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TRR Erotic Romance Madness Hop

Welcome, The Romance Reviews blog hoppers, to my little corner of Erotic Romance Madness! I've been asked to tell you about a book I would recommend to someone who is just getting interested in reading erotic romances--and with all the recent media attention to one formerly categorized erotica series, there are a lot of you. 

I write Erotic Romances with BDSM themes and in my Rescue Me series, the stories tend to get a little further along the BDSM spectrum as I go, so for newcomers to the genre, I'd say it might be best to start at the very beginning. To make it even easier for you to do that, I'm giving you a coupon code for a FREE DOWNLOAD of Masters at Arms, the introduction to the series. Use coupon code ME46R at enjoy!

This book tells about how three men from very different origins come together in a firefight in Iraq and later band together to form a family of sorts. Oh, and they decide to start a BDSM/kink club. The three have varying origins in BDSM, as well. 

But this blog hop is supposed to be about erotic romance, and those prequels, while crucial to understanding these three men (and two of them also meet their ladies in that book, as well), I would say the book that would help someone who has never read a BDSM romance would be Nobody's Angel. This is the first actual romance in the series, and tells of Marc D'Alessio (whom you'll meet in Masters at Arms) and his lady love, Angelina Giardano. There are complications with a friend of Marc's, Luke Denton, who thinks Angelina's an "angel" sent to him by his dead wife to help him get back into the game and find happiness again. 

Marc's favorite kinks are bondage, floggings, and spankings. But he also enjoys sensation play and pervertibles (household items intended for other uses that can be perverted to be used in sexual/sensual ways). 

Here's part of a sensation-play session with Angelina and Marc from Nobody's Angel:

Dear God, she'd become a wanton woman.

No, a wanting woman. And what she wanted more than anything in the world, even chocolate, was Marc's touch. Where had he gone anyway? What was he doing? Then she felt him climb back onto the bed and his weight pressed into the mattress near her right leg. She relaxed her contracted muscles and smiled. A short-lived reprieve because, rather than feel his hands or mouth on her body, what felt like cold sharp steel traced lightly over the skin from her left sole, causing her to squirm at the ticklish, yet prickly, feeling. She heard a slight squeak, as if it were a wheel of some type, tracing a path from her ankle to the inside of her knee. Sharp, but not breaking the skin, although it probably could cut her if he exerted enough pressure.

She sucked in a gasp of air and held still, holding her breath, not wanting to be cut by whatever he was using. The pinpricks rolled up the insides of her knees, her thighs. Oh, God, not her pussy! She tried to close her legs against the invasion, but couldn't move them.

Exposed. Vulnerable. Restrained.

She knew she couldn't stand the bite of that thing against her clit. Could she? Then the wheel rolled along the uppermost ridge of her hipbone and onto her abdomen. Her legs reflexively fought the restraints, but she was unable to defend against his ticklish onslaught. She gripped the headboard tighter, trying not to break into screams—or giggles. He rolled the damned thing lower, toward her mons, and she nearly came undone.

Mind over matter. In her mind, she prepared the batter for an Italian cream cake. After adding the first few ingredients, she was able to control her response to the ticklish stimuli.

"Very good, cara."

Warmth spread over her, then the wheel marked new territory again as it traveled upward. The ticklish sensation gave way to a more biting pressure as the wheel rolled around the edge of her right breast where it met her chest wall. Every hair on her body stood on end.

A finger from his other hand brushed the inside of her knee and moved upward, bypassing her pussy, as well. She moaned in frustration. His fingertip skimmed lightly over her hip, across her abdomen, unerringly along the same path the steel object had traced seconds ago, as if following a pattern across her skin. Was the instrument marking a path on her skin in some way?

The pinpricks skittered across the underside of her left breast, then traveled over the space between her girls and onto the top of her right one, circling around the base of the breast and back to the other one. He was making repeated figure eights. Her nipples tightened, aching and waiting.

Please! Touch me there!

Then his fingertip traced the same figure eight around her breasts before replaced by the metal instrument again. This time, it came oh-so-close to pricking the skin of one areola. Thankfully, the area wasn't as sensitive as other parts of her breast. Then the pricking spiraled closer and closer to one sensitive peak and she felt the bud rise up to meet the steel instrument, without even being touched directly. What was that about?

The steel was replaced by his warm mouth as Marc flicked his tongue over first one nipple, then the other. He blew air onto her nipple and it stiffened as the cool air kissed her wet bud. Angelina felt his soft lips almost reverently pull her nipple into his hot mouth again, just before pinpricks of steel rolled over her other nipple, harder.

Angelina's lungs burned from the lack of oxygen, but she was afraid to breathe for fear of being cut. How could he do two things at once? The difference in the sensations between his soft, warm mouth on one nipple and the sharp, cold steel on the other caused her clit to spasm. Her hips strained upward, even though she cringed mentally at the thought of his using that sharp instrument on her clit. She wouldn't be able to stand pain like that.

Would she?

Angelina knew she had her safeword. Of course, she could let go of the bed at any time and remove the object before it reached her clit. She hadn't agreed to cutting and no way could that touch her clit without cutting. But he hadn't broken her skin. Yet. She would wait and see what happened next before bailing out.

A niggling doubt plagued her. If she used her safeword, would he honor it? Should she test him? No. He said he'd end the scene immediately and, at the moment, the delicious sensations rampaging through her body made it clear she had no desire to end this anytime soon.

She was pulled out of her thoughts when the sharp instrument rolled over her nipple again. Surprised, she gasped, and her chest arched upward suddenly—toward the pain, rather than away—causing the sharp object to press deeply into her sensitive peak.

"Ow!" She cried out against the unexpected pain, then the torture device was gone, replaced with Marc's gentle hand on her breast and his warm tongue laving and flicking at her aching nipple until the pain receded.



She moaned and his mouth left her.

"I'm sorry, gattina. That was not intentional."

She whimpered; her self-control gone. How did he turn pain into pleasure so quickly? His words registered that the pain had been accidental. He'd even apologized for the relatively tiny hurt. Allen had inflicted so much more pain and told her it had just been a misunderstanding on her part.

"Stay with me, pet."

His mouth sucked her tender nipple, but her pussy clenched in response, aching to be filled. She couldn't speak her wishes, but moaned as she tilted her pelvis upward, hoping he would take the hint. He released her nipple and cold air caused her well-loved peak to swell even further.

For a moment, he didn't touch her anywhere. She waited. What next? Her body missed the sensations of his hand, mouth, and even that painful metal device.

At last, he was touching her pussy, spreading her folds open, and exposing her erect clit to the cool air. Yes, touch me there! His finger stroked directly against the sensitive nubbin, spreading something cold on her. He took his hand away. That was all? Why didn't he stroke her more? Help her to come? She knew she could reach an orgasm now and wanted more, damn it.

Suddenly, a strange warmth spread through her clit. It grew warmer and warmer, almost to the point of being uncomfortable. What had he just put on her clit? The sensation made her want to beg him to touch her again. Oh, God! She was on fire!

Then cold! What felt like wet ice brushed over her mouth, sending a trickle of water down her cheek and around her ear. Yes, definitely ice. And she smelled mint, which didn't make sense. Marc pressed the melting cube over her chin, gliding it slowly down her throat leaving a trail of cold as the runoff trailed to the back of her neck. He moved the cube at a glacier's pace. Would he ever reach his destination, wherever that was? Then the ice came to rest at the base of her neck, above her collarbone, where he left it to lie and melt, trickling cold water around her neck and to her back.

Her clit was on fire. Her upper body was freezing. The mixed signals short-circuited her brain. She shivered, but whether from the cold or her burning clit, she didn't know.

His warm lips brushed over her cold ones causing hers to tingle and warm quickly, then he trailed kisses over her chin, down her throat, stopping to press a kiss against her pulse, and continuing on until he came to the pool of melted ice at the base of her throat. His tongue lapped at the water in the hollow and then the ice was gone.

His lips, colder now as they moved down her body, avoiding her breasts, which confused her. As he reached her abdomen, his legs straddled her again. She could tell he hadn't removed his pants yet. Then all thought fled as his unusually cold lips brushed over her mons, closer and closer to her fiery clit.

No! Just as the thought occurred to her that fire and ice don't mix, his frigid tongue licked the hood above her clit.

Her hips bucked up on the mattress, then she tried to get away from his mouth, but movement was impossible. "Ohhh! Ohh, God, no!!!" No escape. The disparate temperatures, the sensations, the restraint were all too much, nearly sending her mind over the edge.

She realized she'd spoken, well, screamed was more accuate. But he hadn't reprimanded her. She wouldn't have been able to restrain herself if she'd tried, though. Maybe he made allowances for cries of passion.

Avoiding the most sensitive part of her clit, his tongue slid down to her pussy and he pressed it inside her warm vagina, leaving his tongue there without moving. As the coldness of his tongue disappeared, he moved his tongue, flicking on a path back toward her clit. This time, when he laved the area around the hood, his tongue was warmer, but still cooler than her clit because of whatever he had put on her to make it burn.

Unable to remain still, she pressed her pussy toward his tongue. More. Oh, God, she needed more. He gently nipped her clit. "Ahhh!" The pit of her stomach tensed as the sensation coursed through her, sending ever closer to the elusive edge again. How much more could she take before he brought her the release she needed?

Please, Marc! I need you!

When she thought she could almost come without further stimulation, his mouth was gone and his weight shifted. She groaned as if in pain, then tensed, waiting to see what Marc would do next. She didn't have to wait long. His finger rubbed something cold onto her clit again. Seconds later, it began to warm. Only this time, he removed his finger, then returned to spread even more of the first-cold-then-hot substance between the outer lips and moving toward the opening of her pussy. Oh, no! Surely he wouldn't put that on her va…

The smell of mint reached her sensitive nose. What on earth was he using? She remembered he'd gone into the front part of the house, but there wasn't anything with mint there. The bathroom. Toothpaste? Who would think of putting toothpaste there?!?

Marc, apparently.

Slowly, heat spread like wildfire from her clit to her vagina. No longer capable of coherent thought, her head thrashed against the pillow. She was out of her mind with want. Why didn't he at least put his finger inside her? But she knew she wanted more than a finger. She wanted him. Inside her. Now!

"Please don't make me wait any longer, Marc! I want you inside me."

Angelina froze. Oh, God. Had she spoken aloud? What would he do now? Tears of frustration filled her eyes. She wished she could see him. Judge his reaction.

Marc left the bed. "Pet, not only did you disobey by speaking, but you also neglected to respect me by calling me Sir. I will give you two choices for your punishment."

Her heart pounded against her chest as she waited for him to tell her what those choices were. What could he possibly do to her that wouldn't involve pain? But he'd promised not to hurt her. If she obeyed him. She hadn't. As she waited, her mind tried to imagine other punishments. Did Doms use timeouts like she'd had in kindergarten? Spankings, certainly.

Whatever he had put on her clit, continued to burn, making her want Marc's touch more than she'd ever wanted anything. Her hips bucked upward as if with a will of their own. How much longer would he make her wait?

"Your first choice is for me to stop now, untie your legs, and let you go to sleep while I go back to sleep on the sofa."

More tears sprang to her eyes. How could he leave her wanting like this? Didn't good Doms always make sure their subs' needs were met? Well, she needed to come, damn it!

"Your second choice will give you the mind-blowing orgasm you crave—"

Yes, that one!

"—but you must submit to an over-the-knee spanking. Bare ass. Five swats."

Oh, God! No way!

That was such a fun scene to write--and a there was much more in that very long scene. I don't believe in wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am sex in real life or in my novels!

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  1. Well (other than yours of course), I just love Cherise Sinclairs first book of the Shadowlands series, Master Z is my favorite...of course Master Adam is a close second ;)

    Currently subscribed to your newsletter and waiting for news as to when Nobody's Perfect Perfect will be out!


  2. Well, I love anything Lorelei James writes in Rough Rider Series, and Maya Banks.
    And you!!

  3. Thank you Kallypso for Master of Arms!!! I've heard alot of good things about excited! I'm actually very new to reading erotica...I've bought alot of books but haven't had alot of time to read. But of what ive read I really enjoyed A Measured Risk by Natasha Blackthorne and Earths Desire by Daisy Dunn (yummy hot twin werewolves)

  4. My favorite has been the Masters of Shadowlands series by Cherise Sinclair. The second book in the series Dark Citadel I enjoyed the most.

  5. I like Lorelei James and a bunch of others....but I'm going to have to get some of yours I really like how they flow.
    beejee77 at gmail dot com

  6. I like the Harmless series by Melissa Schroeder and Maya Banks. I subscribe by email to your blog.

  7. I love all three of Kally's books and I have found I love Melissa Schroeder and I just read a book by Lexi Blake...The Dom Who Loved Me....I loved it!!!!!

  8. My favorite....hmmm, it's so hard to choose. Out of the many, many, many favorites I read over and over again I think I'd say Coming Undone by Lauren Dane as my favorite erotic romance, and my all time favorite romance would be Jewels, by Danielle Steel. I've read that book like twenty times and I swear it makes me cry every single time. The books sound amazing Kallypso. Following!


  9. I have read all the currently released Masters in Arms series book and loved them all. Can't wait until Nobody's Perfect is released. Oh and Luke's story too (the "baby Dom" is going to get his own story right?) I know you asked for our favorite book but I just can't choose. I have read so many books that I love for different reasons and can't choose just one to be my favorite. They are all my favorite for the different stories they tell and how they are told.

  10. I dont think i can pick just one, it seemed after i picked up the frist one i got hooked;)
    thank you for the fun giveaway

    GFC follower

  11. There are so many out there. But I will go with the most recent I've read and that's Breaking Through by Gillian Colbert.
    From what I've read on here, I'm sure it would of been one of your works Kallypso and thank you very much for the free read! I cannot wait to read it. Also thank you for being a part of the hop :)

    dragonlady029 @ aol . com

  12. the ones I read over and over again are Small Town Siren by Sophie Oak, Dark Citadel by Cherise Sinclair, Master of the Mountain by Cherise Sinclair, Dakota Ranch Crude by Leah Brooke, any of the Love Under 2... by Cara Covington.

  13. I am not sure if I have a favorite but I love Cherise Sinclair.

  14. I loved Masters at Arms, I have this to read next, yay, I can see what happens. I am just starting to read more erotic books, but I like Melissa Shroeder and Shayla Black.

  15. Ok I'm not just saying this but I LOVE your Rescue Me series Kallypso especially Nobody's Hero! I also enjoy Melissa Schroeder's Harmless series and need to still check out Cherise Sinclair's books.

    Thanks for this giveaway!


  16. love me some Shayla Black-Wicked Lovers

  17. Ok, that was pretty darn HOT!!! I want that book! My favorite erotica book is "The Irish Devil" by Diane Whiteside. Thanks for doing the hop.


  18. Lots of good erotica already listed - I love Maya Banks and Cherise Sinclair! One I don't see mentioned as much is Morgan Hawke - she has a marvelous imagination, especially with her sci-fi erotica and I love her Interstellar Svc & Discipline series. Very, very naughty but oh, so good ;-)

    Already signed up for your newsletter - thanks for the giveaway!

    smaccall AT

  19. I will be starting this series for one of my summer reading projects. So can't wait. Some of my favorites are Lorelei James, Mari Carr, Jayne Rylon, Cherise Sinclair, and so many more...
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  20. My very favorite erotic book is Make Me, Sir, by Cherise Sinclair, but I look forward to your books as well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  21. Can't wait until the next book comes out!!!

  22. My favorite are Olivia Cunnings Lover's Leap and Sinners series. LOVE THEM! I am new to your books! Thanks for the chance to read the next in the series.

    GFC-Mary @SweepingMe

    mary_reiss @

  23. GFC (isabelli3619)
    I enjoyed Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series - the 2nd was my favorite

    isabelli3619 (at) aol (dot) com

  24. I love Lora Leigh's Breed series. Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. I love Shayla Black's Wicked Lovers and any books by Maya Banks!
    GFC: laceyblossom

  26. well i have to many i have read tina don hue and they are great and then the book here look super hope you have great mother day

    desi the blonde at msn dot com

  27. Thanks for the giveaway! I'm not sure about a favourite erotic romance novel, but I do really like anything by Cherise Sinclair, and Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning. And I've heard your books are incredible.

    GFC - JessS

  28. Hi Kally :)
    Favorite erotic romances of mine would have to include Cherise Sinclair's Shadowlands series and of course your books. Anyone who has not read Kally's books yet needs to do it now! They are wonderful and I can't wait for more. I am anxiously waiting for Damien & Savi's story.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  29. Hey Kally,

    I just finally started this series. I loved Masters at Arms, and have moved right into Nobody's Angel. My friend and blog partner Elena has been on me about these books, and I'm finally there. We picked them up at the same time, but I wasn't able to get to them yet. She finally told me not to worry about reviews right now, so I could take the time to read them.

  30. Thanks for the sexy, enticing excerpt. I'm pretty new to romance & erotica so I haven't read much yet. I like Jade Buchanan's Candy books (Penny Candy & Hard Candy).
    GFC Follower: Catherine
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  31. How about a whole series that I just love? For me it is the Bliss series by Sophie Oak. She gives me bdsm, menage, humor and so sexy characters, that I love re- reading these stories, and can't wait for any new releases.

    gfc follower

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  32. Whole series... The Kushiel trilogy, the Kushiels Scion trilogy & the Naamah trilogy all by Jacqueline Carey... They are all in the same universe just set in trilogies based on a set of characters.

  33. Love your books of course! and cannot wait for the next one to come out!
    I've recently discovered an Aussie author Becca Van, love her books especially Alpha Panthers (Terra-Form series).

    I already follow your blog

  34. I favorite would have to be Dark Citadel. I have just downloaded Master at Arms.

    Thanks for the giveaway & hop

  35. I don't have a favorite, yet, but I did enjoy the Delaney series by Anne Brookes.

    I follow your blog via email.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  36. My favorite erotic book is actually a series by Qwillia Rain called the Diablo Blanco Club!

    GFC: books4me

    I'm also an email subscriber:)

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  37. One favorite writing duo is Jayne Rylon and Mari Carr (who each have hot stories)--their Compass Brothers series is fabulous. Hot and emotional :)

    f dot chen at comcast dot net
    GFC follower

  38. thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway.

    tammy ramey

  39. My favourite, and the book that got me reading this genre, is Danse Macabre by Laurell K Hamilton.


  40. I like Dark Citadel.

  41. And the winner is: Jessica (fourth comment)! And she's a fellow Cherise Sinclair fan! Jessica, I'll send your e-mail address to Leagh Christensen, my personal assistant, and she'll get your info for mailing the swag to you and find out which book in my series you'd like to receive free.

    Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and commenting! And thanks, The Romance Reviews, for a great blog hop!