Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kally Contests to win a Kindle, Gift Cards, and More!

With my last blog on here being from before Thanksgiving, you'd think I hadn't done a blessed thing in the past three weeks in the blogosphere. But I've actually been busy guesting and giving away lots of things at OTHER people's blogs.

To help you find these (in case you missed the announcements on Facebook and Twitter), I thought I'd share some of the links here. I'm giving away some great prizes (including a new 7" Kindle Fire, two $25 bookseller gift cards, e-books, and swag. ) Some of the drawings are as early as TODAY, so ENTER SOON!!!

This photo reminded me of Master Marc on Christmas Day in Nobody's Perfect in his green elf's hat. Ho Hell Yeah!

Oh, the giveaways! Sorry, I am easily distracted. Here you go! Click on the links to get to either the main site of giveaways or my individual one. Most are having multiple day giveaways, though, so explore a bit while you're there!

This blog included part of the clothespin scene from Nobody's Perfect and answers some questions about Top Griz, the Marine I consult with on my books to get my Marine Corps facts and Marine jargon right.  Win a $25 Gift Card to an online bookseller, a free e-book in the Rescue Me series, and swag. For your chance to win, ENTER THE RAFFLECOPTER FORM. But I also love reading comments, so I'll give away another e-book to one of the commenters. Drawing is TODAY (Dec. 11), so hurry!

(now the Season of Celebration--all month long) 

There are a TON of giveaways and different dates for each of them--some list at their Pinterest board, (click on a book, then click again and you'll be taken to each author's giveaway). Also click on the link to their Facebook page, where even more giveaways can be found if you scroll down through the last couple weeks of messages.

For my giveaway, you'll need to go to this photo on my Facebook Author Page and post a comment that is a holiday message to the troops and their families. Then you'll be in the running to win a new-in-box 7" Kindle Fire and other items listed. Drawing will be on Dec. 13, so hurry! If the winner provides a mailing address by Dec. 14, the item will ship Priority Mail, probably in time for Christmas arrival. Open only to those with a US mailing address due to technical limitations of the Kindle. 

From Dec. 5-17, the Smutketeers are featuring several authors EACH DAY, with a great prize package from that day's authors going to one lucky winner. I'll be included on Day 8, which goes up Dec. 12 and am giving away a $25 Gift Card to an online bookseller, a free Rescue Me book, and swag. I'm not sure what other goodies are in that day's giveaways. Drawings will take place on/after Dec. 17.

If you post a comment on EACH of the Days, you are entered to win a $200 Gift Card from the Smutketeers.

Read an excerpt from Nobody's Perfect and comment for a chance to win a free e-book in my series, as well as some great swag. Drawing for mine will be on or after Dec. 12. And check out the other authors, once for each day!

This one goes up on or about Dec. 11 and includes an excerpt of a Christmas Day scene from Nobody's Perfect. The winner, chosen randomly by Mrs. Condit, will receive a $25 bookseller Gift Card (winner's choice of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, or other bookseller offering gift cards). In addition, the winner can choose one e-book in the Rescue Me series (either one that's already published, or a future book), as well as some Rescue Me series swag (pen, trading cards, hand fan, etc.). I'm not sure of the drawing date, but check it out soon.

Coming up from Kally!

If you'll be in New York City Dec. 20, send me a message for an invitation to a gathering of readers at a Manhattan hotel. I hope to have copies of my new print versions available, but if not, there will be swag, refreshments, door prizes (some of them kinky if I can find a toy store for adults in NYC--what are the changes of that happening? LOL), a Q&A session with me, and a good time for all!

Once I've approved the proofs of the first two print books (Masters at Arms and Nobody's Angel in a combined volume for $18.95, and Nobody's Hero for $16.95. The books will be available at Createspace.com (if you buy there, the author gets to keep a better percentage of royalties for each sale), Amazon US and Europe (buying here helps get me on bestseller lists, which is also nice), and other outlets as the books are distributed through the bookseller channels over time, including Barnes & Noble. You can also request that your local bookseller carry the series.

And I'm hoping to be back on this blog a little after Christmas to share some of the Christmas Day activities of the Masters you all know and love! Last year, Master Adam commandeered my keyboard with this heartwarming holiday message, but this year, I'm thinking we'll be hearing from Master Marc or maybe Baby Dom Luke himself! Be sure to check back!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


  1. Great blog! Great books!

  2. Love your books and cant wait to get the next one in my hands(well, on my Nook)

  3. Happy Holidays! Wish I could attend the NYC event. Love your books.

  4. I wish I could drive to New York!!! Would love to meet ya!

    -Selena Mc

  5. Enjoy your NY get-together. I wish I could be there.
    rmwyer at shaw dot ca

  6. Wish I could been NY too. Hopefully I'll meet you here in Savannah in Aug. LOVE the series, thank you for this story.