Saturday, April 26, 2014

Virtual Signing Ends Soon--and a Peek at One of the New Rescue Me Saga Covers

SOMEBODY'S ANGEL (the newest paperback in this saga) looks fabulous! It's 508 pages long and includes some noticeable changes from the original e-book, so it's time for a re-read! (See below for info on ordering updates--don't pay for updated ebooks of the books you have purchased.)

You still have a few more days to place your order for all four paperbacks with THESE covers (the originals) at Romance Novel Promotions's Virtual Signing Page before I switch over to the new covers in mid May! The ones with these kinky/sexy covers will be guaranteed available if you order by April 30 (and they may continue to be ordered until the cut-off in May, but I don't know what date that will be)! Each book will be signed and personalized as you indicate in your order form.

If you can't pay until May, just e-mail and she'll invoice you. The main thing is that we need to be sure to order and hold your copies with these covers while we can.

Books with both the old and the new covers will have new bonus material that was added in April--a playlist for the first three couples in the saga, and a unique cast of characters and glossary of terms for each of the first four books. But the stories haven't changed substantially since they were first released in paperback (December 2012 through Nobody's Hero and January 2013 for Nobody's Perfect). Of course, I'm always tweaking here and there, but mostly minor word choice. Once a book comes out in paperback, there are no more substantial changes. 

Even if you don't want paperbacks, be sure to get your e-books updated. NEVER PAY FOR AN UPDATE! Work with customer service at Amazon, or ask Charlotte (e-mail above) how to get updates where you bought the book originally. If you ask here how to do it, I'm sure people will know. At Amazon, where most of you bought or receive them, just contact Customer Service. DO NOT WAIT for them to tell you there's an update. That can take months (if it ever happens). These books haven't been added to Amazon's update list, so don't wait, especially if you want your copy to have these covers. (And if you don't want to have them automatically update to the new covers when it happens, be sure to turn off automatic updates.)

And if you want to see what the new covers are going to look like, here's a peek at the first of the new ones. (We're still working on fine-tuning the others!) I've decided to go with this more romantic look in part to make the books appeal to a larger reading audience, because many readers do still judge a book by its cover. While I started out thinking I would be writing erotic romance, it seems that my characters have had other ideas in the last couple books (and the one I'm working on), so these covers are much more in keeping with the overall series. While there will always be hot sex scenes and the use of erotic terms, I just don't provide enough of those to label the books as erotic romance (not since Nobody's Hero, anyway). They always have been much more focused on the romance and life issues than the kink. So the new covers will appeal to readers of other Romance genres, and possibly even mainstream fiction. But the stories within will not change! 

Here's what the audiobook cover for book one (Masters at Arms & Nobody's Angel) looks like. I absolutely LOVE the new covers (I've seen drafts of all but Somebody's Angel so far) and hope you will love them, too! 

And sometime this summer, I'll be revealing the latest--NOBODY'S DREAM, which will be only available in the new style (because it's much more a steamy/sweet Romance than a kinky one about halfway through the first draft).

Again, you can order signed, personalized copies directly from me at and I will sign them to you or whomever you ask me to if you want to give gifts! Thanks!

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