Sunday, June 3, 2012

Random Ramblings and Updates from Kallypso Masters

I'm at the Lori Foster annual Reader Author Get-Together in Cincinnati this weekend and decided not to commit to the Six Sentence Sunday. (At least I have no memory of signing up this week!) But for those who stop by anyway (and other loyal followers), I wanted to give you a few updates.

Oh, and why not pass along a little eye candy while I'm at it! Let me introduce Patrick Gallagher, for those who have ready Nobody's Hero and know who I'm talking about. (Patrick will make an appearance in books five and/or six, but will be coming to you again full force in book seven in the Rescue Me series in 2013.)

He's for those of you who are tired of the hairless men on the book covers. Okay, you have to look closely--VERY closely (yumm)--but look above the pecs and then just follow the trail. Oh, by the way, who knows what they call those oh-so-sexy man parts on either side of the trail? Best my friends and I could come up with the other night was an arrow (yeah, that's what we readers and authors talk about when we get together at these events), because they point right to, well, even better man parts. But I'm sure they have a name. Patrick's are fine specimens of whatever they're called!

Now, if you can tear your eyes away from Patrick long enough, here are some other updates:

Nobody's Perfect is coming down to the wire and the much-anticipated release date is set for June 19. I've got all my beta readers and editors lined up and ready to go. At last, you'll find out what happens to Damian and Savi as they work toward their happy ending. And no couple has ever had to work this hard! I may be penning the first erotic romance with very little or no sex in it! But I do promise that there will be hot BDSM scenes as Damian works to get Savi to reconnect to her body and her sexual feelings!

I re-released improved copies of Masters at Arms, Nobody's Angel, and Nobody's Hero this week. Masters probably had the most substantive changes, thanks to a Marine who took me under his wing and helped me improve the military details. You can read more about our exchanges and this process in the Books-N-Kisses blog here. Be sure to leave me a comment about the hero in your life (or your fantasies), because there will be a $29 gift card drawing to the online bookseller of your choice on Monday, in honor of my 29th wedding anniversary. Drawing will be late Monday or perhaps Tuesday.

As a special incentive to get new readers to try my series, I have made Masters at Arms free. However, I'm having Barnes & Noble and Amazon to get on board. So, while I work on that, it is free at Smashwords and All Romance eBooks where you can download the PDF, EPUB, and PRC formats. If I'm unable to make it free at B&N and Amazon, it may eventually have to become a free download on my Web site and not be available at online booksellers. That isn't my preferred way of doing it, because I know people will start reading the romances and skip the oh-so-important introduction to the series, but I'll keep trying to get the booksellers to see the light. So, tuck that info away to share with your friends later on when you recommend they read the series!

Another visit I made this week was to Melissa Shroeder's blog for her Salute to Military Romance. Oh, you have GOT to go and comment on the five authors' blogs from May 28 to June 1, because Mel is going to choose a winner from among all the comments and give away a $200 gift card to an online bookseller on June 5--plus she and the other authors are all doing individual giveaways, too, including me. You can read more from the unedited Nobody's Perfect there, too.

Okay, I am now heading back into my Rescue Me world to finish Nobody's Perfect so that it can go to my team for revisions and editing on the 7th. Have a great week! And be sure to check back here on June 6 for a visit from Siobhan Muir!

If you want to keep up on news for me, be sure to click the link above right in this blog and sign up for my newsletter. I average one a month, so I won't clutter your inbox. The next one will announce the release of Nobody's Perfect, though, so you won't want to miss it!


  1. Thank you for the eye candy....drool...sigh....
    Can't wait for "Perfect"!!!
    Hugs xx

  2. Can't wait to read my book! My hero is my DH, he's given me his complete devotion when I needed the most!

  3. Thanks so much for always keeping us updated and "in touch" with our fav. men!

  4. I want to go hiking on that trail.

  5. Now that is some yummy eye-candy. I might even have to venture that it's the equivalent of an all day sucker.... :-p~

    Now, I'm going to go and download the updates to the first three books =)

  6. Ohhh such as yummy treat! Thank you for keeping us up-to-date with the book we are dying to read! :)

  7. Thanks, my lovelies! Just heard from my editor--her desk is clean waiting for my book. Okay, her computer desktop, actually. So, she is getting the first big chunk of it tomorrow (about two-thirds). We are going to work like crazy these next two weeks so you will have it on your Kindles and Nooks by June 19!

    Oh, she got a kick out of one of my readers writing to HER asking when the book would be out. She loves the enthusiasm of my readers! SO DO I!

    Let's just hope all the gremlins leave us alone! (I'm going to back up my file RIGHT NOW!)


  8. Very SEXY Kally! So ready for Nobody's Perfect!

  9. So, I am HIGHLY anticipating the release of this book!!! I read the whole series last week and NEED the next one! Thank you so much for creating these!