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Guest Blog: Siobhan Muir's Fredrick MacGregor Visits with Kally in Savannah

While vacationing in Savannah, Ga., this week, I took an opportunity to interview Fredrick MacGregor, the hero in Siobhan Muir's new release, Her Devoted Vampire. (It's always nice to put those journalism skills I learned in college to work again!) I was fascinated when Bridget told me Fredrick lived an alternative lifestyle—thinking perhaps he was a local Dom and might provide me with some insights into some of my own Doms. Well, imagine my surprise!

Fredrick reclined in a plush leather chair at the Laughing Dog Pub and awaited his visitor as the early evening settled around Savannah. He loved the feeling of the old pub he’d converted into a coffee shop. The sense of history seeped through the brass fixtures and ornate furniture, and he had lived much of it.
Focus on why you’re here.
He’d come for two reasons. The first was to check on the employees after he’d changed operations managers. But the second trumped the first in importance.
Bridget had told him that Kallypso Masters, an up and coming author of BDSM novels, wanted to speak with him about how he’d met his lady. When he’d asked Bridget why she didn’t speak with Kallypso herself, she’d laughed and tried to distract him with a smoldering kiss.
“Charm her,” Bridget had said with a wink. “You’re good at that. That way, she’ll write good things about us.” Then she’d grinned. “When else will she get the chance to meet a real vampire?”
“More often than anyone knows,” he’d grumbled, but Bridget had insisted.
So here he sat, getting ready to tell a complete stranger the most intimate story of his life.
Tinkling bells over the door told him someone new had arrived and his gaze fell on the attractive woman who stepped inside, a curious and admiring expression on her face. Short, chestnut hair framed a kind face with eyes that showed a bit of the devil, with a keen intelligence mixed in. A smile curled Fredrick’s lips. She reminded him of Bridget when she chased after an accounting problem.
He watched the woman inquire after him at the counter, only to be directed to where he sat waiting for her. As she approached, he rose and offered her a polite smile.
“Mr. MacGregor?” she asked. Her voice had just a bit of a southern twang, calling up memories of southern belles.
“Yes. You must be Kallypso Masters. Quite a name you have.”
Her smile enlivened her face and he found himself glad he’d come. “Thank you. Kallypso means 'one who hides.'” She gave him an enigmatic look. Apparently he wasn't the only one with secrets.
“Please, join me.” Fredrick gestured to the other plush chair. “Can I get you anything?”
“No, thank you. I’m fine.” She removed her jacket and sat back in the chair, giving a little gasp of delighted surprise as she snuggled back into the soft upholstery. “Wow. It completely hugs your body!”
Pride bloomed in Fredrick’s chest at her pleasure. “The Laughing Dog Pub has always been known for its creature comforts. I’m glad you approve.”
“Oh, I definitely do.” She reached into her bag and withdrew a journalist's notebook and an ornate ink pen.
I thought all writers used tablets and laptops these days.
“Now then, I wanted to thank you for meeting me, Mr. MacGregor. I really appreciate it.”
“You’re welcome, Ms. Masters.”
“You can call me Kally.” She waved away the title.
“Very well, Kally. And you may address me as Fredrick, if you prefer.”
Kally beamed and crossed one leg over the other, swinging one heeled foot in time with a beat only she heard. Or perhaps she was more nervous than she was letting on.
“Tell me how you and your lady, Bridget, met.”
Right to the point. He liked that. “Actually, it was in a coffee shop like this. She’d been looking for respite from a dark and dreary day, and I’m eternally grateful she found succor in one of my coffee houses.” He smiled with the memory of Bridget sitting alone at her table. “She’d forgotten her book on her table when she left and I felt it was my duty to return it to her.”
“It’s nice to know chivalry isn’t dead after all,” Kally remarked, smiling.
Dead is a matter of definition.
“I assure you, it is not in our household.”
Kally sighed wistfully. “What made you notice Bridget?”
“At first? Her hair. There’s something about red-heads that has always attracted my eye.” He widened his smile without showing his elongated canines. No point in frightening her. “Your hair shares some of the qualities of hers.”
Kally ran a hand through her short locks. “Thank you. Was that all you noticed—about Bridget, I mean?”
“No. I’d seen Bridget many times before.” No need to tell her how I saw her. “But it wasn’t until she left her book that I found an excuse to talk to her.”
“You don’t strike me as shy, Fredrick.”
“Not so much shy as cautious. I live a specific lifestyle and it’s not wise to show it to everyone. I’m sure you understand.”
Kally raised her eyebrows, but nodded. “I write about people in a particular alternative lifestyle, if that's what you mean." She grinned and he wondered what lifestyle she wrote about. "I understand Bridget was mugged the night you met.”
Well, he'd have to explore that later. Kally was like a dog with a bone. “Yes.” Anger and chagrin shot through Fredrick at his inability to detect the muggers before they’d grabbed Bridget that night. He’d dealt with the bastards, but it still rankled.
Some protector you turned out to be.
“And then you kidnapped her. Why was that?”
“I didn’t kidnap her.” It came out more harshly than he’d intended and Kally leaned away from his snarl. “That was a misunderstanding on Bridget’s part. I’d brought her home to care for her.”
“And wouldn’t let her go.”
“She was in no condition to travel after the mugging. It was safer for her to stay with me.”
She would’ve been safe with you if it wasn’t for– No, don’t think about that!
Kally nodded with a placating expression on her face and mouthed okay as she rolled her eyes back down to her notes. Fredrick tried to wrestle his irritation under control before he did something he’d have to expend a great deal of energy to fix.
Charm her, jackass. Don’t scare her.
“One last question. The title of your story is Her Devoted Vampire. Can you explain a little about that? Is the vamp scene some kind of role-play you two are into?”
Role play? If she only knew. “It refers to my devotion to Bridget, as my lady and my Goddess.” Fredrick relaxed and let his charm flow. “She is everything to me.”
“And the ‘vampire’ part?” Kally asked skeptically.
Fredrick grinned broadly, showing his canines, and winked.
Kally dropped her pen and her jaw dropped. Her hand went to her stomach and he wondered if her stomach hadn't dropped, too.

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Siobhan here. Don’t worry, Kally's fine. Fredrick only wanted to get his “point” across. She got back to her historic Savannah hotel room safely where she's vacationing with her hubby. As far as I know, she only remembers having a lovely conversation with a coffee shop mogul. :)

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