Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kally's News and the Perfect Announcement

It's been nearly a month since I've posted a blog here. Yikes! I have been working, really I have! As you'll see below, I've been guest blogging a couple times; attended the Authors After Dark conference in New Orleans last week, where I got to meet lots of readers and erotic romance authors; and have been working on revising Nobody's Perfect based on input from my beta readers and editors. Here's some news that might interest you!

Kentucky Indie Writers on Edin Road Radio

I and my fellow Kentucky Indie Writers (KIW) members will be the August guests at Edin Road Radio. Listen to the great interviews here. And, if you can tune in live at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Thursday, Aug. 16, you'll hear me live. I'll be reading from the beginning of Section Two of Masters at Arms, and possibly the edited Prologue of Nobody's Perfect, if time permits. 

Nobody's Perfect Release Date Set!!! 

Great news! After conferring with my editorial staff and publicity team, the release day has been set for Sept. 14!!! The release-day party will take place on Facebook (lots of fun and prizes all day long with some of my favorite BDSM authors joining in with giveaways, too!), followed Sept. 17-21 with a Perfect Release Blog Tour and lots more great giveaways (including daily Gift Card prizes and a $200 GC at an online bookseller of your choice). 

In the editing phase, I realized something that will be announced in my newsletter the week of Aug. 27. Be sure you've signed up at the newsletter link (above right or in the blog message below) so you won't miss the announcement!

Master Adam is the Ultimate Dom of 2012

Wow! What competition! Masters Logan and Marcus gave him quite a run, and each man was on top for some portion of the contest, but congratulations to Master Adam Montague for this amazing victory, less than a year after he'd first been introduced to the world of BDSM romance reads. I would like to thank all my readers and fans for voting, even if you voted for one of the other two awesome Doms in the contest (and I know it was hard to choose for many of you). There were more than 11,000 votes cast before it was over! Of course, Master Adam will always be "my" ultimate Dom, but I'm happy  to share him with you all for the coming year!

I want to thank Francesca of Under the Covers Book Blog for hosting the contest and Kelly from Books-n-Kisses for her entry on why she thought Master Adam should win. They made this a lot of fun for me (although Master Adam could have done without the notoriety, because Karla's been teasing him mercilessly ever since).

Now Master Adam is up Summer's Hottest Hero
All Romance EBooks' Summer's Hottest Heroes

Vote HERE for Master Adam!!!
(Note: There are 24-hour down times between 
each of the early rounds where voting isn't permitted)

Master Adam has won the first two rounds in the competition. Wow! He had some awesome competition from the fans of Powerhouse (Kele Moon's hero) and Bones (Jeaniene Frost's hero) in the first two rounds. I'm sure the latest round will be another squeaker, so if you love him best in his pair, please vote for him.

Voting in Round 3 begins at 12 midnight Central Aug. 15 and runs through 12 midnight Central Aug. 21. Be sure to click on each hero's name to find a real treat. ARe asked the heroes to invite their ladies to a special occasion and to prepare the menu. Well, we all know what a great cook Adam is. Ha! (I believe Karla said he can't boil waterand we know what he did to the cinnamon rolls, prompting one of my favorite Master Adam quotes:

"I've brought you breakfastor tried. Fucking stove..." 

Gawd, I love that man! So click on his name when you vote and see what he's cooking up this time! 

You can vote once each round and have to log in (or sign up for) your free account there in order to vote. Let's keep Master Adam on a roll here!!!!

Recent Guest Blogs

July 24, 2012

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  1. All well said Kally! So proud of Master Adam!

  2. Yay Master Adam.

    The first kiss scenes were from round 2 and hadn't been updated yet earlier today. The new scene for round 3 is now online and is the invitation and menu for the special dinner.

  3. September 14th will now be marked in my calendar :). Way to go Kally and Master Adam!! I love pimping your books and being able to have discussions with everyone I've pimped to once they've read them. I will also enjoy looking forward to the many books still to come from you.

  4. Yah an early birthday presad for me, will mark that date on my Calendar. Thanks for keeping us up to date on what's happening, I know how hard this book was to wright, keep up the great work & congrats to Master Adam being top Dom I voted every chance I got ;-) & have been voting for him in Summer Hottest hero as well. ;-)

  5. Awesome Kally and I know the book will be so worth the wait! Congrats again to Master Adam!

  6. Yay Master Adam, he's the best!!
    Can't wait for Nobody's Perfect! another month... :-{ it will be worth the wait!

  7. Perfect, just in time for my holiday which starts on 24th! Definitely worth the wait.

  8. Can't wait! Of course, congrats to Master Adam. Loved the menu, BTW. (Fresh figs?? Yeppers!) Looking foward to the release party!

  9. WOW what fantastic news Master Adam being the Ultimate Dom for 2012, is in round 3 for the Hottest Hero and Nobody's Perfect will be out Sept 14!!!! SO excited about the book and the recognition you and Master Adam are getting! Will make sure I pop in for the release party! :)

  10. Congratulations! We should put a countdown on your banner of your blog to Nobody's Perfect release date! 27 more days!

  11. Great idea, Nadia! My assistant is going to work on it tomorrow!

    Thanks, everyone! Edits are going well. I'm in Chapter 8 now, almost page 100 currently.

    If you missed the radio show, it was great fun. The interview is in the first 8 minutes, then the excerpt reading takes about 10 minutes, and then more interview. I felt very relaxed, even though I was nervous before we started. Jesse had a calming effect on me!


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