 she will be in Nobody's Perfect.

Setup: She is sitting in a restaurant with her father's business partner and henchman, who is reminding her of her place, her shame, as they wait for two potential clients who will be allowed to use her body in a torture scene that night to help cement a business relationship. I've stopped short of the most graphic memories, because you may not have come here expecting that from me. The speaker is Lyle.

"...They’re going to love finding your secret. They love shit like that.”

When Lyle’s words registered, bile rose in her throat. If she’d eaten today, she’d have vomited. Last month, Lyle had restrained her face down on her father’s desk in the home that should have been her haven. Her legs had been spread open and secured, while her father’s weight held her down so she would remain still enough. 

The good news is that a retired Marine has given me a scenario for Nobody's Perfect that will include a justice scene for Savi. There's nothing like a little Marine justice--but throw in a sadist and it really will be very satisfying, if long overdue.

For those seeking help to heal their own abusive pasts, please go to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network for resources)

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  1. Kally,
    As a rape survivor myself, I commend you for how you've handled Savi's story so far (in Masters at Arms, and in the lines you are feeding us ever so sloooooowly!).
    Can't wait until Nobody's Perfect is out. What a great title. My healinig truly began when I could say out loud, "It wasn't my fault. It wasn't my fault." And let go of my need to hold it all together in front of everyone else.

    1. Thanks for sharing and I'm so glad you are a survivor, Lauren. I know it never totally goes away, but getting to where we can trust and love someone is a huge thing, as I also know.

      And, much like where your healing began, it will be so for Savi. She still has those negative messages and names going through her head and Damian will use some very inventive ways of helping her release those inaccurate messages and to redirect them to more positive ones. Very intense--and I'm not saying it's a replacement for therapy, but she's really stuck in her sexual healing and I think it works for her. Of course, she's also a social worker with a friend/mentor who is a psychologist. So, she has a support network.

      Take care and your sharing your story probably helped others who came here today. Thanks for your bravery and honesty.

      I expect to have Nobody's Perfect out by the week of May 21, if all the edits go well. Thanks for reading the series!


  2. I can't wait to see some Marine justice for Savi!

  3. Poor girl! It's like I felt what she had gone through. Great SSS!

  4. Oh yeah, I remember that scene and how sickening it was to read, how much I ached for her. Intense and well-written to get the full impact across, Kally.

  5. Wow, I really feel for her. What a horrible experience. I love how you bring up the sanctuary. It's fantastic contrast for what happens there.

  6. Thanks for stopping by, everyone, and indulging me as I reconnected with Savannah's pain to help me write her journey to a happily ever after!


  7. Thanks for stopping by and indulging me as I got in tune with Savannah's pain. Now back to writing her a happily ever after!


  8. Wow. Intense six. I hope she gets her HEA!