Saturday, February 4, 2012

Six Sunday: No plans to rescue the ice princess

This week's Six is a continuation of a WIP Excerpt: "Do you like princesses?" I posted Friday from Chapter One of the unedited Nobody's Perfect, due out in May. (I'm still writing and only 14,063 words into it so far, so it's still rough.) 

As many of you know, I write realistic BDSM stories about a growing "family" of three men who bonded in war and started a BDSM club afterward. In this scene, Damian is just coming to the realization that little Marisol is his daughter from that perfect day at the beach with Savannah in 2003.

Friday's excerpt ended with Damian thinking: Shit. The calculating expression in the little girl's eyes told him he was being sized up to take on the role of her mama's rescuing prince.

No thanks. Her mother wasn't going to find her perfect prince inside this man's broken body and soul.

Besides, his days of scaling towers to rescue princesses, especially ice princesses, were long gone. Hadn't he tried to rescue Savannah once, only to be shown in no uncertain terms she'd wanted nothing more to do with him?

Damián's focus shifted beyond Marisol's head to the door leading back to the examination rooms. How the hell long did it take Marc and his doctor friend to figure out if Savi's rib was cracked or not?

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  1. So exciting to read some lines of the upcoming book!

  2. May seems sooooo long away, lol. Oh well, I guess that will give me some time to read some other books in my TBR piles (1 print/1 e-books).

  3. Poor Damian! So tortured. Can't wait to see how you "rescue him"! Great six!!
    Amy Durham

  4. Oh Kally...I am so looking forward to Nobody's Perfect!!! ~Anna~

  5. lovely! sounds like another winner of a book!

  6. You do those tortured heroes so well...

  7. Wow, did I ever love opening up your blog today! YUMMM!!! A great snippet this week!

  8. What, he's giving up so soon? lol Great six, Kally. Looking forward to his story. Good luck with the writing. :)

  9. He seems so broken! This six really draws me to his character. Great job!