Sunday, January 15, 2012

Six Sunday--Adam: "I've got you." (Nobody's Hero)

If you just want my Six--please skip down to the blue words!

This may get me disconnected from the Six Sunday blog site, but since this will be my only chance to blog for another week probably, I just want to thank everyone who has prayed, sent good wishes and positive energy, lit a candle, and virtually held my hand and heart through the last few days on Facebook as my sister has undergone surgery to remove the cancer from several places in her body. She's such a fighter and we're now on day 3 from surgery day and things look so much better than they did the last two.

Because I have hospitals on my mind, I thought I'd post a Six Sentence Sunday blog from a hospital scene in Nobody's Hero (released Dec. 31). 

SSS SETUP: In this scene, Adam has come to get Karla in the ER. Adam is holding her in his arms on his lap and, finally, she's able to let herself relax enough for the pain pill to work. There's a whole lot going on here, but I'm not going to spoil the story by telling you all that. We're in Karla's point of view and Adam speaks first after telling her to just rest now:

"I have you.”

“But I don’t have you, do I?” she whispered. Adam’s body grew tense. A tear trickled from the corner of her eye. She’d disobeyed him. How would he ever be able to love her if she couldn’t respect him enough to obey a simple command?

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  1. I loved your six. I need to know what she didn't obey!?! I'll look you up next week and hopefully you'll post more.

    Your sister, and your family, are in my prayers.


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  2. Loved this. It showed passion and real emotion in the words. :)

  3. Uh-oh, what did she do? Very intriguing and I can sense his "dom" presence all over her emotions.

    Sending more prayers for your sister!

  4. Intense and emotional. Great six.

    Sending prayers for your sister.

  5. Powerful six, Kally. I hope your sister is recovering quickly. :)

  6. This is really more powerful than it has any right to be. And I love the title of the book, too.

  7. Great six. And I hope your sister has a smooth sailing recovery!

  8. I'm paying close attention to your updates on Facebook. I'm praying and wish your sister and your family the best during this very tough time.

    Oh, and your six are so wonderfully emotional. Great job.

  9. Gripping six, I want to read more!

    So glad to hear your sister is doing better.

  10. Thanks, everyone! She just got moved out of ICU and is in the cancer center room now. I'm about to leave her in the care of Mom and another sister. I've been ordered home to rest up because I'm mostly on call the next four days and nights while everyone's working.

    Glad you liked the Six, too. I skip around, so I don't expect to reveal how she disobeyed, but there's a surprising twist in a scene soon after this one that one reader of 1,000 BDSM novels says she's never seen. Kinda proud of that!